• J2SE I: it’s too late to meet, getting started with API


    API overview summary Application programming interface (API). For programmers, Java API is a dictionary that can be retrieved and searched. It is the official document provided by JDK to program developers. These classes encapsulate the underlying code. We don’t need to pay attention to how these classes are implemented, we just need to know how […]

  • Webpack 4.0 breaks down (6) loader


    1、 Overview of Loaders loaderyeswebpackIts basic workflow is to read a file in the form of string, parse and transform it (or directly in theloaderIntroduce ready-made compilation tools, such assass-loaderIt was introduced in the booknode-sassConvert the SCSS code into CSS code, and then submit it to thecss-loaderAfter that, the next step will process all the […]

  • Grasp the soul of computer programming, matrix application and graphic conversion


    The author of this article: Le byte – Keng Wang Lao Xue Matrix transformation of two dimensional graphics (1) — basic concepts The basic two-dimensional transformation includes rotation, scaling, twisting, and translation, These geometric operations can be transformed into some basic matrix operations These transformations are linear, but the translation operation is not linear and […]

  • CodeMirror event


    Because I want to use the markdwon module editor of UIKit, I contact codemirrorHere is the basic way to write event binding, which is close to jQuery var textarea = document.getElementById(‘block’); var editor = CodeMirror.fromTextArea(textarea, { lineNumbers: false, content: textarea.value, }); editor.on(“blur”, function(){ console.log(“onBlur”); });

  • Performance comparison of php7.3 + swoole4.4 / go1.13 / mixphp2.2 / beego1.12


    I haven’t done performance comparison for several years, because I feel that performance is not so important (relative to ecology). Today I have time to test it simply becauseMix v2.1In the beginning, all of them switch to single process coprocessing mode, so the main test of this time isCoHttpServerThe test results are at the bottom. […]

  • Common HTTP request operation in golang


    Previously, I used Python to write all kinds of network requests very smoothly, but when I planned to write in golang, I found that it was more convenient to use python. After getting used to the usage of golang, there was little difference. The following mainly sorted out the code examples of get requests and […]

  • Sagit.Framework Introduction to for IOS development framework 13: tab interface controller base class sttabcontroller


    preface: In SAGIT framework, all new controllers and UI views need to inherit from the base class of the framework. This paper introduces the base class of controller: sttabcontroller. Sttabcontroller: basic definition @interface STTabController : UITabBarController //! event is executed before UI initialization -(void)onInit; //! UI initialization -(void)initUI; //! event is executed after UI initialization […]

  • Sagit.Framework For IOS development framework introduction tutorial 14: stlocation obtaining map, GPS City, address, longitude, latitude, coordinate distance judgment, jump setting and third party map


    preface: This paper introduces the related functions of stlocation to obtain GPS coordinate information and jump to the third party map. 1. Basic definition of stlocation: @interface STLocation : NSObject typedef void (^OnLocationEnd)(STLocationModel *model); @property (nonatomic,retain) STLocationModel *cityModel; + (instancetype)share; -(void)runOnce; -(void)start:(OnLocationEnd)locationEnd; //! is GPS available -(BOOL)isEnabled; //! get the distance between coordinates (in meters) […]

  • PHP basic grammar learning [constant]


    Write the wrong place, welcome to correct, thank you! Constants and variables in PHP are the same. They are the place to save data. The difference is that when you declare a constant, you don’t need to add it before it$, and the constant name is usually in uppercase letters (including numbers and underscores). Once […]

  • React native learning notes


    I spent a few days studying react native and understanding the basic mobile app development process. I have to say that there are many pits.. Cross end projects for simple small and medium-sized projects For simplicity, use uni app. The notes and demo are all on GIT. After understanding these knowledge, I feel that there […]

  • Basic data types in Java


    Data types in Java can be divided into two categories: basic data types and reference data types Basic data type Integer type byte Byte type is a byte, 8-bit, signed integer represented by binary complement; The minimum value is – 27(- 128) with a maximum of 27-1 (127), the default value is 0; Byte type […]

  • Basic types and reference types in JS


    Built in type The seven built-in types (null, undefined, Boolean, number, string, symbol, object) in JS can be divided into two types There are two types: Basic types:null,undefined,boolean,number,string,symbol Reference type object:Array ,Function, Date, RegExpetc. Storage location: Basic data type: the basic type value occupies a fixed size in memory and is directly stored in theStack memoryData in […]