• Dealing with sudden failure of public CDN


    Use of public CDN When I started to develop my blog, I used bootcdn and found that they were hacked. Although we want to scold those “hackers”, we have no way to prevent them. We can only solve the problem from our own website. At that time, I didn’t have the technology to solve this […]

  • Make your own music player with Vue!


    Preview of personal blog addressYunmo Bai’s blog https://www.yunmobai.cn/blog/7 preface When you want to add music playing function to blog, you should also consider other music player plug-ins such as aplayer, which can meet the requirements of page and function. And the play page is also very good-looking, almost all functions. But I don’t need so […]

  • Markdown summary and test


    Recently I found that blog Garden can also be usedMarkdownEditor, so by the way, test and summarizeMarkdownGrammar. What is markdown A:Markdown is a lightweight markup language founded by John Gruber and Aaron Swartz. It allows people to “write documents in plain text format that is easy to read and write, and then convert them into […]

  • Compiling Hadoop based on docker


    Abstract:Installing the dependent software needed to compile Hadoop into the docker image and then compiling Hadoop in the docker container can improve the compilation efficiency and avoid polluting the host. When compiling other software, you can also refer to this blog method. GitHub address: kiwenlau/compile-hadoop In my previous blog post, I introducedSteps to compile Hadoop […]

  • Xblog v1.0


    https://yuchao.wang/article/100 origin Always want to do an excellent personal blog system, can record their own experience of the world, I think so I am. reflection Product: personal independent blog system Users: We Media, software engineers, Internet / computer enthusiasts, people who like to record life / organize themselves Objective: simple, easy to use, stable, fast […]

  • Ionic2 learning summary based on angular2


    Ionic2 learning materials – lessons learned  Use fontawesomeuse Use Font Awesome Icons In Your Ionic 2 Android And iOS AppBut the article No. 7.3 does not exist nowionic.config.jsDocuments. After NPM script from gulp to rc0, the configuration file is not convenient to modify. Therefore, if you use font awesometo copy the entire folder to assets, and then manually link CSS, the advantage is that it can […]

  • 1.2 build a development environment — Notes on the first line of Android code (Second Edition)


    JDK: Java language software development kit, this tutorial uses jdk8 or above,Android SDK: Google provides a toolkit for Android development to use Android related APIs.Android Studio: this tutorial is above 3.1.3. Build development environmentInstead of downloading one by one, you just need to download Android studio, and you will choose to install other toolkits during […]

  • 1.3 create your first Android project – Android first line (2nd Edition) notes


    Create a HelloWorld project If it is the first time, it will be a long wait. Start simulator You can use third-party simulators or officially integrated ones Click the following interface, you can create multiple simulators, as shown in the figure. I have created one. If you don’t have one, click create by yourself You […]

  • Building cloud blog based on ECS


    Scene introduction This paper introduces how to build a cloud blog based on ECs. background knowledge This cloud service mainly involves the following scenarios: ECSThe Elastic Compute service (ECS) is an IAAs (infrastructure as a service) level cloud computing service provided by Alibaba cloud with excellent performance, stability and reliability. Cloud server ECS eliminates the […]

  • Using viewchild / ngafterviewinit / promise in angle to wait for the return value of the child component when the parent component is initialized


    1. Asynchronous methods in subcomponents initCreateJob = () => new Promise((resolve, reject) => { setTimeout(() => { this.spiderFormService.saveUserJob(this.spiderJobInfo).subscribe((res: Res) => { if (res.code === 1) { // val = res.data; resolve(res.data) // fn(this.spiderJobInfo.jobInfoId) }else{ //Submit exception reject(“Error code: ” + JSON.stringify(res)) } }); }, 1000) } ); 2. Load multiple subcomponents Introducing components <app-spider-form #test1></app-spider-form> […]

  • Travis CI plus hexo to automatically build and deploy GitHub pages blogs


    This article has been published on my blog ne0ng’s blogTravis Ci and hexo to realize automatic construction and deployment of GitHub pages blog | ne0ng’s blog Re installed a few days agofedora 31So I rebuilt this blog at home during the Chinese New YearTravis CITo automatically build and deploy my blog, and then put my […]

  • The most detailed personal blog tutorial build tutorial, the fastest 5 minutes to quickly build a simple style blog


    A one-stop, stupid way to teach you to build a blog with GitHub pages, record the whole process in detail, and everyone can build a blog. The article is updated every week. Your “three companies” are my greatest affirmation. WeChat can search the public for the first time to read the official account of “backend […]