• Hand in hand to implement a cli tool for rapid generation of web code template


    preface In the last article, we implemented a general scaffolding tool for Web engineering to quickly build projects. In the actual development, especially the background management system, there are many similar code implementations. Therefore, we can continue to implement a tool to quickly generate web code templates, saying goodbye to copy / paste. Basic process […]

  • Linux batch unzip shell scripts with password rar into the directory with the same file name


    I wrote a batch decompression shell with the password rar, which can be decompressed to a folder with the same file name as RAR. If necessary, please refer to it. #!/bin/bash #———————————– #Batch unzip the RAR with password to the directory with the same file name #———————————– #Unzip password pwd=’123456′ for i in *.rar do […]

  • R language — commonly used but always unforgettable data processing tips


    ##Extract elements in the list that contain specific characters DE.pattern = your_list[grep(pattern = “pattern”,x = names(your_list),value = T)] ##Batch read file names in the list library(pipeR) library(rlist) test = list.files(path = “E:/Desktop/”,pattern = “*” ) write.table(test,”E:/Desktop/readme.xls”,sep = “\t”) ###Read all sheets in Excel library(readxl) excel_ Path < – C (“your path / Annex 1 MRM […]

  • Actuator of mybatis


    In this article, let’s talk about the executors of mybatis, and see how to use different executors in different scenarios and the implementation principle of different executors (based on mybatis 3.4.6). Knowledge points What is an actuator Mybatis actuator type and when to use it Implementation principle of each actuator What is an actuator As […]

  • Linux system modifies the size of pictures in batches with commands


    Taking photos often requires reducing the size of a large number of photos to facilitate online transmission or storage.   Here is a simple methodmethodChange a large number of photos to the specified size   find ./ -name ‘*.jpg’ -exec convert -resize 600×480 {} {} \;   Note the space and the last semicolon. The […]

  • Practice of tidb in the core batch scenario of Weizhong bank


    Based on the sharing and sorting of Huang Wei, a senior database architect from Weizhong bank on pingcap DevCon 2021, this paper mainly expounds the application practice of tidb in Weizhong bank, including the background of selecting tidb and the deployment architecture of tidb, as well as the application of tidb in the core batch […]

  • Mybatis XML foreach loop statement


    Mybatis well supports batch insertion, which can be met by using foreach First create the Dao method: package com.youkeda.comment.dao; import com.youkeda.comment.dataobject.UserDO; import org.apache.ibatis.annotations.Mapper; import org.apache.ibatis.annotations.Param; import java.time.LocalDateTime; import java.util.List; //fhadmin.cn @Mapper public interface UserDAO { int batchAdd(@Param(“list”) List<UserDO> userDOs); } <insert id=”batchAdd” parameterType=”java.util.List” useGeneratedKeys=”true” keyProperty=”id”> INSERT INTO user (user_name, pwd, nick_name,avatar,gmt_created,gmt_modified) VALUES <foreach collection=”list” item=”it” […]

  • Django ORM batch updates the corresponding SQL statements


    If you need to batch update hundreds of thousands of lines, update is too inefficient. At this time, you can use some batch update commands. MySQL provides a variety of batch update methods,MySQL batch update, what kind of ORM does Django use? The answer is as follows: UPDATE `workingImdbMatchTask` SET `task_json` = CASE WHEN (`workingImdbMatchTask`.`id` […]

  • Fast troubleshooting and resolution of disk full


    Fast troubleshooting and resolution of disk full Problem introduction PHP reports the following errors. This problem can be basically determined to be caused by the failure of session writing due to the full disk. Warning: session_start(): open(/tmp/sess_rvo5pg9op1ej55vop0g72b0jeu, O_RDWR) failed: No space left on device (28) Solve the fill problem The following is a record of […]

  • In depth understanding of on method (event delegation mechanism) in jquery


    preface When developing projects, jQuery is widely used. If you don’t have a little basic knowledge of jQuery in your mind and write it casually, it may cause bug problems. After jQuery version 1.4, the on method is added, which is used more. Therefore, I specially made a summary. Partners in need can take a […]

  • Vue realizes printing and batch printing


    Vue + element realizes single print and batch print (pictures) winodw. Print() method The print () method is used to print the contents of the current window. Calling the print () method will generate a print preview pop-up box, so that the user can set the print request. The simplest printing is to directly call […]

  • Restful has a nominal way of writing in the routing URL


    There has been a blog brief introduction in the frontRestful in laravel。 This article introduces variousRESUfulThe writing of style routing is not necessarily correct, but I think it is very meaningful to write such a route. Basic routing Generally, it is placed in one group, and other routes always need to carry this prefix alwaysapi+Version […]