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  • Batch code for websites using hosts files


    Copy codeThe code is as follows: @echo off&setlocal&cls echo/&echo\&echo=&echo]&echo[&echo+ :start Set / p a = selection mode (1: block website 2: accelerate visit 3: Delete blocked website 4: exit):if not defined a goto start if %a% equ 1 (echo/&goto a) if %a% equ 2 (echo/&goto b) if %a% equ 3 (echo/&goto c) if %a% equ […]

  • Batch write method of copying files to system32 under C disk windows folder


    Now I want to copy “finaldata. Exe”, “officediary. Exe” and “displayx. Exe” from “C: \ program files \ common green software \ soft” to “C: \ windows \ system32” and overwrite the original three programs. How should I write???Question 1: does batch writing support long folders and long filenames?Question 2: does batch writing support Chinese […]

  • Detailed explanation of common symbols in CMD batch processing


    1、@Generally, it is followed by a command or statement, and the command or statement itself will not be displayed on the screen when it is executed. Please save the following code as a test.cmd file and run it to compare the output differences between the two echo statements on the screen:    echo a    @pause    @echo […]

  • Batch learning tutorial


    Part I: special commands for batch processing Batch file is a set of commands in a certain order into an executable text file with the extension bat. These commands are collectively referred to as batch commands. Now I will introduce the batch commands to you. 1、 REM Rem is a comment command that is generally […]

  • Method to call SQL through batch processing (OSQL)


    osql /U alma /P /i stores.bat (the stores.bat contains the update and delete statements, but you do not need to use go)—————————————————- OSQL utilityThe OSQL utility enables you to enter transact SQL statements, system procedures, and script files. The utility communicates with the server through ODBC.grammarosql [-?] ¦ [-L] ¦ [ { {-U login_id [-P […]

  • Batch installation of font bat file by batch processing


    Copy codeThe code is as follows: @echo off color 3f Title font batch installation scriptecho A|xcopy *.ttf %windir%\fonts\ Echo installation is completed, any key to exitpause>nul exit Echo a is completely covered, using channels.The principle is to copy the TTF in the face-to-face directory to the fonts directory, so as to realize the font installation. […]

  • Generate a list of files using batch files


    When batch files are used to generate a list of files, friends will encounter such situations: if you want to copy the names of all files in a folder, or list the names of all files in a list, if you copy them manually, it is not pleasant and easy to make mistakes.Xiaobian shares a […]

  • Using batch processing and WinRAR to compress files easily


    It’s a good idea to compress the data with WinRAR before backup, which has the following advantages at least: 1. Save space. This depends on the nature of the source file. Generally speaking, the compression ratio of text-based office documents is higher, while the compression effect of multimedia files is often not obvious. 2. Speed […]

  • Fast batch IP replacement by batch processing in Windows


    Copy codeThe code is as follows: @echo offREM eth / / eth is the name of the network card, which can be queried in the network connection, such as “local link”Set eth = wireless network connectionREM IP / / IP is the IP you want to changeset ip= GW / / GW is the gateway […]

  • Windows batch command tutorial


    A batch file is a plain text file that contains one or more commands. Its file extension is. Bat or. CMD. At the command prompt, type the name of the batch file, or double-click the batch file, and the system will call cmd.exe to run them one by one according to the order in which […]

  • Reset TCP? IP protocol with batch


    In the list of ghost XP network components of XP system, there is an internet protocol, also known as TCP or IP. The “uninstall” button is gray — not optional. If we need to reinstall the TCP / IP protocol under special circumstances, we can complete the following batch processing Copy codeThe code is as […]

  • Windows batch double click to switch IP address is convenient and fast


    I don’t know if my friends have such experience. When we bring this book to the company to access the Internet, because the company needs to configure a fixed IP address, and the home automatically obtains the IP address, so we need to set the IP address every day. Is there a simple and convenient […]