• Examples of reading raw binary images and extracting statistical information in Python


    Using Python language to read binary image files and extract non-zero data statistics (for example: Max, min, skewness and kurtosis) Python novice, notes less, welcome to teach import struct import math import numpy import scipy.stats filename = input(‘enter file name’) f = open(filename, ‘rb’) f.seek(0, 0) c = 0 numOfZero = 0 s = 0 […]

  • Python + OpenCV to convert image to binary format


    In the process of learning tensorflow, there is a problem. In the process of training, tensorflow reads the binary image database file, not the image file, so it is difficult to read the binary image database file Before training and testing, we need to convert the image file to binary format. The following is my […]

  • Python tutorial: files, exception handling, and more


    By Vishal MishraCompile VKSource: towards Data Science Welcome to the python tutorial. In this chapter, we’ll learn about files, exception handling, and other concepts. Let’s start. __name__ == ‘__main__’What do you mean? Usually, we see the above statement in every Python project. So we need to understand what it does here. In short, in Python,__name__Is […]

  • Some characteristics of http2


    Http2 protocol Because it is semantically compatible with HTTP / 1, the message is still composed of “header + body”, but before the request is sent, the “hpack” algorithm must be used to compress the header data. After the header data is compressed, http / 2 will split the message into binary frames for sending. […]

  • Vs2019 setup and use of third party Library


    Programming is building blocks In the program, we can not only write our own function code You can also call the function code (function) written by others Standard library functions Third party function   Static link library (LIB) When linking, the binaries in the library and our program are merged into a new executable. Disadvantages: […]

  • Eggjs file download service


    Background method code async download() { const {ctx,app} =this; let fileName = ‘hello.js’ const filePath = path.resolve(app.config.static.dir,fileName); // ctx.attachment ([file name], [options]) sets content disposition to “attachment” to indicate that the client prompts to download. ctx.attachment(fileName,{ fallback:true, type:’attachment’ // [string] attachment/inline }); const fileSize = fs.statSync(filePath).size; ctx.set(‘Content-Length’,fileSize) ctx.set(‘Content-Disposition’,`attachment; filename=${fileName}`) ctx.body = fs.createReadStream(filePath); } Front desk […]

  • Log related configuration of MariaDB


    Previously, we talked about the transactions of MariaDB and the transaction isolation level. For a review, please refer to https://www.cnblogs.com/qiuhom-1874/p/13198186.html Today, let’s talk about the related topics of MariaDB logs. There are six kinds of MariaDB logs, which are general logs_ Log, slow query log_ slow_ Query, error log_ error,log_ In this paper, we propose […]

  • SAP hybris (Commerce) installation recipe includes three tasks: setup, initialize and start


    (1) Setup = Invoked by default if no task is specified with install command. It installs recipe & copies files. (2) Initialize = Initializes the recipes application. (3) Start = Start the application. https://www.novusedu.com/wp-c… I saw it in the recipe folder build.gradle Setup tasks included in the content: Two plugins are used: installer-platform-plugin installer-addon-plugin https://stackoverflow.com/que…:~:text=The%20plugins%20block%20is%20the%20newer%20method%20of,method%20of%20adding%20a%20plugin%20to%20your%20build. […]

  • The fantastic idea of JavaScript exchange value


    Author: Piyush KochharTranslator: XiaozhiSource: hackernoon Like again, wechat searchGreat migration to the worldPay attention to this person who does not have a big factory background, but has an upward positive attitude. this paperGitHubhttps://github.com/qq44924588… It has been included in the book, the articles have been classified, and a lot of my documents and tutorial materials have […]

  • Python No.19_ File operation (add, delete, change and check)


    # ! /usr/bin/env python# -*- coding:utf-8 – *-# Author:Hugolinhj 1. Open the file, get the file handle and assign it to a variable. 2. Operate the file through the handle. 3. Close the file, Encoding =’utf-8 ‘). Read() # refers to copying memory to variable for modification, which is meaningless. The normal format should be […]

  • Content based movie recommendation project (1)


    From today on, I will make a movie recommendation project, write a blog here, record the results of every day. In fact, since I published “C # crawling cat’s eye movie data” this blog, I have already started to make the movie recommendation project. Today I write this blog because the project schedule has been […]

  • Still using Alpine as your docker’s Python development base image? In fact, Ubuntu is better


    The original text is reproduced from “Liu Yue‘s technology blog”https://v3u.cn/a_id_173 In general, when you want to choose a basic image for your Python development environment, most people will choose Alpine. Why? Because it’s too small, it’s only about 5 MB (nearly 100 MB compared to the Ubuntu image) But the truth is that we didn’t […]