• Jupyterlab environment of tensorflow


    Tensorflow prepares jupyterlab interactive notebook environment, which is convenient for us to write code and take notes at the same time. Basic environment The following is the basic environment of this article, do not detail the installation process. Ubuntu Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS (Bionic Beaver) ubuntu-18.04.5-desktop-amd64.iso CUDA CUDA 11.2.2 cuda_11.2.2_460.32.03_linux.run cuDNN 8.1.1 libcudnn8_8.1.1.33-1+cuda11.2_amd64.deb libcudnn8-dev_8.1.1.33-1+cuda11.2_amd64.deb libcudnn8-samples_8.1.1.33-1+cuda11.2_amd64.deb Anaconda […]

  • Problems encountered in upgrading xcode12


    Error one Reactnative report ‘event2 / event config. H’ file not found solution open testApp.xcworkspace ‘event2 / event config. H’ file not found It’s flipper – Due to folly version, modify the podfile file under IOS file as follows use_ Flip! To use_ flipper!({ ‘Flipper-Folly’ => ‘2.3.0’ }) Save it after modification, and save it […]

  • Swiftui2020 writing plan


    1、 Real time information Share the latest swiftui information Share the latest news of IOS development Share swiftui’s latest open source projects 2、 Basic capabilities 01 initial swiftui series 02 the foundation of the world, everything is vieww 03 list and navigation farewell to annoying uitableview How to layout in swiftui 05 some advanced state […]

  • Introduction and foundation of Ajax


    This section introduces (asynchronous link server object) XMLHttpRequest and Ajax. AJAX is “asynchronous JavaScript and XML”. Ajax has four advantages: 1. It reduces the burden of the server. 2 brings better user experience. 3. It is widely supported based on standards. 4. Better page presentation and data separation. Technical name technical descriptionJavaScript JavaScript is a […]

  • Flume introduction and advanced


    1、 Flume Foundation 2、 Flume source 3、 Flume transactions and internal principles 4、 Flume interceptor

  • How to learn zero basic Java Xiaobai?


    1. Correct attitudeFirst of all, ask yourself whether you really have a strong thirst for knowledge or a clear goal. Knowing what you want and being able to stick to it is the foundation of action.2. Pay attention to the foundation   learn the basic knowledge of Java and constantly consolidate it. Don’t be confused by […]

  • How to learn Java? What techniques should be mastered in learning Java?


    From the perspective of zero foundation, every Java Engineer starts to learn from zero foundation, they are not born with Java; learning Java is a long and painful process, because there are many knowledge points of Java, and it is not very simple, you need to spend a lot of time and energy on it. […]

  • Java one stop learning (with exercises, videos, projects, source code)


    Getting started with Java Java Foundation Stage one: “2020 latest Java foundation intensive lecture video tutorial and learning route! 》To learn Java, you first need to install and configure JDK. SeeThe first step of using java Junmo: Java development environment configuration zhuanlan.zhihu.com Let’s start our happy and hair loss journey: Junmo: java learning process zhuanlan.zhihu.com […]

  • It’s two o’clock in the morning


    Hand in your homework I’ve kept my friends waiting for a long time. Let’s sort it out in this articleFront end developmentDirection of learning routes and knowledge points, including front-end development in the end to learn what, what important knowledge, what are the current mainstream technology points, I hope to give a lot of friends […]

  • Efficient git workflow git flow


    Git flow branch introduction master [Online branch] – it is an online version branch, which can also be understood as a stable version that can be released at any time. It requires the main programmer to merge the release branch code after each version is closed, and the developer can’t operate it at will. develop […]

  • Creating a kubernetes web application from scratch


    preface From how to create aPHP WebStart with the application and bring you into theKubernetesMy world. Basics Environmental Science CentOS 7.5 (Kernel 3.10) Minikube (Kubernetes 1.10.0) What’s required of you I assume that you have mastered the following basic skills: Docker & can write dockerfile How to Google Have a dockerhub account Manually compiled LNMP […]

  • Solve the problem that the packaging parameters of hbuilder cannot be resolved, and the file is not included in the application resource package manifest.json


    Confirm whether the appid and Android package name in the basic configuration are the same.