• Share some websites that are easy to use for web front-end development


    Tntweb – the full name of Tencent News front-end team. The small partners in the group have practiced and accumulated in large front-end fields such as web front-end, nodejs development, UI design and mobile app. At present, the team mainly supports the front-end development of Tencent News businesses. In addition to business development, it has […]

  • Switch from HTTP to HTTPS. Is my technology blog safe now?


    Sifu’s friends, Hello, I’m the second brother who just got out of danger! A long time ago (about two years), I started an independent personal blog website, which looks like this. If you have visited, you can deduct 1 in the comment area Unfortunately, there has been no filing and HTTPS, resulting in unsafe prompts […]

  • Deploy a hexo blog through k3s and GitHub action


    Recently I fell in love with oneHexoThe theme of the blog, I plan to open a blog myself. I was surprised to find that the CI function already exists on GitHub (it’s my Mars). Therefore, an idea of continuously deploying blogs to kubernetes through GitHub actions emerged. In this way, we can achieve zero downtime […]

  • Through edge JS call c# dynamic link library DLL, I step on a pit or something


    Use edge JS call DLL file second supplement:According to my personal understanding, edgejs is a library that allows you to call C # through node. Because of the need of recent projects. Use NPM init to initialize the project. The installation depends on edge. NPM install – GD edge The c# code generates print after […]

  • Quick learning Django Resource Recommendation


    I knew there was such a discussion,Python beginners want to write a personal independent blog through the Django framework, operate it by themselves, and complete this task within a month. How to arrange the general learning route?, the answers are worth learning from According to my personal learning experience, the recommended learning order is as […]

  • Print CSDN blog content format script


    Script referencePrint CSDN blog content in perfect format, some information irrelevant to blog content is deleted. The code is as follows: (function(){ $(“#side”).remove(); $(“#comment_title, #comment_list, #comment_bar, #comment_form, .announce, #ad_cen, #ad_bot”).remove(); $(“.nav_top_2011, #header, #navigator”).remove(); $(“.csdn-side-toolbar,.template-box,.reward-user-box”).remove(); $(“.p4course_target, .comment-box, .recommend-box, #csdn-toolbar, #tool-box,#dmp_ad_58”).remove(); $(“aside”).remove(); $(“.tool-box”).remove(); $(“#blogColumnPayAdvert”).remove(); $(“#toolBarBox”).remove(); $(“.recommend-tit-mod”).remove(); $(“#copyright-box”).remove(); $(“.operating”).remove(); $(“.article-info-box”). remove();// Provenance information $(“main”).css(‘display’,’content’); $(“main”).css(‘float’,’left’); $(“#mainBox”).css(‘width’,’1048px’); $(“#mainBox”).css(‘margin-left’,’20px’); $(“#mainBox”).css(‘margin-right’,’0px’); […]

  • adada


    README: Chinese documents Introduction to the framework When developing a chat/video/live/information interface, users are expected to maintain a smooth transition between the input method and the function panel (such as the expression panel/more options panel, etc.). Investigate the mainstream app effects and implementation in the market, and realize a set of input panel switching framework […]

  • Once and for all, use picgo + GitHub to build a personal drawing bed tool


    Original link: Once and for all, use picgo + GitHub to build a personal drawing bed tool Students who often write blogs know how important it is to have a stable and easy-to-use drawing bed. I’ve used qiniuyun + MPIC and microblog drawing bed before, but I always feel that it’s troublesome to configure and […]

  • For more than a month, the top 10 popular static blog frameworks have been strictly selected. Official documents, teaching videos, classic cases and popular plug-ins are available. It is strongly recommended to collect them


    [Article No. T001] At 12 a.m., a friend of mine said angrily on the phone that his blog post had been deleted by the platform again. I’m curious about why. It turned out that he published an original technical article on a platform, which readers prefer. Later, he forwarded this article to another platform. Unfortunately, […]

  • Analysis of phpdebug interactive extension [phpdbg] function


    For PHP developers, one-step breakpoint debug debugging is not a required course, while static languages such as Java, c#, C + + often perform this debugging. In fact, our PHP also supports this kind of debugging method, especially for understanding some open source frameworks or having very deep bug tracking, breakpoint debugging will be very […]

  • Angularjs novice tutorial factory uses callback to pass parameters


    In angularjs, service / factory is another concept separate from controllerAt this time, service / factory is more like a model for example javascriptvar app = angular.module(‘demo.controllers’, []); //Define the URL of some requests app.factory(‘Path’ , function(){ return { main_request_url: ‘’ } }); app.factory(‘MediaResource’ , [‘$http’ , ‘Path’ , function($http , Path){ return { //Here, […]

  • Deploy hexo personal blog to CentOS personal server


    HexoA fast, simple and powerful blog framework based on node.js. <!– more –> target Quickly deploy hexo based blog sites on a CentOS 7.2 ECs You can simply and quickly publish a blog post locally to the personal cloud server for personal site display preparation PC * 1 PC you can operate Sever * 1 […]