• The interviewer just wants to ask me the source code of spring MVC. I can’t stand it!


    The online interviewer series has been serialized22Article!Deep and funnyNew series! [Online interviewer] Java notes [Online interviewer] Java generic [Online interviewer] Java NiO [Online interviewer] java reflection && dynamic agent [Online interviewer] multithreading Foundation [Online interviewer] CAS [Online interviewer] synchronized [Online interviewer] AQS & & reentrantlock [Online interviewer] thread pool [Online interviewer] ThreadLocal [Online interviewers] countdownlatch […]

  • Recommended collection! The most complete in history! Power node Java full version learning tutorial


    As an old programming language, Java still needs a system to learn. Many small partners will study by looking for a variety of learning videos on the Internet, but they often lack a systematic and comprehensive learning route. Therefore, today I will share with you a java learning route and a full set of video […]

  • Learning summary and sharing of excellent students (1)


    preface Before learning, I ask students to use XMIND to summarize knowledge points. This kind of beneficial skills can improve our ability of editing mind map. Doing mind map is an essential skill in future work. Through daily summary, we can achieve the purpose of practicing mind map. In the future work, we can save […]

  • Building big data environment 1_ Environmental preparation


    The above is, personal learning big data foundation, mutual learning!!! If there is any mistake, I hope it will be corrected.

  • A dragon! CI / CD, build small team front end Engineering Service


    Let’s use Vue / react + webpack + Jenkins + verdaccio + Yapi + nginx to build the engineering service of small front-end team Front end engineering, we have more or less come into contact with some Just grab a small front end and ask “Front end engineering? As you all know, that’s about it. […]

  • Built in objects and data structures in JavaScript


    brief introduction Basically, all programmers have used JavaScript, we use JavaScript in the web, we use nodejs in the server, the first image of JS is simple, but maybe not everyone has a systematic understanding of the built-in objects and data structures in JS. Today, let’s have a look. Foundation type JS is a weakly […]

  • Introduction to Django and project practice


    One. Introduction and advance of Django (1) Django MVT and Django Foundation (2) Django web development template (3) Orm of Django web development (4) Django model operation (5) Django web development cookie and session Two. Django actual combat To be updated

  • Jupyterlab environment of tensorflow


    Tensorflow prepares jupyterlab interactive notebook environment, which is convenient for us to write code and take notes at the same time. Basic environment The following is the basic environment of this article, do not detail the installation process. Ubuntu Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS (Bionic Beaver) ubuntu-18.04.5-desktop-amd64.iso CUDA CUDA 11.2.2 cuda_11.2.2_460.32.03_linux.run cuDNN 8.1.1 libcudnn8_8.1.1.33-1+cuda11.2_amd64.deb libcudnn8-dev_8.1.1.33-1+cuda11.2_amd64.deb libcudnn8-samples_8.1.1.33-1+cuda11.2_amd64.deb Anaconda […]

  • Problems encountered in upgrading xcode12


    Error one Reactnative report ‘event2 / event config. H’ file not found solution open testApp.xcworkspace ‘event2 / event config. H’ file not found It’s flipper – Due to folly version, modify the podfile file under IOS file as follows use_ Flip! To use_ flipper!({ ‘Flipper-Folly’ => ‘2.3.0’ }) Save it after modification, and save it […]

  • Swiftui2020 writing plan


    1、 Real time information Share the latest swiftui information Share the latest news of IOS development Share swiftui’s latest open source projects 2、 Basic capabilities 01 initial swiftui series 02 the foundation of the world, everything is vieww 03 list and navigation farewell to annoying uitableview How to layout in swiftui 05 some advanced state […]

  • Introduction and foundation of Ajax


    This section introduces (asynchronous link server object) XMLHttpRequest and Ajax. AJAX is “asynchronous JavaScript and XML”. Ajax has four advantages: 1. It reduces the burden of the server. 2 brings better user experience. 3. It is widely supported based on standards. 4. Better page presentation and data separation. Technical name technical descriptionJavaScript JavaScript is a […]

  • Flume introduction and advanced


    1、 Flume Foundation 2、 Flume source 3、 Flume transactions and internal principles 4、 Flume interceptor