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  • Do your own domain name resolution blog park or CSDN blog


    I rub, rub,The devil’s pace,I’ve long wanted to get my own domain name,Then do something you’ve long wanted to do,I spent money on a wordpress blog,It didn’t take long to expire,The domain name of your own name,Also bought by traitors,I had to get myself a CN domain name,Just so, make do with it:Website: www.liuhefei.cn Generally […]

  • JavaScript ES6 can sort an object array according to another object array


    With the help of this blog, we have realized the functions we needhttps://www.cnblogs.com/guojbing/p/10872867.html Suppose you have an array of objects: const arr1 = [ {buyerId: “1”, name: “WW”}, {buyerId: “2”, name: “RR”}, {buyerId: “3”, name: “OO”}, {buyerId: “4”, name: “ll”}, {buyerId: “5”, name: “DD”}, {buyerId: “6”, name: “SS”} ] Another object array is: const arr2 […]

  • Go wrote a blog, welcome to watch


    The original laravel blog has been replaced by a blog written by go. For publicity, we welcome onlookers, stars and comments. Blog address:broqiang.com , hereThere are detailed instructions GitHub address:github.com/broqiang/mdblog Screenshot: This work adoptsCC agreementReprint must indicate the author and the link of this article

  • Personal blog update online


    Personal blog update online Blog addresswww.snowlyg.com Back endIrisAdminApi Front endvue-element-admi Will reprint and write some articles from time to time, welcome to step on. This work adoptsCC agreementReprint must indicate the author and the link of this article

  • Safari pit video


    Blog address: https://www.seyana.life/post/19 I was going to optimize the GIF in the upper left corner of the blog, Change GIF to WebM and play it automatically in the form of video, which can be reduced from 180K to 50K, Now browsers also prohibit video auto play, but allow mute auto play, and add muted There’s […]

  • Vue3.0 request local JSON file


    Personal blog address Axios request encapsulation utils/api.js import {get, post} from ‘./http’ //Login export const login = p => get(‘/json/login.json’, p); //Menu export const menus = p => get(‘/json/menus.json’, p); Create a new JSON in public/ logo.json { “status”: “success”, “code”: 201, “data”: { “token”: “” } } This work adoptsCC agreementReprint must indicate the […]

  • Springboot uses the @ constructor binding annotation to configure property binding


    SpringBoot2.2After the release of the version, some new features gradually surfaced, in the previous versionSpringBootProperty binding between configuration file and class(@ConfigurationProperties)YesSetterMethod to bind the corresponding configuration value, and from the2.2Version is now supportedConstructorTo bind. Blog text: http://blog.yuqiyu.com/springboot-constructor-binding-properties.html @Constructor binding annotation This note isSpringBootThe attribute configuration class added in release 2.2 does not need to be […]

  • Leetcode writing record


    My blog addressMy leetcode GitHub address: leetcode recordsLet’s start with the array – simple and complete as followsAugust 27, 2019: 1. Sum of two numbers, 26. Delete duplicate items in sorted array2019-08-28:27. Remove element, 35. Search insertion position

  • Export MySQL data to redis


    Determine the data type you want to import into redis Suppose that the structure of my table t u user is Column names Notes type name Name varchar idcard ID number varchar phone Cell-phone number varchar The current requirement is to make a mapping relationship between mobile phone number and ID card number. Then I […]

  • Develop your own domain name resolution blog park or CSDN blog


    I rub, rub,Devil’s pace,I’ve long wanted to get my own domain name,And then do something you’ve always wanted to do,I paid for a wordpress blog,It didn’t take long for it to expire,The domain name of your own name,They were also bought by the traitors,I had to create a CN domain name for myself,Make do with […]

  • Redis related functions and practical commands (5)


    Cause analysis of slow query Because redis is single threaded, it maintains a command queue internally, so when there are time-consuming commands, such askeys *, the following commands will be blocked, and slow query through query can further optimize the service. Set slow query threshold: default 10 ms, in microseconds 6379>config set slowlog-log-slower-than 10000 You […]