• After installing Dlib and face_ Recognition, but it can’t be imported in Python ide


    In Dlib and face_ After recognition is successfully installed through PIP (how to install through pip is mentioned in the blog’s last essay), it cannot be imported in pychar. After synthesizing all kinds of opinions on the Internet, I found the reasons and shared the solutions below. In pychar   File→Settings→P roject:xxx →Project Interpreter   […]

  • MSSQL · cli executing T-SQL


    Reading time |0.44 min word count |480.8 characters primary coverage |1. Introduction & background “MSSQL · cli executing T-SQL” Author | SCscHero Writing time | 2021/3/10 PM10:48 Article type |Series Completion |To be improved motto Every great cause has a trivial beginning. 1、 Introduction & background    Completion: 100% a) Environmental description Operating system:Windows 10 professional […]

  • An online JavaScript regular expression tester — JRE parser


    I was watching it yesterday《Regular expression 30 minutes tutorial》At the same time, I saw that the blogger had realized one by himselfC#Write regular tester, looks very convenient appearance. But I don’t like to pack things, so I wonder if I can achieve one myselfjavascriptRegular expression tester. So dozens of lines of code to implement such […]

  • Understanding of BTREE index and hash index


    statement1) This article collates the selfless contributions of Daniel and experts from the Internet. Please refer to the references for the specific references.2) This article is for academic exchange only, non-commercial. If a certain part violates everyone’s interests, please contact Haihan to delete it.3) The blogger is short of talent and learning. If there are […]

  • [code box] front end specification summary


    preface Finally, I can write my blog.As the first blog post in 2020, of course, it needs quality and something, so the blogger decided to send you a set of company front-end code specifications accumulated in the second half of 2019. Of course, this set of specifications is still in the first version, but it […]

  • Completely uninstall MySQL complete graphic flow


    I want to unload and reload mlsql. After reading many articles and trying many methods, I can’t completely uninstall until I see this article,You can uninstall MySQL completely. Thank you for your blog and share it with youLink to the original text: https://blog.csdn.net/qq_ 41140741/article/details/81489531 Enter regedit with Win + R to enter the registry and […]

  • Front end rendering and SEO optimization


    preface In the era of back-end rendering of website pages, developers only need to make search engine friendly pages according to the specifications, then they can quickly let the search engine collect all pages of their own website. With the update of front-end and back-end technologies, more and more front-end frameworks come into the view […]

  • Apiccloud can copy text with one key on mobile terminal, compatible with IOS and Android


    UsedclipBoardmodularYou can copy and paste directly `html : <div> <input style=”border:none;” type=”text” readonly=”” id=”copy_text” value=”123456″> < span @ Click = “copynum1()” > click Copy</span> </div> js copyNum1 () { //Text is the text to be copied var text = document.getElementById(“copy_text”).value; var clipBoard = api.require(‘clipBoard’); clipBoard.set({ value: text }, function (ret, err) { console.log(ret); if (ret) […]

  • If you want an embedded database (H2, hsql or Derby)


    scene After a maven single module project was transformed into a multi module project, an error was reported *************************** APPLICATION FAILED TO START *************************** ​ Description: ​ Failed to configure a DataSource: ‘url’ attribute is not specified and no embedded datasource could be configured. ​ Reason: Failed to determine a suitable driver class ​ ​ […]

  • What is the relationship between markdown and marktop?


    What is markdown? Most people who write online often know thatmarkdownIt is a lightweight markup language, which is used by many websites as a artifact of writing. This article is written by using markdown syntax. Markdown has many grammatical markers, which can complete the effect of simple typesetting structure, including some flow charts, sequence diagrams […]

  • Deep residual network + adaptive parameterized relu activation function (parameter adjustment record 13)


    From the previous results of parameter adjustment, over fitting is the main problem. In this paper, on the basis of parameter adjustment record 12, the number of layers is reduced to 9 residual modules, and then try again. The principle of adaptive parameterized relu activation function is as follows: Keras procedure is as follows: #!/usr/bin/env […]

  • Let’s learn the program – Gobang


    preface When I was a child, I liked playing the building block games on TV. At that time, there were many electronic products. I knew the words low and high in primary school, so I saved my pocket money and got the advanced version of the game–Little overlord learning machineIt’s a “game machine”, especially during […]