• Django | admin background beautification processing jsonfield


    1 brief description Under certain business requirements, for some fields of the model, theJSONFieldAdapt to the service, but this field is in thedjango adminUnder the display and modification is not very intuitive and convenient, so here moved the idea, beautify processingJSONField。 The environment is as follows: python 3.5.2 django 1.11.1 postgresql 9.5.2 2 steps and […]

  • Guide to using idea automatic code generation plug-in


    Solve repeated development and experience intelligent code Always busy with repeated coding on working,A kind of Same lines again and again like loop writingDon’t know how to solve and where tools being?Just press these shortcuts for helping! Video quick view of YouTube | China Automatic code generation in Java Web Development Open the configuration box […]

  • Vs code plug in for improving front end development efficiency


    Auto Close Tag Automatically add HTML / XML closing tag, same as visual studio ide or sublime text When you type the closing bracket for the start label, the end tag is automatically inserted. Auto Rename Tag Automatically rename paired HTML / XML tags Beautify Beautify vs Code Select the code to be beautified and […]

  • Mongodb matching query and comparison operators


    1、 Matching query 1. Query all > db.accounts.find() { “_id” : “account1”, “name” : “alice”, “balance” : 100 } { “_id” : ObjectId(“5d7f25f4aecbd2bc0fa821b3”), “name” : “charlie”, “balance” : 500 } { “_id” : ObjectId(“5d7f25f4aecbd2bc0fa821b4”), “name” : “david”, “balance” : 200 } { “_id” : { “name” : “david”, “balance” : 200 }, “name” : “charlie”, […]

  • [Linux] my way to beautify Ubuntu


    0 Preface I used to be a deepin party, but seeing more deepin’s interface will make me feel tired. Now let’s transform Ubuntu for a change. 1 reference article It’s time to change to Linux (3) [Ubuntu] Ubuntu 18.04 lts replaces domestic source How to use Gnome shell extension extensions.gnome.org Installation and beautification of Ubuntu […]

  • Win10 beautification, make your win10 unique and unique!


    1. principles Before beautification, there must be a goal right or wrong. The author is a simple person, so beautification is based on three principles: simple, clean and tidyEr… It seems very abstract, as shown in the picture above. No picture, no truthHow about it? It’s OK. There’s nothing extraAnother beauty:Well, it’s very comfortable. Let’s […]

  • Yii create URL (route) and beautify URL (route)


    1: Create URL Yiihelpers URL:: to() is a helper method provided by Yii to create various URLs according to the routes and parameters provided. The URL:: to() method calls the urlmanager:: createurl() method to create URLs 1: Create a normal routing URL Url::to([‘post/index’]); // equal to Yii::$app->urlManager->createUrl([‘post/index’]); 2: Create a routing URL with routing parameters […]

  • Beautify the footnote of mark down in Typecho development


    In the past two days, Mingyue finally understood that the markdown parser used in Typecho development version is hyperdown1, mainly used in segmentfault2Developer community (the editor you use to post and comment in SF is the mark down syntax of the hyperdown parser.) For the markdown syntax supported by hyperdown, please refer to the article […]

  • HTML 5 form validation (4 practical cases of form beautification)


    Multipart / form data must use theAutocomplete = “on” autocomplete functionNovalidate do not validate placeholder RequiredAutofocus default focusPattern regular verification Datalist’s memory of the selection boxList memory HTML5 constraint validation API Id.validity get validation constraints console.log(username.validity); If the length of the input value is greater than the required length, the required length part is truncated […]

  • Beautify the interface of C ා WinForm — use IrisSkin to realize the skin changing function


    The WinForm interface uses iris skin, which can be said to achieve one click beautification. Of course, the beautification effect is different from each other, and you can choose what you like. 1. IrisSkin download address: https://www.cr173.com/soft/69061.html 2. Put the downloaded file under debug. 3. Create a new WinForm named main: 4. The main code […]

  • WinForm beautification


    First, let’s flatten the main interface There are two steps here. The first step is to change the MainForm form property that comes with WinForm, and the second step is to add form events. Change the formborderstyle of the main form to none, and you will get a frameless form Adjust the background color. It […]

  • Ajax bootstrap beautifies web pages and realizes loading, deleting and viewing details of pages


    Bookstrap: beautify the page: Bootstrap is an open source toolkit for front-end development launched by twitter. It was developed by Mark Otto, a twitter designer, and Jacob Thornton. It is a CSS / HTML framework. Bootstrap provides elegant HTML and CSS specifications, which are written by dynamic CSS language less. Bootstrap, once launched, has been […]