• Blink is so fragrant


    Blink has been open-source for a while, but I didn’t find anyone writing related blogs. In fact, I have started to write in my knowledge planet. Today, let’s see why blink is fragrant? Let’s take a look at the black version of blink: Compared with the Flink version, you can see how good the black […]

  • On the spring boot configuration file


    Write spring. Profiles. Active = dev in bootstrap.yaml, but not application.yaml.Error is reported when starting. No profile is specified As long as spring. Profiles. Active = dev is written in bootstrap.yaml, this error occurs. Nacos config is used This article is published by openwrite, a blog platform with one article and multiple posts!

  • Self introduction of a new BIOS Engineer


    Now it’s November 28, 2019 Beijing time. I have been working for more than four months since I graduated from university. It’s strange to say that in the University, I majored in mechanical and electronic engineering, almost purely mechanical, but my work after graduation had nothing to do with my major courses. Because I have […]

  • Cat can understand day3 image detection method 1


    Cats can understand Day3 In the last blog, we introduced the classification of images, and then we will see how to detect images. Method 1: scan pictures with code (no overlapping) ##The first step, like the previous blog, is to deploy the deep learning network import time Import numpy as NP Import matplotlib.pyplot as plot […]

  • Oracle data export and import (PL / SQL tool)


    After so many years of development, I wrote blog for the first time. I didn’t want to write blog at first, but I didn’t dare to write it later. I was afraid that I didn’t write well, misled others, and I was not confident. Now I think of blogging because the real warrior dares to […]

  • A PHP markdown blog


    There are many static blogs, and I don’t want to build wheels again. So develop a special one. It is based on php7.2, does not need database, and directly uses markdown. It’s for users who don’t want to deploy blogs on GitHub pages. It does not need to generate static pages. It’s low cost, python […]

  • Personal blog project based on vue.js and node (front and back separation)


    Preface This project is a personal learning blog project, mainly for learning vue2 and node.js. In addition, it involves MySQL redis nginx and other technical stack knowledge project addresses Preview address (PC or mobile) >Note: the PC side supports markdown editing blog, but the mobile side does not support editing, only supports viewing blog content […]

  • Hve — a static blog client tool you may like


    This is an open-source, static blog client tool developed based on electronic Vue and iView. It is under development and in-house testing. Currently, there is only Mac version, only Mac version at present, and only Mac version at present Project address: https://github.com/hellohve/hveBlog preview address: http://fehey.com/hve-blog Quick start Welcome to hve, this document will help you […]

  • 006 sigle decentralized blog based on blockstack


    This article mainly explains that sigle based on blockstack is a decentralized blog project; Official website: https://www.sign.io/ GitHub address: https://github.com/pradel/sign Page display: Introduction: A beautiful decentralized & open source blog maker Create beautiful & simple blog stories Publish and share it… to the moon and back!1: You’re ready to share it with the world ?2:Copy […]

  • How to use WordPress to write your blog


    Keyword Description: how to use blog writing article can WordPress function here The background settings for WordPress were introduced in the previous tutorial. You have a general understanding of this area. It can be said that WordPress management is very convenient. Now let’s start using WordPress to write your blog. WordPress divides articles into two […]

  • Ubuntu 18.04 install redis


    Download and install redis $ cd /usr/local/src $ wget http://download.redis.io/releases/redis-5.0.5.tar.gz $ tar xzf redis-5.0.5.tar.gz $ cd redis-5.0.5 $ make $ make install Modify profile $ mkdir /etc/redis $ cp /usr/local/src/redis-5.0.5/redis.conf /etc/redis $ vi /etc/redis/redis.conf Change the file / etc / redis / redis.conf as follows … supervised systemd … dir /var/lib/redis … Create a redis […]

  • Share a writing tool worth sharing


    As the saying goes, if a worker wants to do good things, he must first sharpen his tools. As a craftsman of technology, we need not only good development tools, good development tools can improve our work efficiency, but also better writing and summarizing tools, which is conducive to improving our technology, learning and summarizing […]