• [fractal] Ethereum 2.0 is coming. Don’t you know Casper?


    “Truth seeking blockchain” is a series of popular science columns created by fractal think tank. It sincerely outputs popular science content, aiming to let more people understand the intrinsic value and differences of various blockchain technologies. At the beginning of this year, Ethereum carried out the Constantinople upgrade. With the upgrade, when can Ethereum switch […]

  • The magnifying glass effect of imitating Taobao


    preface There have been a lot of things in this period of time, and there has been no time to write articles. I’ve been a little free these two days, so I’ll write an article while I’m free. The main content of this article is to introduce how the magnifying glass effect of Taobao is […]

  • Based on the range header rule of HTTP, the server implements breakpoint continuous transmission or segmented download (C ×)


    HTTP’sRangeRequest headers, combining response headersAccept-Ranges、Content-RangeThe following functions can be realized: 1、Breakpoint resume。 After the download file is interrupted, continue downloading. Avoid repeated downloads of downloaded parts.2. Big fileSpecified block Download。 For example, drag and play video and audio, and directly locate to the designated location to download content. It can avoid reading and transferring the […]

  • FISCO bcos blockchain learning materials


    FISCO-BCOS Resources Practical steps Deployment blockchain, instruction manual Contract development, instruction manual Application development scaffolding, project download and instruction manual Experience case Other, experience distributed identity, weidentity and experience Internet of things connector weevent system requirements to configure Minimum configuration Recommended configuration CPU 2-core 1.5GHz 4-core 2.4GHz Memory 2G 4GB bandwidth 1M 5M Java Java(TM) […]

  • Eth2.0 is coming. Don’t you know Casper? (II)


    In the previous article, we introduced Casper FFG in vitalik’s original paper, which uses POS to confirm the blocks generated by POW to improve the security of the system, but this is just a transitional scheme. In Ethereum 2.0, a pure POS Casper protocol will be used. In this chapter, we will introduce the Casper […]

  • Yixin science and Technology Annual package selected 49 articles on dry goods + annual salon Video + shorthand + PPT


    There are 10 days to Spring Festival. A few days ago, I was swiped by all kinds of annual inventory. Some people lamented that I had so much money. Some people were surprised that their answers had helped so many people. Some people saw their “9” and nodded happily. Some people recalled the single song […]

  • 003 feed social network tool based on blockstack


    This article mainly introduces feed;WebSite:https://www.feed-app.net/GitHub:https://github.com/knaut/feed The official introduction of feed is as follows:feed is a social networking utility powered by blockchain.Feed is a social network tool supported by blockchain. The main functions are as follows: Release status Query status according to did – what can be improved is to add friends, then get the status […]

  • C: realize Tetris


    summary Tetris is a leisure game invented by Russian Alexei Pajitnov. Pajitnov likes to play puzzles and gets inspiration from them to design Tetris. Because it’s easy to start, it’s suitable for all ages, so it’s widely known and popular all over the world. This paper briefly describes how to realize Tetris through C ා, […]

  • Hyperledger fabric 1.4 add organization


    The environment of this document is the version of hyperledger fabric1.4.0. To add an organization in the fabric, the core is divided into three steps. The first step is to generate the certificate of the new organization, the second step is to modify the configuration block of the channel and update it, the third step […]

  • Hyperledger fabric 1.4 ledger and CouchDB


    The ledger in fabric is divided into two parts, one is file based storage, which meets the characteristics of blockchain that can not be tampered with. This way of storage basically uses Merkle tree, and the whole storage way can only be added, not deleted and modified. The other part is to use database for […]

  • CentOS’s inode and block related knowledge


    This experience is all operated under CentOS release 6.7 (final). If there is any lack of knowledge, you are welcome to criticize and correct. Linux inode and block related knowledge: 1> After the Linux system partition formats the file system, the system is divided into two parts: inode and block 1) Inode is the attribute […]