• Basic Preparations for Binary Data Transmission of Websocket


    Binary and Hexadecimal Binary is 0 1 for 2= 10Hexadecimal prefix 0x denotes 2= 0x2 with 0123456789 ABCDEFBinary and Hexadecimal ConversionEach hexadecimal bit is equal to four binary bits. Hexadecimal 0xF = 15 (decimal) = 1111 (binary) The maximum hexadecimal bit is 1111 = 15 (decimal) Binary 2 = 10 Hexadecimal 2 = 0x2 = […]

  • Basic Preparations for Binary Transmission of WebSocket-Unicode to UTF8


    Preface Let’s learn coding today. Let’s review the basic preparations of yesterday. Understand the binary encoding of UTF-8. Why do you know this, because all string types in JS are encoded using UTF-16 So when we communicate with the back end, we need to translate it into the same coding. (Back-end or front-end conversion) UTF-8 […]

  • Introduction to C Language Programming–Chapter 4 Basic Data Types of C Language


      Guide: C language program often involves some mathematical calculation, so you should be familiar with its basic data types. Data types are boring to learn, but it’s easy to understand data types by combining previous memory concepts with byte concepts in this section.This chapter begins with the basic concept of binary, then introduces the […]

  • Using VBS to Modify HEX Data of Binary File


    There are still some available places, such as hiding the location of the target file in the shortcut, breaking the TCP/IP connection limit in XP, removing the RAR right-click decompression menu, and so on. Copy codeThe code is as follows: Public BinaryData If (lcase(right(wscript.fullname,11))=”wscript.exe”) Then WScript.Quit(0)End If If wscript.arguments.count<4 Then Wscript.Echo “Change File Hex. By: lxzzr  [email protected]” Wscript.Echo […]

  • Some basic knowledge of Java binary


    Explain Everything has a specification, mention JAVA will mention two specifications, JAVA language specification, JVM specification. JAVA language specification mainly defines JAVA’s grammar, variables, types, grammar and so on. JVM specification mainly defines Class file type, run-time data, frame stack, virtual machine start-up, virtual machine instruction set and so on. The JAVA language specification mainly […]

  • Knowledge Sharing of Converting Decimal Negative Numbers into Binary, Octal and Hexadecimal Numbers


    Programming apes may not be unfamiliar with binary system, which is widely used in computing technology. Binary data is a number represented by two numbers, 0 and 1. But many people will convert binary to integer, but how to use binary to represent negative numbers? Some people would say that adding a negative number before […]

  • JavaScript Knowledge Points – > Operational Rules and Operations (Logic, Bit)


    * In js, the types of results obtained by different types of operations will also change: string + number = string string + boolean = string string + undefiend = string number + boolean = number number + undefiend = NaN boolean + undefiend = NaNTo sum up, it is:The result of all operations with […]

  • Quick Installation and Configuration of Apache+mysql+php+ssl on OPENBSD-3.8


    This article aims to build the server environment with the software installation package provided by OPENBSD itself. Of course, you can download the original code package to compile and install, but this is time-consuming and laborious. In fact, OPENBSD provides us with a large number of compiled binary installation packages. With these binary installation packages, […]

  • ELF file parsing (2): ELF header in detail


    The last article talked about the overall layout of ELF files and the concepts of section and segment. As planned, we will continue with ELF header today. Before we talk about new content, let’s correct a mistake: in the previous article, the entries in section header table and the section in the document are one-to-one […]

  • ELF Format Exploration Part III:sections


    Previous links: One of ELF Format Analysis: Segments and Segments Exploration of ELF Format II: Detailed Explanation of File Header ELF Header Today we talk about sections that are important to both the object file (relocatable file) and the executable file. When we talk about ELF Header, we talk about section header table. It is […]

  • Data Recovery of MySQL Bilog


    I. Recovery Programme1. The amount of data is not very large. The data backed up by mysqldump command can be restored by MySQL client command or source command.2. Use Xtrabackup to complete the physical backup and recovery of the database, during which the database service needs to be restarted.3. Use LVM snapshot volume to complete […]

  • PHP script l exports mysq blob format data-hex and unhex usage


    Preface We’ve introduced the use before.PHP script export SQL statementTo the process and points of attention in the test clothes, there is a problem that has not been solved before, that is, blob type data in MySQL is not successfully imported. This time we found a solution. Here’s a record. What is the blob type? […]