• Promise, promise, change the function to support both callback and promise


    BeginnersNode.js, withExpressdevelopmentWebProject.And it’s not a small project. It’s very risky. It was relatively simple at the beginning and didn’t use itPromiseIt’s going well,With the deepening of development, it is not necessary toPromiseIt’s too late. So there is a problem that some of the previously written methods are not supportedPromise,If you change it directly toPromiseBefore that, […]

  • Own blog website based on Django


    Online address:https://www.lylinux.net/ GitHub address:https://github.com/liangliang… be based onpython3.5andDjango1.10Blog. It’s been used beforewordpressBuild blog. But always hope to have a blog site from before to after. So, this website was bornI write it slowly in my spare time. Now I use it as my blogUsing nginx + gunicorn + virtualenv + supervisor to build. Running in linode […]