• Go program performance analysis tools and methods


    Author: Ning Liang 1、 Common analysis commands and tools pprof go tool [xxx] go test delve go race gdb 2、 Parameter passing during program compilation 1、gcflags //You can use go tool compile — help to view the available parameters and their meanings go build -gcflags=”-m” For example, – N disables compilation optimization, – L prohibits […]

  • Select basic query of MySQL Foundation


      DQL language basic query 1、 Basic select statement 1. Query constant 2. Check the data from the table 3. Query using alias of column 4. Weight removal 5. Null value participates in the operation 6. Filter data 2、 Operator 1. Arithmetic operator 2. Comparison operator 3. Logical operators 4. Bitwise operator 3、 Sorting and […]

  • IOS reverse development 14: macho files


    Summary of IOS reverse development articles catalogue 1、 Macho file 2、 Macho file structure summary 1、 Macho file Mach-o is actually the abbreviation of Mach object file format. It is the format of executable files on MAC and IOS, similar to PE format on windows and ELF format on Linux Mach-o file format Mach-ObyMach objectAbbreviation […]

  • Modifying binary hex data using vbs


    There are still some available places, such as hiding the location of the target file in the shortcut; Crack the limit on the number of TCP / IP connections in XP; Remove the RAR right-click decompression menu and so on.   Copy codeThe code is as follows: Public BinaryData   If (lcase(right(wscript.fullname,11))=”wscript.exe”) Then  WScript.Quit(0) End […]

  • Use the path environment variable – upgrade Linux permissions ~👻


    Using path to improve Linux permissions Reference address:https://www.hackingarticles.in/linux-privilege-escalation-using-path-variable/This article is written by me after learning from the boss’s blog and with my own understanding. The boss wrote it in more detail. There are four methods in total, but in my opinion, this is a method. All I combined with my shallow understanding, I summarized a […]

  • Content type of HTTP


    The message body of the post request is placed in the entity body. The server obtains the encoding method of the message body according to the content type field in the request header, and then parses the data. 1、 Application / x-www-form-urlencoded The most common method of submitting data through post is the native form. […]

  • Why do computers use complement codes to store data? Because its love will disappear~


    ✍ original code I believe many people have learned many ways to convert a decimal number into a binary number in junior high school. For example, we can quickly know that the binary of 10 can be expressed as 1010. But what the junior middle school teacher didn’t tell us is: – 10 how to […]

  • Record http2 four puzzling points


    Article tone Popular science articles are not popular science articles Recording the incomprehensible points in http2 is the author’s confusion when learning http2, which has been finally understood It’s personal understanding. There may be some loose places. Welcome to discuss How to understand the difference between TCP framing and http2 framing Suppose “transmit complete data” […]

  • Principle of redis binary security


    Technical number of all dry goods:This article has been included in GitHub. Welcome to star / fork:https://github.com/Wasabi1234… Binary security Binary security is a computer programming term mainly used for string manipulation functions. The essence of a binary security function is to take the operation input as the original data stream without any special character meaning. […]

  • How does the father of Linux define “Linux”! Mainly want hackers, computer students to use, study and enjoy!


    What is Linux? Linux is a free UNIX like kernel, suitable for 386-at computers, with complete source code. It is mainly used, studied and enjoyed by hackers and computer science students. Most of it is written in C, but a small part is compiled in GNU format, and the boot sequence is in Intel 086 […]

  • HTTP does not use form form to send file data and non file data (upload articles)


    Here I would like to say that I focus on uploading this article. As for downloading, please check the corresponding downloading article In the past, the upload of files was submitted by using the form. Sometimes, in order to upload files, you have to write a form specially for the uploaded files. Uploading files is […]

  • MySQL configuration optimization


    1、innodb_flush_log_at_trx_commit :Transaction log commit strategy is the time to write redo logs to disk when committing transactions. Equal to 0: equal to 0 means that the data is submitted to MySQL # redo log buffer # every time the transaction is submitted, which means that the operation is successful. The data is refreshed to the […]