• Mybatis-config.xml description


    Configuration properties The content of external properties configuration file is introduced; Resource: introduce resources under classpath URL: introduce resources under network path or disk path <properties resource=”dbconfig.properties”></properties> settings Settings contains many important settingsSetting: used to set each setting item Name: set item name Value: set the value of the item <settings> <setting name=”mapUnderscoreToCamelCase” value=”true”/> </settings> […]

  • DNS batch overflow batch code


    Copy codeThe code is as follows: @shift 1  @ setlocal  @ cls  @ color A  @   title   DNS batch overflow personal version  @echo ================================================================================  @echo   DNS batch overflow personal version  @echo BY Amxking  @echo   1. Enter the IP segment you want to overflow   Format: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx   XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX   @echo=================================================================================  @   set  / p   Input = 1. Enter […]

  • Mybatis million data insertion


    Enable batch insert Add a rewritebatchedstatements = true in the database connection URL 2. Use foreach to insert SQL statements Environment configuration Environment Description: win10 + 16g memory + i7-4770u3.40ghz + jdk8 + mysql8.0+ Upper code @Test public void monitor(){ //Number of cycles int count = 100; //Number of inserts per time int size = […]

  • Hpqlocfg batch management HP ILO practice


    preface HP ILO, Dell Idrac, IBM / Lenovo IMM and other names should not be unfamiliar to server hardware engineers. Of course, when the server is purchased and put on the shelves on a large scale, many small partners are expected to crash. OOB out of band management IP needs to be manually configured, and […]

  • CentOS system: installation and configuration of automatic operation and maintenance tool ansible


    1、 Introduction to ansible tool ansibleIs a new automatic operation and maintenance tool, based onPythonDevelopment, a collection of many operation and maintenance tools (puppet, Cfengine, chef, func, fabric) the advantages of the implementation of theBatch system configuration、Batch program deployment、Batch run commandAnd other functions. 2、 Installation of ansible 1. Because it’s a simple test of ansible, […]

  • A lightweight automatic operation and maintenance platform for small and medium enterprises


    Introduction to bug Chinese Name: sparrow, meaning: Although sparrow is small, it has all five internal organs. SpugIt is an agent-free automatic operation and maintenance platform designed for small and medium-sized enterprises. Its functions include host management, host batch execution, host online terminal, file online upload and download, application release and deployment, online task plan, […]

  • Principle and practice of spark connector writer


    stayPrinciple and practice of spark connector readerIn, we mentioned that spark connector is a data connector of spark, which can be used to read and write external data system. Spark connector includes two parts: reader and writer. This paper mainly describes how to use spark connector to write Nebula graph data. Spark connector writer principle […]

  • Batch code for quickly deleting illegal file names


    for example  ..  con   nul   wait Two lines of code to do, quickly delete the use of illegal file names of files and folders    June 4, 2007   Monday   19:08 Copy codeThe code is as follows: DEL /F /A /Q \\?\%1  RD /S /Q \\?\%1  Save as  . bat   perhaps  . cmd   File.What will happen in […]

  • Batch code for 5 calculation days page 1 / 3


    So I sent out my collection for you to share.explain:    Collection and arrangement:   With the wind  @ bbs.bathome.cn     2008-04-15    The first code   Author: will   Sort    From: CN DOS    The second, third, fourth and third codes   Author: namejm   From: CN DOS    The fifth is   bat   combination   […]

  • Implementation of mybatis batch deletion function


    I am Alfred, the author of the official account of “Ah Fu chat programming”.A programmer on the way of back end technologyOn the way to advancement, encourage each other! Articles have been included in Java sharing, including Java technology articles, interview guide, resource sharing. Foreground implementation Form implementation First, define the ID attribute of the […]

  • Common operations of laravel eloquent ORM


    Laravel supports three query methods: native SQL query, fluent query builder and eloquent orm Smooth query builder (DB for short) is an interface for creating and running database queries. It supports most database operations and has the same essence as handwritten SQL. Eloquent ORM (or ORM) is an object relational mapper tool. By establishing a […]

  • Make calculator support statement block


    Now let’s add the function of statement block to the calculator program, so that the program can do batch operations,Similar to code blocks in programming languages. This time the code is the same as the previous oneRecursive downward algorithm for CalcIf you are not familiar with the current content, you can review the previous chapter. […]