• [SCOI2003] String folding


    topic link Solution This kind of string question is generally an interval dp, let\(f(i,j)\)means the first\(i\)arrive\(j\)The minimum length of a substring of , or enum breakpoints if there is no folding operation\(k\), the transfer equation is: \[f(i,j)=\min(f(i,j),f(i,k)+f(k+1,j)) \] If there is a folding operation, at this time, if you want to fold, the entire segment […]

  • Usage of exception handling in Python


    In order to ensure the robustness and fault tolerance of the program, that is, the program will not crash when encountering errors, we need to deal with exceptions, 1. If the condition of the error is predictable, we need to use if to deal with it and prevent it before the error occurs AGE=10 while […]

  • Notpad + + Color


    1、 Notepad theme settingsSettings – > language format settings1. Topic selection: Plastic code wrap2. Adjust line spacing: global styles – > line number margin – > font size 123. Selected text color: global styles – > selected text color, background color – > blue, foreground color – > white4. Double click the selected color: global […]

  • How hard is it to listen to a song? Programmers teach you one click download


    1. First install the python third-party library requests #pip install requests prettytable # pip install PrettyTable 2. Development environment used: Version: Python 3.8 Editor: pycharm 2021.2 3. Let me give you an idea first No matter which website you climb in the future, install this idea! Note: it is not recommended to learn BS4 and […]

  • Several methods for IOS to judge whether the current click position is on a view


    Transfer fromericshen880412 IOS determines whether the current clicked position is on a view Record several methods to judge whether the touch point is on a view The first method: isdecendentofview: Through touch View calls isdecendentofview: method and returns yes, then the touch point is on the view we need to judge; Otherwise, it is not […]

  • K-nearest neighbor algorithm: a new and necessary algorithm for machine learning


    abstract: k-nearest neighbor (k-NN) algorithm is a supervised machine learning algorithm, also known as k-NN algorithm. It was proposed by cover and Hart in 1968. It can be used to solve classification problems and regression problems. 1. Why learn k-nearest neighbor algorithm K-nearest neighbor algorithm, also known as KNN algorithm, is a very suitable algorithm […]

  • Golang recurses and outputs its own source code


    Question: [2min let’s think for ourselves] Can a program P output its own source code after running? And the format shall be consistent (line feed, space, etc.)   reflection: The essence of this problem is a recursive problem. It is set that P generates G after running, that is, P – > G & & […]

  • [actual combat] animation core


    Lao Meng: animation system is the core function of any UI framework. It is also the top priority for developers to learn a UI framework. At the same time, it is also a difficult part to master. Next, we will unveil the veil of fluent animation layer by layer. The animation principle of any program […]

  • [Full Version] install cygwin on Windows system to build the swoole test environment


    preface Yesterday, it was installed locallySwooleWhen debugging the environment, I encountered several pits because my computer isWindowsSystem, so what is installed iscygwinHowever, the process was not smooth. There were problems in installing the terminal one after another, and the data pit was checked step by step. Finally, the installation was successful. In order to enable […]

  • Greeting card template – greeting card template to attract visitors


    Greeting cards are the best way to tell someone you care about or simply say “thank you”. With these easy to customize greeting card templates, you can easily insert your own images or choose from thousands of free images, icons, fonts, shapes and other graphic assets to create your own eye-catching greeting cards. Visual paradise […]

  • [unity] understanding of ThreadGroup and numthreads in computeshader


    Today, I encountered a magical phenomenon. I set up a100 * 100Then use computeshader to fill it with some colors, but the result has a black edge. The code is as follows: _renderTexture = new RenderTexture(100, 100, 24); _renderTexture.enableRandomWrite = true; _renderTexture.Create(); shader.Dispatch(0, _renderTexture.width / 8, _renderTexture.height / 8, 1); [numthreads(8,8,1)] void CSMain (uint3 id […]

  • How to use setconsole extattribute() function to control the color of output characters in C / C + +


    When we output characters on the command line, we think, if only we could control the color of the output characters.Now, to satisfy you, there’s a function that can help us realize this idea. ↓↓↓↓↓ SetConsoleTextAttribute(); As a rule, let’s look at the composition of this function. SetConsoleTextAttribute( _In_ HANDLE hConsoleOutput, _In_ WORD wAttributes ); […]