• Introducing dotnet Library – Viyi Strings


    Viyi. Strings is a Net library, support Net standard 2.0 and Net 5。 As can be seen from the name, the main purpose of this library is to solve some operations on strings and text. Overall, Viyi The current version of strings provides the following functions: Text based encoding / decoding supports Base64 and hex […]

  • [shock] teach you how to use Python as a drawing tool (1)


    This blog will introduce you how to knot and create canvases through numpy and CV2, including blank canvases, white canvases and color canvases. Creating canvas is the premise of making drawing tools. With canvas, we can enjoy our artistic cells on the canvas. The little friend who is still worried about how to draw quickly […]

  • Sed command notes


    Sed loads the content line by line into the memory space, processes it, and then prints it to the screen; The default is not to modify the source file Sed – niefr ‘line action modifier’ file -N in silent mode, only the processed lines are printed -I modify the source file directly -e script -e […]

  • Write OS kernel from scratch – implement heap and malloc


    Series catalog Preface preparation BIOS boot to real mode GDT and protection mode On virtual memory Load and enter the kernel Display and print Global descriptor table GDT Interrupt processing Virtual memory perfection Implement heap and malloc First kernel thread Multithread switching Lock and multithreading synchronization Enter user status Process implementation system call Simple file […]

  • W4 find & sed


    1. Package all files at the end of conf under the / etc / directory. The compressed package name is the time of the day, and copy it to the / usr / local / SRC directory for backup. find /etc/ -regex “.*\.conf$” | xargs tar -zcvf `date +%F`-confs.tar.gz && cp `date +%F`-confs.tar.gz /usr/local/src 2. […]

  • Vue uses the TinyMCE console to report resource interpreted as stylesheet but


    Vue uses the TinyMCE console to report resource interpreted as stylesheet but transferred with MIME type text / HTML, causing the editor not to display set upskin_urlSpecify CSS path: { … language: ‘zh_CN’, skin_url: ‘/src/assets/tinymce/skins/ui/oxide’, … } But the console prompts: Resource interpreted as Stylesheet but transferred with MIME type text/html: “http://localhost:8080/src/assets/tinymce/skins/ui/oxide/skin.min.css”. Resource interpreted as […]

  • [self taught Python series] Python Basics (string, integer, comment)


    For a long time, I haven’t wanted to write anything. Suddenly, I found that I still wanted to write something, even if I recorded my learning process. On the one hand, while learning, I take notes and experience to urge myself. On the other hand, I want to record it and share it with you. […]

  • Basic properties and methods of dart string


    Code example //Single line string String str = ‘abc’; //Multiline string String multiline = ” this is multiline text You can enter ”’; //String connection mode ‘Dart ‘ ‘is ‘ ‘fun!’; // ‘Dart is fun!’ ‘Dart ‘ + ‘is ‘ + ‘fun!’; // ‘Dart is fun!’ ‘Dart’ * 2; // ‘DartDart’ String property attribute describe […]

  • How to delete a blank folder on the computer? Forced deletion of a blank folder graphic tutorial


    During the operation of using the computer, the computer will produce a lot of empty folders or files. When users clean these folders on the desktop, they will be prompted that they cannot be deleted. How can we solve the problem of deleting empty folders on the desktop? Let’s see the solution. Force deletion of […]

  • [Python 1-5] Python tutorial — string


    A string or string is a string of characters composed of numbers, letters and underscores. character string A string is a series of characters. In Python, all quotation marks are strings. Quotation marks can be single quotation marks or double quotation marks, as follows: “This is a string.” ‘This is also a string.’ This flexibility […]

  • Some IOS project modules do not need to be removed (mjrefresh), and there is a blank solution


    To finish the refresh first, there will not be a big blank after removing it [self.tableView headerEndRefreshing]; [self.tableView footerEndRefreshing]; [self.tableView removeFooter]; [self.tableView removeHeader];

  • Do not copy again, URL blank coding caused by the accident!!!


    Recently, a fatal problem was found in the joint debugging of the interface, which is the interfaceurlIt is clearly correct, but the transmission is unsuccessful, 404 exception error code Pseudo code below, a very normal delete data request function foo(id) { return axios({ method: ‘delete’, url: ‘​/api​/resume​/queue​/’ + id }) } report errors Errors are […]