• Principle of screen imaging


    Image processing in applicationImage renderingAfter the process, the GPU stores the pixel information in the frame buffer, and then the video controller will read the information in the frame buffer and transmit it to the monitor for display after digital to analog conversion, so that our pixel information is displayed on the physical screen. The […]

  • Detailed explanation of bitmap in redis


    1. What is bitmap? Bitmap is also called bitmap, that is, a bit bit is used to represent the state of a thing. We all know that bit bit is binary, so there are only two states, 0 and 1. 2. Why bitmap? The emergence of bitmap is for the large amount of data, but […]

  • IOS — detailed explanation of off screen rendering


    catalog: 1. Image display principle 2. Image display principle 2.1 image to screen process 2.2 display process 3. Jamming and frame dropping 3.1 vertical synchronization Vsync + double buffering 2.3 essence of frame dropping and screen jamming 4. Off screen rendering 4.1 what is the process of off screen rendering and off screen rendering 4.2 […]

  • Four image compression methods based on Android bitmap


    catalogue Introduction to knowledge points text 1. Mass compression 2. Sample rate compression 3. Scaling compression 4、RGB_ 565 compression is achieved by changing the picture format summary Introduction to knowledge points Pictures in Android mainly exist in the form of bitmap, so compressing pictures is mainly to reduce the size of bitmap. The size of […]

  • Conversion between bitmap and bitmapimage in WPF (c)


    I. set ImageSource in image control of WPF image1.Source = new BitmapImage(new Uri(@”image file path”, Urikind.RelativeOrAbsolute)); You can also use: System.IO.FileStream fs = new System.IO.FileStream(filepath, System.IO.FileMode.Open, System.IO.FileAccess.Read); byte[] buffer = new byte[fs.Length]; fs.Read(buffer, 0, buffer.Length); fs.Close(); fs.Dispose(); System.IO.MemoryStream ms = new System.IO.MemoryStream(buffer); BitmapImage bitmapImage = new BitmapImage(); bitmapImage.BeginInit(); bitmapImage.StreamSource = ms; bitmapImage.CacheOption = BitmapCacheOption.OnLoad; bitmapImage.EndInit(); […]

  • Details of bitmap’s memory cache and disk cache


    The original was launched on wechat public account: jzman blog, welcome to pay attention to communication! The use of cache in Android is quite common. Using the corresponding cache strategy can reduce the consumption of traffic and improve the performance of the application to a certain extent. For example, when loading network pictures, you should […]

  • Redis uses get command to read bitmap-type data


    In the check-in statistics scenario, bitmap data type can be used to store check-in data efficiently, but the getbit command can only get a bit value, so it can not satisfy some business scenarios optimally. For example, we store a user’s check-in status annually for 365 days, only 365/8_46 Byte, and only 44 MB per […]

  • Simple records between Bitmap, File and Uri in Android


    Introduction: I feel that Uri, File and bitmap are confused. Here is a record for later viewing. Let’s see the detailed introduction together. Bitmap, File and Uri 1. Converting a file path to File String path ; File file = new File(path) 2. Convert a Uri to a path Take choosing a picture as an […]