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  • Lua-In-Xcode & lua-environment


    Lua-In-Xcode Preface Course Let Xcode support Lua syntax highlighting lua-environment Lua application scenario Game development Independent application script Web application script Extensions and database plug-ins such as MySQL proxy and MySQL workbench Security systems, such as intrusion detection systems lua-environment It can also be installed through homebrew on MAC for version management. brew install lua […]

  • [front end Zhihu series] arraybuffer and blob objects


    This article starts in my personal blogMore rich front-end learning materials can be found in myGithub: Leo JavaScript, coveringData structure and algorithm、HTTP、Hybrid、Interview questions、React、Angular、TypeScriptandWebpackWait.Order a star and don’t get lost~ ArrayBufferObject andBlobYou may not be unfamiliar with the object, which is common in file upload operation processing (such as handling image upload preview and other issues). […]

  • About golang build


    How to compile It is easy to compile golang. The usage is as follows: go build [-o output] [-i] [build flags] [packages] Parameters marked with square brackets above can have no The simplest operation is directgo build, which will directly find themainPackage, and compile it. The most common is-oSpecify the output file, such as: go […]

  • Floating point precision of JavaScript deep series


    Preface Whether 0.1 + 0.2 is equal to 0.3, as a classic interview question, has been widely known. Speaking of the reasons, you can answer that this is caused by the problem of floating-point precision, but also dialectically see that this is not the problem of ECMAScript. Today is the specific reason behind it. Numeric […]

  • Linux MySQL database replication


    1、 Primary server configuration 1. Modification of configuration file my.cnf [[email protected] mysql]# vim /etc/my.cnf #In [mysqld], add:server-id=1log_bin=master-binlog_bin_index=master-bin.indexbinlog_do_db=testNote:#Server ID server unique ID.#Log bin starts the MySQL binary log, that is, the data synchronization statements, which will be executed one by one from the database.#Binlog do DB specifies the database for recording binary logs, that is, the […]

  • JS takes me to explore computer principle – memory representation of int type


    When learning C + + variable types, I suddenly want to deeply explore the memory structure of each typeSo, he turned his attention to JSThat’s because… Arraybuffer typearray these APIs are simply customized for my study!ECMA, you are so close Target is int integerIt’s said that he’s a 32-bit complementUse his scalpel to see what-1 […]

  • Rising posture: discard letters, numbers and underscores to write shell


    The concept of XOR (^) in PHP <?php echo”A”^”?”;?> <?php echo”A”^”?”;?> The output result is the character “~”, because the code has exclusive or operations on the characters “a” and “. When two variables are XOR in PHP, the string will be converted to ASCII value first, then the ASCII value will be converted to […]

  • Blob – binary stream Download


    /** *The return value file type is blob binary stream file * responseType: ‘blob’ *Params interface required parameters *Name file name: name file name according to time stamp *(you need to delay the export, otherwise the export of the file fails, and the file name is exported directly by default.) * */ $axios.get(`api`, { responseType: […]

  • Use of exclusive or operator


    Use of exclusive or operator Exclusive or, abbreviated as XORXOR is a mathematical operator. It applies to logical operations. The mathematical symbol of XOR is “⊕ and the computer symbol is” XOR “. The algorithm is as follows: a⊕b = (¬a ∧ b) ∨ (a ∧¬b)If a and B are two valuesInequalityXORThe result is 1。If […]

  • VIM snap: a high performance modern fuzzy search plug-in


    Today, I’d like to share the most satisfactory VIM plug-in I’ve written so far: https://github.com/liuchengxu/vim-clap, which is a VIM plug-in for fuzzy search and search. It is the first one that supports neovim at the same time in the same kind of plug-insfloating_winAnd vim.popupThat’s one of the reasons I made this wheel. In the early […]

  • Thinking about operating system Chapter 5 more bits and bytes


    Chapter 5 more bits and bytes By Allen B. Downey Chapter 5 more bits and bytes Translator: Flying Dragon Protocol: CC by-nc-sa 4.0 5.1 representation of integers You may know that computers represent integers in binary. For positive numbers, the binary representation is straightforward. For example, a decimal 5 means binary is0b101。 For negative numbers, […]

  • Download files under Ant Design Pro


    Recently, I have encountered some problems in downloading files through Ajax request server on the page. Most of the materials and introductions found on the Internet are not sound and systematic. Finally, I have found out the solution by myself. I will write a simple draft first, and then supplement it in detail. Table 1: […]