• Electron loading Chrome extension


    This article mainly introduces how electron uses chrome extensions.Electron does not support all Chrome extension APIs. See supportedExtension API。 The extended loading needs to be placed inapp.whenReadyThen load. electron-devtools-installer This library mainly installs the devtool extension to a package of electron, which integrates the devtool extensions of mainstream front-end libraries,link。 For example, we want to […]

  • Laravel soar – an easy extension package for optimizing SQL statements in laravel


    laravel-soar-In the laravel application, it is easy to optimize the expansion package of SQL statement. function Support sentence optimization based on heuristic algorithm Multi column index optimization (update, insert, delete, select) for complex queries Support explain information rich interpretation Support SQL fingerprint, compression and beautification Support eloquest query builder method to generate SQL optimization report […]

  • Input file custom button beautification (Demo)


    I have written such an article before, but I used JS script. The advantage is that I can display the file path. If you don’t need to see the path, you can only display the custom button. There is another method. The following is just using the CSS technique. The key is to give font […]

  • Website navigation


    1. Database mongodb 1. Data backup, restore, export and import a、https://www.jb51.net/article/…b、https://www.2cto.com/database…c、https://www.cnblogs.com/dingj… 2. Software installation 1、NavicatLink: http://www.zdfans.com/html/43… 3. Online tools 1. Pdf to wordLink: https://pdf2doc.com/zh/ 2. Code compression and beautificationLink: https://tool.lu/ 3. Powerdisk search engineLink: https://www.dalipan.com/

  • (2020 latest edition) idea best plug-in collection recommendation beautification


    1.Nyan Progress Bar This is a progress bar beautification plug-in, so that you can think of and unexpected progress bar can also sprout 2.Rainbow Brackets Rainbow color bracket, can better distinguish the corresponding bracket, mother no longer worry about me after CV don’t know where less bracket. 3.translation plugin English welfare ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!! Don’t worry about […]

  • “Windows beautification series” part 1: Desktop Management


    “Windows beautification series” part 1: Desktop Management Hello everyone, I’m repairing! Today, I’m going to open a new pit to tell you how to beautify windows. Today is the first article to teach you how to manage the desktop. Don’t put more pictures directly   This is my desktop, only a temporary folder, is it […]

  • Beautify WinForm controls with redraw items


    If you feel that combobox, listbox or other WinForms controls in the project cannot meet your display requirements, many controls, including forms, support redrawing and modifying display styles. The following example completes the redrawing of combox data items, hoping to play an important role. Show source code using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.ComponentModel; using System.Data; […]

  • Django | admin background beautification processing jsonfield


    1 brief description Under certain business requirements, for some fields of the model, theJSONFieldAdapt to the service, but this field is in thedjango adminUnder the display and modification is not very intuitive and convenient, so here moved the idea, beautify processingJSONField。 The environment is as follows: python 3.5.2 django 1.11.1 postgresql 9.5.2 2 steps and […]

  • Guide to using idea automatic code generation plug-in


    Solve repeated development and experience intelligent code Always busy with repeated coding on working,A kind of Same lines again and again like loop writingDon’t know how to solve and where tools being?Just press these shortcuts for helping! Video quick view of YouTube | China Automatic code generation in Java Web Development Open the configuration box […]

  • Vs code plug in for improving front end development efficiency


    Auto Close Tag Automatically add HTML / XML closing tag, same as visual studio ide or sublime text When you type the closing bracket for the start label, the end tag is automatically inserted. Auto Rename Tag Automatically rename paired HTML / XML tags Beautify Beautify vs Code Select the code to be beautified and […]

  • Mongodb matching query and comparison operators


    1、 Matching query 1. Query all > db.accounts.find() { “_id” : “account1”, “name” : “alice”, “balance” : 100 } { “_id” : ObjectId(“5d7f25f4aecbd2bc0fa821b3”), “name” : “charlie”, “balance” : 500 } { “_id” : ObjectId(“5d7f25f4aecbd2bc0fa821b4”), “name” : “david”, “balance” : 200 } { “_id” : { “name” : “david”, “balance” : 200 }, “name” : “charlie”, […]

  • [Linux] my way to beautify Ubuntu


    0 Preface I used to be a deepin party, but seeing more deepin’s interface will make me feel tired. Now let’s transform Ubuntu for a change. 1 reference article It’s time to change to Linux (3) [Ubuntu] Ubuntu 18.04 lts replaces domestic source How to use Gnome shell extension extensions.gnome.org Installation and beautification of Ubuntu […]