• Ubuntu 16.04 install ROS kinetic tutorial


    This article was first published on my blog https://kezunlin.me/post/e2780b93/, welcome to read! Tutorial to Install and Configure ROS Kinetic on Ubuntu 16.04.<!–more–> ROS release ROS version Ubuntu version 2016.3 ROS Kinetic Kame Ubuntu 16.04(Xenial)/Ubuntu 15.10 Install Guide quick commands sudo sh -c ‘. /etc/lsb-release && echo “deb [arch=amd64] http://mirrors.ustc.edu.cn/ros/ubuntu/ $DISTRIB_CODENAME main” > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ros-latest.list’ sudo apt-key […]

  • Ubuntu network eth0 configuration


    This article starts from my blog https://kezunlin.me/post/5076bc45/, welcome to read! ubuntu network configuration Guide network proxy System wide: Network—>None/Manual chrome: can not set firefox: about:preferences—> Network Proxy eth0 config rename xxx to eth0 errors may occur: Ubuntu networking restart | cannot find device ‘eth0’ check eth0 $ dmesg | grep eth [5.715564] e1000 0000:02:01.0 eth0: […]

  • Startup can’t be started. Listening


    Problem Description: to start in sqlplus to the startup state, but I was prompted that I didn’t listen. I thought it would be OK to start, but connecting to stuck for half a day, and stop couldn’t stop 1. If there is a problem with monitoring, go ahead and change it SQL> startupORA-00119: invalid specification […]

  • [Part 1] Ubuntu 16.04 install and configure Qt5 | install Qt5 on Ubuntu 16.04


    This article was first published on my blog https://kezunlin.me/post/91842b71/, welcome to read! Part-1: Install and Configure Qt5 on Ubuntu 16.04 Series Part-1: Install and Configure Qt5 on Ubuntu 16.04 Part-2: Install and Configure VTK 8.1.0 from source with Qt5 on Ubuntu 16.04 Part-3: Install and Configure PCL 1.8.1 with vtk qt support on Ubuntu 16.04 […]

  • The first day of blog opening


    On December 4, 2019, I opened my blog today. I have been learning for 3 years. I feel that I have a foundation but I haven’t gone deep enough. I have learned some things and forgotten them. I hereby open my blog to make a record, record every knowledge point in my later study, and […]

  • Hexo + GitHub + win10 build personal blog


    Finally, I set up my first blog, and here I will record the process of building my site~~ First of all, we must take a look at hexo’s official website and see what happens to the official website’s document suggestions.Besides, I saw two at station B“in person”Tutorial, no matter how big or how small it […]

  • Build and install pytorch tutorial on Ubuntu 16.04, and write c + + demo cmakelists.txt


    This article starts from my blog https://kezunlin.me/post/54e7a3d8/, welcome to read the latest! tutorial to compile and use pytorch on ubuntu 16.04 PyTorch for Python install pytorch from anaconda conda info –envs conda activate py35 # newest version # 1.1.0 pytorch/0.3.0 torchvision conda install pytorch torchvision cudatoolkit=9.0 -c pytorch # old version [NOT] # 0.4.1 pytorch/0.2.1 […]

  • Flink weekly | weekly community update-12 / 24


    The main contents of this issue are sorted out by Hequn Cheng, including: releasing the updates of Flink 1.10 and Flink 1.9.2, discussing the integration of Flink docker image publishing into the Flink publishing process, discussing the new features of pyflink in the later stage and some blog articles. Author: Cheng Hequn (commander) The Flink […]

  • A detailed tutorial of tensorflow keras environment


    This article starts from my blog https://kezunlin.me/post/6b505d27/, welcome to read the latest! full guide tutorial to install and configure deep learning environments on linux server<!–more–> Quick Guide prepare tools MobaXterm (for windows) ssh + vscode for windows: drop files to MobaXterm to upload to serveruse zip format commands view disk du -d 1 -h df […]

  • Spring web series resttemplate 4xx / 5xx exception information capture


    200104 spring web series tutorialresttemplate 4xx / 5xx exception information capture Recently, when using resttemplate to access external resources, an interesting problem was found. Because the permission verification fails, the HTTP code of 401 returned by the other party will also contain some exception prompt information in the returned data. However, when using resttemplate to […]

  • Keras uses multi GPU parallel training model


    This article starts from my blog https://kezunlin.me/post/95370db7/, welcome to read the latest! keras multi gpu training<!–more–> Guide multi_gpu_model import tensorflow as tf from keras.applications import Xception from keras.utils import multi_gpu_model import numpy as np G = 8 batch_size_per_gpu = 32 batch_size = batch_size_per_gpu * G num_samples = 1000 height = 224 width = 224 num_classes […]

  • Gitalk: a super easy to use third-party comment plug-in


    1、 Background for using gitalk:     1. Recently, I was working on a Java based personal blog system, which has been basically completed. Suddenly, I found out how to operate without comments. If I started writing from the database again, it would cost a little. So I searched for a third-party comment plug-in suitable for me […]