• Display: personal understanding of flex


    preface When CSS2 is popular, the most common way of page layout is div + CSSfloatandposition:relative、position:absoluteIt became a common way of layout in that era. But the disadvantages are also obvious, such asfloatThe elimination of the floating is to bury the pit,positionAlthough easy to use, but for adaptive PC, mobile phone, it seems powerless. Always […]

  • Using Prometheus to monitor Flink


    This article describes how to use Apache Flink’s built-in metrics system and how to use Prometheus to efficiently monitor streaming applications. Why Prometheus? As you learn more about Prometheus, you’ll find some great features: Service discovery makes configuration easier. Prometheus supports automatic discovery of consumer, etcd, kubernetes and public cloud vendors. For dynamic detection of […]

  • First experience of react native – use JavaScript to write IOS app


    At the beginning of last year, I wrote a Chrome extension called “ten reading”, and I always wanted to write a ten reading app. However, in the late stage of cancer, the prototype was not completed until recently. In fact, I have written a hybrid app a long time ago, using the ionic framework, which […]

  • Modifying the start time of grub in Ubuntu


    The starting time of grub query and modification is basically to modify / etc / default / grub #Comment out grub_ HIDDEN_ TIMEOUT=0 #GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT=0 #Modify grub_ TIMEOUT = 0 GRUB_TIMEOUT = 0 Then runupdate-grubRebuild / boot / grub/ grub.cfg However, thisIt doesn’t workIt’s still 30 seconds to wait View / boot / grub/ grub.cfg ### […]

  • Find element subscript in [interviewer series] array


    Interview question 1:How to find the subscript of an element in an array. API and other implementations are OK. Answer 1:Isn’t the interview difficult? Basically, all the people I interviewed can use indexof to implement it, but I am a devilQuestioningYes. Let me first introduce the parameters of indexof Array.prototype.indexOf (element to find, where to […]

  • Practice 1 of Nginx: replace CentOS Apache with nginx


    Background introduction: Alibaba cloud, 512M memory (the most loser configuration), set up a lamp environment, except that MySQL has been allocated about 100m (this can’t be less), HTTP has occupied more than 200m, which is too large, so we decided to replace it with a lighter, high concurrency nginx. Background data As shown in the […]

  • Modifying grub start time in Ubuntu


    The starting time of querying and modifying grub on the Internet is basically to modify / etc / default / grub #Comment out grub? Hidden? Timeout = 0 #GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT=0 #Modify grub_timeout = 0 GRUB_TIMEOUT = 0 Then runupdate-grubRegenerate / boot / grub / grub.cfg. HoweverIt doesn’t work., still waiting 30 seconds View / boot / […]