• Code conversion from Java Big5 to GB2312


    package com.Big5ToUTF8; import java.io.*; public class Big5Tran { private static final String tabFile =”bg-gb.tab”; private static byte[] data; static{ try{ FileInputStream fis =new FileInputStream(tabFile); int len =fis.available(); data =new byte[len]; fis.read(data); fis.close(); }catch(Exception ex){ ex.printStackTrace(); System.exit(1); } } /** *Get the offset of Big5 Chinese character big in data*/ private static int indexOf(int big){ int […]

  • VBS implementation GB2312, UTF-8, Unicode, Big5 code conversion tool


    DemonstrationEcho “ABCDE &! @ # $^ < > ()%% ABCDE test! “> before processing.txt“Gb2ue.vbs “before processing. TXT” “after processing. TXT”Ue2u8.vbs “after processing. TXT”U82gb.vbs “after processing. TXT”Gb2u8.vbs “after processing. TXT”U82ue.vbs “after processing. TXT”Ue2gb.vbs “after processing. TXT”@Echo after 6 times of processing “after processing. TXT” and “before processing. TXT” are still the same codeIf you do not […]