• Kubernetes core practice (III) — replicationcontroller


    5、ReplicationController The replication controller ensures that a specific number of pod replicas are running at any time. In other words, the replication controller ensures that a pod or a group of similar pods is always available. How does replication controller work When the number of pods is too large, the replication controller will terminate the […]

  • Deploy LNMP environment and install Typecho blog


    Install nginx and PHP environment [email protected]:~# apt install nginx php7.4 php7.4-mysql php7.4-fpm Modify nginx configuration file [email protected]:~# vim /etc/nginx/sites-available/default [email protected]:~# cat /etc/nginx/sites-available/default server { listen 80; listen [::]:80; #Fill in the domain name or IP address server_name www.oiox.cn; # SSL configuration # #Open SSL certificate listening port listen 443 ssl; listen [::]:443; #Configure certificate ssl_certificate /var/www/ssl/www.oiox.cn_nginx/www.oiox.cn_bundle.pem; ssl_certificate_key […]

  • In order to enable you to use fluent, I’m going to do some video tutorials


    preface It’s the annual Spring Festival holiday again, and it’s time to open the gap between people! Last year, due to the epidemic, I taught myself flutter at home for nearly a month, and then wrote a bunch of flutter projects on GitHub, which received quite good response The following is the flutter project I […]

  • 19 free resource websites


    Find some treasure resources and share them with you. 1、 Invincible omnipotent integrated navigation station 1. Insect tribe (aggregate search platform) https://search.chongbuluo.com 2.科塔学术(专业学术导航) https://site.sciping.com 3.码力全开(设计资源导航) https://design.maliquankai.com 4.SeeSeed(设计资源导航2) https://www.seeseed.com 5.书享家(电子书资源导航) http://shuxiangjia.cn 6.HiPPTer(PPT资源导航) https://www.hippter.com 二、学习资源 7.哔哩哔哩(直接吹爆) https://www.bilibili.com 8.第一教程网(课程学习资源) https://www.diyijc.com 9.北大教材(精品学习教材) https://pup6.yunzhan365.com/bookcase/jmyr/index.html 10.考试酷(百万题库网站) https://www.examcoo.com/index/ku 11.外语慕课平台(外语学习好渠道) https://moocs.unipus.cn 三、图片视频资源 12.Wallhaven(宝藏壁纸网站) https://wallhaven.cc 13.Unsplash(优质图片资源) https://unsplash.com 14.Videvo(精品视频图片资源) https://www.videvo.net 15.Pixabay(图片视频音频图形插画) https://pixabay.com 16.Pexels(老牌图库网站) https://www.pexels.com/zh-cn 四、稀缺宝藏资源 […]

  • Gitlab installation and deployment


    Introduction to gitlab Gitlab: it is an online code warehouse hosting software based on GIT. You can use gitlab to build a system similar to GitHub, which is generally used to build git private servers in internal networks such as enterprises and schools. Function: gitlab is a code management platform that provides code hosting, submission […]

  • [front end] javascript learning notes (I) — quick start


    ✨JavaScript JavaScript (JS for short) is aFunction first lightweight,Interpretive or just in time compilationProgramming language. Although it is developed asWebPagescripting language But it is also used in many non browser environments. JavaScript is based on prototype programming, multi paradigm dynamic scripting language, and supportsobject-oriented、Imperative、Declarative、Functional programming paradigm。 ✨ Course link [crazy God says Java] the latest […]

  • Links to java learning materials (for personal use, to be continued)


    1、 Basic knowledge Open source project covering all knowledge points of Java backend (5.8k star) Advanced Java Tutorial The contents of the project include: basic knowledge of Java, underlying principles, detailed explanation of algorithms, real interview questions of large factories, etc Advanced knowledge of Java full stack development A series of advanced tutorials from Java […]

  • Using nginx to build and deploy live streaming media server


    Live broadcasting is now an old-fashioned problem. How to use it for live broadcasting? Most people only know that the boss has a live broadcasting software on a platform. Click start to live broadcasting. So how to build a simple live broadcast platform? It only has the live broadcast function, and does not involve transcoding […]

  • Kubernetes core practice (VII) — job, cronjob, secret


    10. Job task Use Perl to calculate pi [[email protected] ~/yaml/test]# vim job.yaml [[email protected] ~/yaml/test]# cat job.yaml apiVersion: batch/v1 kind: Job metadata: name: pi spec: template: spec: containers: – name: pi image: perl command: [“perl”, “-Mbignum=bpi”, “-wle”, “print bpi(2000)”] restartPolicy: Never backoffLimit: 4 [[email protected] ~/yaml/test]# [[email protected] ~/yaml/test]# kubectl apply -f job.yaml job.batch/pi created [[email protected] ~/yaml/test]# View […]

  • Kubernetes core practice (8) — Service


    13、service Four layer network load establish [[email protected] ~/yaml/test]# [[email protected] ~/yaml/test]# vim my-app.yaml [[email protected] ~/yaml/test]# cat my-app.yaml apiVersion: apps/v1 kind: Deployment metadata: labels: app: my-dep name: my-dep spec: replicas: 3 selector: matchLabels: app: my-dep template: metadata: labels: app: my-dep spec: containers: – image: nginx name: nginx [[email protected] ~/yaml/test]# kubectl apply -f my-app.yaml deployment.apps/my-dep created [[email protected] ~/yaml/test]# […]

  • [front end] javascript learning notes (IV) — object oriented programming


    ✨ Course link [crazy God says Java] the latest JavaScript tutorial is easy to understand_ Beep beep beep_ bilibili ✨ Study notes Internal object Date var date = new Date(); date.getFullYear() date.getMonth() // 0-11 date.getDate() date. Getday() // day of the week date.getHours() date.getMinutes() date.getSeconds() date. Gettime() // timestamp console.log(new Date(date.getTime())) console.log(date.toLocaleString()) JSON var user […]

  • Linux disk LVM root directory expansion


    Basic concepts of LVM Physical volume (PV): the medium on which a volume group can be established. It can be a hard disk partition, the hard disk itself or a loopback file. The physical volume includes a special header, and the rest is cut into physical extents Volume group volume group (VG): collects a group […]