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  • Use batch files to back up the database offsite (data of recent days)


    In order to ensure the recoverability of the data in the server, the remote backup database scheme is adopted. Remote backup data includes remote backup file data and remote backup database data. The remote backup file data is designed to backup the files uploaded by users in the website. The remote backup database data is […]

  • Methods for vbs script and bat batch to delete itself


    Vbs script and bat batch self deletion method (suicide)Delete own: vbsSave the following script as selfkill VBS or selfkill vbe: Copy codeThe codes are as follows: Set fso = CreateObject(“Scripting.FileSystemObject”) f = fso.DeleteFile(WScript.ScriptName) WScript.Echo( WScript.ScriptName) Then run it to see if selfkill VBS magically disappeared? And the following dialog box is displayed normally^*^The above script […]

  • Java Web large data database operation batch processing tool class


    preface When operating a large amount of data, it often needs to be processed in batches to reduce the pressure of memory and I / O. for example, adding, modifying and querying a large amount of data with mybatis plus will cause too much pressure on the database and cause service exceptions. In addition, when […]

  • Write batch script under windows to start and reset Oracle database


    CMD start Oracle Database Create a new bat file, copy the contents into it, and double click to start it @echo off net start OracleXETNSListener 2>nul net start OracleServiceXE 2>nul @oradim -startup -sid XE -starttype inst > nul 2>&1 Oracle reset database command Create a new bat file, copy the following contents, and then execute. […]

  • How to minimize the time of batch program startup


    Batch hidden run hides the batch itself Copy codeThe code is as follows: @echo off if “%1″==”h” goto begin start mshta vbscript:createobject(“wscript.shell”).run(“””%~nx0″” h”,0)(window.close)&&exit :begin :: the following are normal batch commands and cannot contain interactive commands such as pause set / P×××××××× Explanation:This is the script language of MTA, which uses VBScript to create Wscript […]

  • Bat batch, VBScript batch installation, font script sharing


    According to the requirements of the new system, it is often necessary to deploy some fonts that are not in the original system. In order to save trouble, I used to ask users to manually install font files. Although the ease of use of windows is quite good, it is still necessary to take care […]

  • Computer / network equipment condition monitoring script batch processing


    In a previously written monitoring script, use the ping command to check the IP in an IP list every 10 seconds. If it fails, send it through the messenger message and use beep to send an alarm sound. You need the file sleep.exe (you can go to the next one on the Internet), beep.exe (you […]

  • Use batch to delete lines of specific content in hosts


    Q: Use bat batch to delete or modify the entries specified in hosts, for example, for   Localhosts, can you delete or change all the records with local in hosts? A: Copy codeThe code is as follows: cd /d %windir%\system32\drivers\etc  rem   Delete hosts.bak first to prevent renaming failure   del hosts.bak  ren hosts hosts.bak  for /f “eol=# tokens=1,2” %%i in (hosts.bak) do call :checkvalue %%i %%j  goto end  :checkvalue  echo %2 | find /i “local”  […]

  • Multithreading code in batch programs


    The following content will be a simple example to use batch processing for multi process concurrency under windows to achieve the effect of “multithreading”. For example, you need to Ping all IP addresses from to, and output the result of whether you can ping to log.txt The implementation is as follows: REM main […]

  • Advanced application skills of batch processing


    Advanced application of batch processing 11、 Simple batch internal commands  Advanced application of batch processing!! Tips!!!  Batch processing is familiar to everyone!  Here are some knowledge points about batch processing:  1: Skillfully use FC command as a Trojan horse checking tool:  First, create the batch file atm.bat: write the code: @ echo   off  dir c:\windows\system32\*.exe >c:??.txt  […]

  • Automatically run batch bat files as administrator (VBS and bat)


    However, the batch script will not be run as an administrator by default. Generally, I will name the script “XXXXXX (please right-click and run as an administrator!). Bat”, but some users will ignore this prompt and run directly. At this time, the script fails due to insufficient permissions. We can use an alternative method. When […]

  • Basketball flying man popular version realized by batch processing


    The citation code is easy to deform. A download address is given to ensure that it can be viewed.http://xiazai.jb51.net/200905/other/bat_lanqiu.bat