• Completely uninstall MySQL complete graphic flow


    I want to unload and reload mlsql. After reading many articles and trying many methods, I can’t completely uninstall until I see this article,You can uninstall MySQL completely. Thank you for your blog and share it with youLink to the original text: https://blog.csdn.net/qq_ 41140741/article/details/81489531 Enter regedit with Win + R to enter the registry and […]

  • Front end rendering and SEO optimization


    preface In the era of back-end rendering of website pages, developers only need to make search engine friendly pages according to the specifications, then they can quickly let the search engine collect all pages of their own website. With the update of front-end and back-end technologies, more and more front-end frameworks come into the view […]

  • Apiccloud can copy text with one key on mobile terminal, compatible with IOS and Android


    UsedclipBoardmodularYou can copy and paste directly `html : <div> <input style=”border:none;” type=”text” readonly=”” id=”copy_text” value=”123456″> < span @ Click = “copynum1()” > click Copy</span> </div> js copyNum1 () { //Text is the text to be copied var text = document.getElementById(“copy_text”).value; var clipBoard = api.require(‘clipBoard’); clipBoard.set({ value: text }, function (ret, err) { console.log(ret); if (ret) […]

  • If you want an embedded database (H2, hsql or Derby)


    scene After a maven single module project was transformed into a multi module project, an error was reported *************************** APPLICATION FAILED TO START *************************** ​ Description: ​ Failed to configure a DataSource: ‘url’ attribute is not specified and no embedded datasource could be configured. ​ Reason: Failed to determine a suitable driver class ​ ​ […]

  • What is the relationship between markdown and marktop?


    What is markdown? Most people who write online often know thatmarkdownIt is a lightweight markup language, which is used by many websites as a artifact of writing. This article is written by using markdown syntax. Markdown has many grammatical markers, which can complete the effect of simple typesetting structure, including some flow charts, sequence diagrams […]

  • Deep residual network + adaptive parameterized relu activation function (parameter adjustment record 13)


    From the previous results of parameter adjustment, over fitting is the main problem. In this paper, on the basis of parameter adjustment record 12, the number of layers is reduced to 9 residual modules, and then try again. The principle of adaptive parameterized relu activation function is as follows: Keras procedure is as follows: #!/usr/bin/env […]

  • Let’s learn the program – Gobang


    preface When I was a child, I liked playing the building block games on TV. At that time, there were many electronic products. I knew the words low and high in primary school, so I saved my pocket money and got the advanced version of the game–Little overlord learning machineIt’s a “game machine”, especially during […]

  • Script automation shut down host in ZABBIX


    Next, I use Python to shut down the down host in ZABBIX through py ZABBIX API. The basic idea is 1. Obtain the IP of the previous group 2. Check whether the host is down through telnet 3. Turn off the host warningThe python script is very dependent on the connection results of Telnet. If […]

  • Deploy. Net core to docker in Jenkins


    In previous articles written by bloggers, how to use Jenkins and docker in. Net core project: Jenkins deployment. Net core = > https://www.cnblogs.com/sunshine-wy/p/9860599.html Docker deployment. Net core = > https://www.cnblogs.com/sunshine-wy/p/11169938.html Due to the lack of coherence in the script of Jenkins before I published this article. If you use the Jenkins + docker method, remember […]

  • Mac virtual machine (VMware) installation windows tutorial (with activation code)


    Environmental Science MacBook Pro 16 inchVMware fusion 11.5Windows 10 consumer version. ISO file demand School MCU courses need to use Proteus to draw circuit, but Proteus does not have Mac version, need to install windows system Solution Installing VMware + windows ISO on virtual machineThis is also the scheme used in this paper Boot camp […]

  • Python built-in functions


    The built-in functions of Python 3. X are as follows: Python built-in functions 1. Python zip function2. Python chainmap function3. Python update function4. Python isinstance function5. Python type function6. Python ABS function7. Python int function8. Python divmod function9. Python all function10. Python any function11. Python enumerate function12. Python ord function13. Python STR function14. Python POW […]

  • Django docker container deployment: Preface


    This is a stupid tutorial to teach you how to deploy docker + Django + MySQL + nginx + gunicorn, so that docker rookies can quickly deploy containerized Django applications. Readers who need a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of docker, please study the official documents systematically. The course consists of four chapters preface Docker + […]