• Interesting CSS property font family


    font-familyIs a website user experience first entrance, it is very necessary to spend time to study. First, we need to understand serif fonts and sans serif fonts, then we need to understand the common Chinese and English fonts and their applicability. Serif font Serif(serif)Each stroke has its own style, the end of the stroke will […]

  • Rodert single row learning redis introduction [black iron]


    Introduction to redis [toc] preface Statement: reference source Internet, any dispute can leave a message. Standing on the shoulders of our predecessors, we can see further. This tutorial is hand-held, committed to the most practical tutorial, no reward, just hope to forward more support.Welcome to my official account, I hope I can get to know […]

  • Configure cool windows PowerShell


    Students who have used linux may have heard of ohmyzsh, which is a toolkit, including various configurations of Zsh (a powerful Linux shell), which can make users easily pound out a set of powerful and cool shell interface. So for Windows users, can we also configure it like this? Please use the ugly and hard […]