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  • Block Chain | Chain Availability Challenges


    Block chain is a kind of distributed accounting system originated in 2008, which has gradually expanded its functions and uses in the subsequent development. It realizes the point-to-point transaction, coordination and cooperation based on decentralized credit, thus providing solutions to the problems of high cost, low efficiency and data storage insecurity that commonly exist in […]

  • Understanding the eosio. token contract


    I have to admit that learning eosio has never felt like walking in idle space. I can see why many people say it has a steep learning curve. With the rapid development of eosio software, the number of documents is limited, and there are few working examples for reference. I’ve been trapped several times and […]

  • FIBOS DAPP application scenario


    In October of last year, the first season of FIBOS DAPP Competition “Imagine the Big Wave” was successfully concluded. More than 80 projects were consulted in the contest, 62 of which were successfully registered, and 29 were finalized for the final road show competition! uuuuuuuuuuu In order to motivate more dream and creative developers and […]

  • Fabric and DEP


    Author: TopJohnLink: https://www.xuanzhangjiong.to… Fabric and DEP Personal feelings Golang has been in touch with Golang for two years. It’s a bit strange to be a person who has written code for several years since he first learned to simply use GOPATH. From Maven in Java to NPM in Node.js, Golang’s code management mode is a […]

  • Year-end Inventory: Five Trends of Block Chain 2018


    2018 is destined to be an extraordinary year. This year, many celebrities left us. Among them are Stephen Hawking, Li Yong, the greatest contemporary physicist, and Professor Zhang Shousheng, the closest Chinese-American physicist to the Nobel Prize. This year is also a year of ups and downs in the block chain. The whole industry has […]

  • How to Design a Bitcoin Wallet Service


    Link https://github.com/liyue201/b. How to Design a Bitcoin Wallet Service Summary As we all know, there are two versions of the implementation of Bitcoin full node, one is the original Bitcoin core written in Chinese Cong C++ and the other is the btcd written in go language. The two versions are functionally similar, and both implements […]

  • Comparison of FIBOS and Ethereum Technology


    Consensus mechanism Ethereum uses the PoW consensus mechanism, which will be replaced by the PoS consensus mechanism in the next few years. Ethereum block is generated by miner computing hash. In the PoW consensus mechanism, blocks need to be confirmed by more than 51% of the nodes in the whole network before they can be […]

  • Nervos Biweekly Report No. 1 (2019/1/1-2019/1/14)


    Dear Nervos fans: Half way through January 2019. On the first day of the new year, Nervos and Alphawallet formally established a deep cooperative relationship. In the past half month, many small partners have emerged in the Nervos community to share their knowledge about block chains and Nervos. Let’s take a look at the technological […]

  • Seven Steps of Mining Trading for Block Chain Miners


    Have you ever thought about how the mining process of block chains works, or how your transactions are confirmed and added to the block chains? Okay, so am I. Since I couldn’t find any clear step-by-step explanations for this process, I decided to go into it and write my own guide. Here are seven steps […]

  • EFFECT OF Ethereum Constantinople SECURITY VULnerabilities ON FOD


    FOD and Ethereum’s Past and Present Life FOD is a stable currency in FIBOS ecosystem, anchored with USDC 1:1, which serves the application scenario that needs to measure stable value. FOD binds USDC in ETH chain to FOD value in FIBOS chain through cross-chain gateway. This is equivalent to 1:1 locking the same amount of […]

  • 0xUniverse: In addition to the land under our feet, we also have a vast sky.


    Author: DD JunWelcome to add the author Weixin btc555 to communicate with him!No reprinting without authorization! Recently, in DappDiscover’s list, a game called 0xUniverse has successfully attracted the attention of the editor. Since its launch, both its daily activity and trading volume have maintained a benign development trend. Even if the overall market is weak […]

  • Lightning Network and Its Working Principle


    When Bitcoin was first introduced by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008, James A. Donald’s first public comment on the system included the following: “I understand the way your proposal looks, it doesn’t seem to have reached the scale required.” Ten years later, scalability remains the biggest problem for Bitcoin and other sophisticated encrypted monetary systems. What […]