• Which is the best cloud server


    As a computer practitioner, it is very important to have a cloud server of its own no matter before or after, algorithm, operation and maintenance. Why buy ECS First of all, as a client engineer, I analyze my original intention of purchasing ECs. First of all, I want to build my own blog system, and […]

  • Emacs learning journey


    The process of using Emacs is like a programmer’s career – it’s a long way to go, I’ll go up and down. Everything starts with Emacs As early as I knowEmacsIt starts from editor‘s jihad, that is, editor God VI, and editor of God Emacs. After decades of war, the two editors are still the […]

  • Eclipse-2019-06 version update problems


    Hello everyone, I click Help — check for update in eclipse-2019-06, and it appears for the first time Soon after Eclipse details are: How to solve this problem This article is published by openwrite, a blog platform with one article and multiple posts!

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 cannot find the visual studio installer


    Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 can’t find the visual studio installer? Open vs2017, select Tools > extension and update > online, search: Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 Installer Projects Installation. After installation, restart vs2017. OK, it’s done. This article is from Muzhuang weblog > Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 visual studio installer not found

  • Visual studio 2017 failed to release. The card is “preparing configuration file…” Resolvent


    When visual studio 2017 was released, the card was “preparing the configuration file…” No response: resolvent: 1. Find the propertiespublishprofiles folder under the project path. 2. Delete all contents in the folder. 3. Reissue. This article from Muzhuang weblog > visual studio 2017 failed to publish, and it is stuck in “preparing configuration file…” Resolvent

  • Gitbook installation, uninstall, FAQ


    Tips: version used by bloggers Blogger’s blog address Blogger gitbook Node v8.11.2 npm v6.9.0 gitbook v3.2.3 Server CentOS 6.5 Official GitHub: https://github.com/gitbookio/gitbook-cli Gitbook related configuration and optimization I. uninstall gitbook(skip this step if not installed) Tips: lead summary: remember that once I accidentally uninstalled something, and then executed gitbook init to report an error:Cannot find […]

  • No module named ‘pip’ exception


    scene When upgrading with PIP python install –upgrade named pip   When prompted: No module named pip     Note: Blog:https://blog.csdn.net/badao_liumang_qizhi Pay attention to the public addressDomineering procedural apeGet programming related ebooks, tutorials and free downloads. Realization After troubleshooting the system variables, if it is not due to the problems of Python 2 and python […]

  • New synchronous rendering markdown article + highlight update writing experience


    Preface In 2016, the article “exploring the segumentfault markdown editor” was published in SF, aiming to imitate the experience of writing markdown documents online in SF:Highlight modify node In the above article, the tool is no longer maintained (? the code is too messy), and the markdown text is written in the browser. So now […]

  • How to obtain project image resources and convert them to image objects in WinForm


    scene How to set icons for tree nodes in treelist of devexpress: https://blog.csdn.net/BADAO_LIUMANG_QIZHI/article/details/102745542 There are specific applications in the above blog. Note: Blog home page:https://blog.csdn.net/badao_liumang_qizhiPay attention to the public addressDomineering procedural apeGet programming related ebooks, tutorials and free downloads. Realization First, create a new WinForm program, and then create a new directory resources under the […]

  • GitHub star attraction – 2000 + star experience in one year


    1. Preface In recent years, the author has been developing the front end of GitHub almost every day, sharing blogs and doing some open-source projects on it from time to time. It is also a heavy user of GitHub, who has mastered some skills and gained in one year2000+ Star。 Because some readers have asked […]

  • What is MVP what is MVP development?


    Minimal Value product(feather), For example, if it is a new Photoshop, increasing the brightness of the image is an MVP. Want to see more Weige’s study notes, examination review materials, interview preparation materials? Want to see the technology accumulation during IBM’s working period and the experience summary of foreign start-ups? Please pay attention to: Weige’s […]

  • How to get the current node by double clicking the treelist tree node of devixpress in WinForm


    scene How to set the data source in treelist of devexpress? Start with the instance: https://blog.csdn.net/BADAO_LIUMANG_QIZHI/article/details/102548490 Double click a node in the treelist to get the current node in the double-click event. Note: Blog home page:https://blog.csdn.net/badao_liumang_qizhi Pay attention to the public addressDomineering procedural apeGet programming related ebooks, tutorials and free downloads. Realization Double click event […]