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  • Empty GitHub repository instead of deleting and re creating


    Today, because I wanted to empty the GitHub warehouse and come back, I didn’t know how to solve it later, so I searched for information online and posted a blog by the way — Remove the history from (delete history from) rm -rf .git — recreate the repos from the current content only (recreate repository […]

  • CSS horizontal vertical center review summary


    preface After using material UI for a period of time, I seldom write native styles by myself. But HTML, CSS and JS are always the three foundations of the front end. This week, I suddenly thought of the CSS horizontal center scheme, because it is used too muchflexandmargin: autoIn retrospect, there are still several solutions […]

  • Android project imported into slidingmenu always failed to find a solution for android.support.v4.view


    I created a new Android project. When I imported it into the slidingmenu library, I couldn’t find android.support.v4.view. After two days, baidu tried many ways to solve it. Finally, on the third day, I came across an article entitled “Android studio can’t import android.support.v4.view package”https://blog.csdn.net/weixin_…It turns out that the keyword I searched was wrong. I […]

  • My. Net / C # open source project list is maintained in GitHub and gitee simultaneously


    All projects follow MIT open source agreement. Can be used freely, but need to keep the copyright notice and my website link in the source code and product about the screen, thank you. Sheng.Winform.IDE Github:https://github.com/iccb1013/Sheng.Winform.IDE Gitee: https://gitee.com/iccb1013/Sheng.Winform.IDE Introduction to the blog document:https://blog.shengxunwei.com/Home/Post/30bcf36f-5ff7-412b-bb47-763ce9218bce This is a project that I wrote in my spare time from 2009 […]

  • Django: error NameError: name ‘include’ is not defined


    On the first day, learn Django and report an error named error: name ‘include’ is not defined to record the error Check the package automatically generated only in Django on the Internet urls.py Join in from django.conf.urls import include Run successfully Thanks for the perfect solutionI love the seaBlog post provided

  • Detailed explanation of STD:: Thread Library (3)


    catalog catalog preface lock_guard scoped_lock (C++17) unique_lock shared_lock summary ref preface The first two blogs introduced threads and locks in the standard library respectively. This blog will introduce lock management. Lock is very common in multithreading programming, but if it is not used carefully, it will lead to many problems, the most common one is […]

  • Asking for help – about the response of NETCORE 2.2 Middleware


    Background: the API interface program is developed based on netcore2.2, and an exception capture middleware is defined to capture the unhandled exception and access to status code 404 and 500 (the starting point of the design is that when there is a non-200 response, I will process it to 200 and return the fixed format […]

  • [springboot DB series] mybatis realizes multi data source switching based on AOP


    [springboot DB series] mybatis realizes multi data source switching based on abstractroutingdatasource and AOP The previous blog post introduced the configuration of multiple data sources in mybatis. In short, one data source is specified by one configuration, and mapper of different data sources is specified separately. This article will introduce another way, with the help […]

  • [code box] front end specification summary


    preface Finally, I can write my blog.As the first blog post in 2020, of course, it needs quality and something, so the blogger decided to send you a set of company front-end code specifications accumulated in the second half of 2019. Of course, this set of specifications is still in the first version, but it […]

  • How does SQL server control the record insertion order of insert into… Select… Statements by sorting


    script: /* Note: how SQL server controls the record insertion order of insert into… Select… Statements by sorting Script source: https://www.cnblogs.com/zhang502219048/p/12925890.html */ create table #t ( id int identity(1,1), name nvarchar(50) ) insert into #t select * from ( select ‘A’ name union select ‘C’ union select ‘B’ ) a order by name desc select […]

  • Anaconda tensorflow GPU configuration


    Tools and environment Windows10; Anaconda3 64bit addresshttps://www.anaconda.com/download/#windows ; (use the last blog to configure directly) preface Because of the previous configuration of tensorflow C + + API call under Visual Studio platform, Anaconda has been installed and the path has been added C:\yourInstallPlace\anaconda3 C:\yourInstallPlace\anaconda3\Scripts C:\yourInstallPlace\anaconda3\Library\binIn addition, tensorflow (without CPU or GPU, that is, the default […]

  • Go: jobrunner


    brief introduction We often meet such a requirement in web development. After performing an operation, we need to give a certain form of notice to the user. For example, after placing an order, the user sends the e-invoice through email, and sends the train number information through SMS after online ticket payment. However, such requirements […]