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  • What is blockchain? A story tells you how bitcoin works


    A story tells you how bitcoin worksRecommend:Artificial intelligence: the age of artificial intelligence in the romantic capital of FranceFlowers are not flowers, things are not things, AI is not things in the pool (chapter of artificial intelligence)To our youth, a salute Pictures may be lost. It is recommended to read the original I spent the […]

  • [AERF developer community award task] refactor C code, GitHub, and propose pull request


    Task name:Refactoring C code, GitHub, and raising pull request (middle and senior engineers expect it to be half a day to a day) Degree of Difficulty:The task is simple, follow the single principle, and split into private functions according to logic. It’s not difficult to put open source community and issue in the community. Now […]

  • Raft of distributed consistency protocol (1)


      RaftThe core problem that the algorithm solves is how to keep the consistency of cluster state in the distributed environment. In short, it is a group of services, given a group of operations, and finally get a consistent result.  RaftAlgorithm through electionLeader, copied by leadersLog (log)reachFollowerThe whole algorithm is also divided into two parts: how to […]

  • Dos and quarkchain work together to meet the global business standard of blockchain


    Dear supporters, we are pleased to officially announce that dos network and quarkchain are working together to establish an important strategic partnership. The two projects will cooperate in depth to jointly promote the infrastructure construction of the blockchain world and contribute to the prosperity of the blockchain economy. Quarkchain is a flexible, highly extensible and […]

  • Develop your first blockchain application with hyperledger fabric


    Original address: https://www.xuanjiang.to By topjohn Develop your first blockchain application with hyperledger fabric The sample of this article comes fromfabric-samplesMediumfabcarhttps://github.com/hyperledge… In this example, we use a simple sample program to understand how fabric applications work. The applications and smart contracts (chain codes) used in this example are collectively referred to asFabCar。 This example provides a […]

  • DOS network officially joined the enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA)


    Dear supporters of DOS network,We are pleased to announce that dos network has become a member of EEA!We look forward to working with other EEA members to contribute to this dynamic industry. EEA is the world’s largest open source blockchain program, a member driven standards organization. Its charter aims to develop open blockchain specifications to […]

  • Mixin network sent $1000 to Java SDK bounty hunter


    Mixin network released a reward task one month ago: improving the Java SDK Today’s work is announced: yuantops / mixin  Java  SDK The author has received a 5 Xin token award from CEO Cedric, worth 1000 US dollars. Up to now, the SDK supporting mixin network has included PHP, Java, C, node.js, python, […]

  • Why is it so troublesome to support EOS payment?


    It’s cool that the website allows users to pay for EOS because EOS is so awesome and the founder is so powerful and feels more than bitcoin So programmers are confident to find the API of EOS. A history interface is found that can be used to query the history of any account.It’s perfect. DM […]

  • Java bitcoin development tutorial: Java programming business bitcoin


    Scheme 1: currency transaction through exincore API Exincore provides currency transaction API based on mixin network You can pay usdt to exincore. Exincore will transfer the bitcoin you purchased to you at the lowest price and the most favorable transaction fee. Each transaction is anonymous and can be verified on the chain. Only you and […]

  • Bmip002 protocol introduction


    Compared with the original bmip002 agreement Summary Compared with the original chain technology community, a set of Asset Specification proposals has been proposed recently, which allows the implementation of standard asset token in issue type transactions. This standard defines the basic functions of assets in the chain, and the specification for issuers to manage assets […]

  • Chapter 6: how to deploy multi node cluster and ore pool on a single machine


    Welcome to Chapter 6. After the introduction of Chapter 5: search market and search miner in the previous chapter, “full analysis of filecoin source warehouse”, we should have a deeper understanding of the current filecoin search market from the perspective of positioning function, design principle and engineering operation. In this chapter, we will show you […]

  • Try Facebook library, can bitcoin get on this train


    White paper highlights Before starting to play the library test network, draw the key points in the library white paper, such as how to generate coins, how to trade, etc. Building a simple, borderless currency and financial infrastructure for billions of people The effect is, for example, if you want to go to the United […]