• Top ten project management (IV) cost management


    Cost management isTry to control the actual cost of the project within the budget and ensure that the project is completed within the budget。 There are four main sub processes:Planning cost management、Estimated cost、Budget makingandControl cost。 The main types of costs are: The following describes these sub processes in detail: 1、 Planning cost management Planning the […]

  • Correlation filter for UAV based aerial tracking: a review and empirical evaluation


    Title: overview and experimental evaluation of correlation filtering UAV air tracking technology Authors: Changhong Fu, Geng Lu Link:Correlation Filter for UAV-Based Aerial Tracking: A Review and Experimental Evaluation code:https://github.com/vision4robotics/DCFTracking4UAV?utm_source=catalyzex.com Paper PDF please get back to the official account [computer vision alliance] backtracking [object tracking review]. Aerial tracking is one of the most active applications in […]

  • Application scheme of network clock system (NTP time synchronization) technology in financial industry


    Application scheme of network clock system (NTP time synchronization) technology in financial industry Application scheme of network clock system (NTP time synchronization) technology in financial industry Jingzhun electronic technology official wechat – ahjzsz With the continuous development of the financial market and the continuous improvement of the degree of informatization, the composition of the financial […]

  • Use transform to center elements of unknown size


    1. Horizontal center As an example, there is a child element in the parent element When the child element is positioned relative to the parent element, if left and top are not written, it will be positioned in the upper left corner of the parent element by default After adding left: 50% to the child […]

  • MySQL performance optimization – CPU / memory / disk


    Select the appropriate CPU This article is from:https://www.cnblogs.com/wangchaozhi/p/mysql_performance_stat.html Multi core CPU and supports 64 bit applications, which can use more memory. Configure the IO thread of Mysql to be consistent with the number of CPU cores. Use the following command to view the configuration of the current configuration. The default is 4 #show variables like […]

  • Analyze OnTime datasets with Databend on AWS EC2 and S3


    1. Baseline environment ec2 size:c5a.4xlarge EC2 region: < your S3 storage area > The local disk is 300g. The local disk is only used for ontime save and databend complie. Operating system: Ubuntu 20 x64 Prepare the installation package: $sudo apt-get install unzip make mysql-client-core-8.0 2. Deploy databend Databend compilation $git clone https://github.com/datafuselabs/databend.git $cd databend […]

  • System analysis – Business Process Modeling


    Business process modeling (BMP)BMP consists of three elements: entity, object and activity. Business processes occur between entities. They can be between enterprises, between functions, or between people.BPM is divided into three levels. The first layer is mainly model elements, namely objectives, knowledge and data. The second layer is mainly the construction of the model, specifically […]

  • Common sorting algorithm (C implementation)


    Original address: https://www.runoob.com/cprogramming/c-sort-algorithm.html 1. Bubble sorting Bubble sort is a simple sort algorithm. It repeatedly visits the sequence to be sorted, compares two elements at a time, and exchanges them if their order (e.g. from large to small and from a to Z) is wrong. Process demonstration: #include <stdio.h> void bubble_sort(int arr[], int len) { […]

  • How to improve the performance of c# StringBuilder


    This article explores best practices for using c# StringBuilder to reduce memory allocation and improve the performance of string operations. Yes Net, strings are immutable types. Whenever you are Net, a new string object will be created in memory to save the new data. In contrast, the StringBuilder object represents a variable string and dynamically […]

  • Quick sort — after lorguka TLE, I finally chose three-way cutting


    Write in front In this article, let’s talk about the sorting algorithm, which we have talked about beforeSimple insert sortOptimized version of and TaShell Sort In this section, we will touch on a more “advanced” algorithm – quick sort.When doing Luogu, we encountered a card optimization problem. If we didn’t optimize the fast scheduling, there […]

  • Question 26: how to understand quick sort?


    What is quick sort? Randomly find a number (called the reference element) in a sequence, and then put the number smaller than the reference element on the left and the number larger than the reference element on the right. In this way, a sequence is divided into two subsequences, and then divide the subsequence into […]

  • Algorithmic journey | quick sorting method


    HTML5 school – coder: in previous issues of “journey of algorithms”, we shared bubble sorting and selective sorting, both of which belong to “slow” sorting with time complexity of O (n ^ 2). Today, I share with you a variety of sorting algorithms that are widely used and fast——Quick sort method [average time complexity is […]