• HTML Foundation: the basic structure of HTML


    Basic structure of HTMLHypertext document is divided into document header and document body. In the document header, some necessary definitions are made for this document, and the document body is the various document information to be displayed.<HTML>    <HEAD>Header information   </HEAD>    <BODY>Body of document   </BODY> </HTML> Where <html> is at the outermost layer, which means that the content […]

  • Simple integration of client go gin II (list related further operations)


    background The previous step is completedSimple integration of client go gin I (list related operations), realizing a simplenamespace deployment serviceOutput of name! Now I want to output more content. At that time, I went deep into the foundations of kubernetes! 1. Simple integration of client go gin II (list related further operations) 1. Start with […]

  • Basic installation and uninstallation of Linux operating system software


    Linux SoftwareinstallAnd uninstallation has always been a difficult problem for many new users. In windows, we can use theinstallUninstall the program or “add / Remove Programs” in the control panel. Similarly, there is a powerful software under LinuxinstallUninstall tool named rpm It can be used to buildinstall, query, update and uninstall the software. This tool […]

  • [packaging tips] packaging of is series methods


    In project development, we often encounter the situation of judging whether a variable is a valid value, or conducting different operations according to different types of variables. For example, the most common method is to determine whether a variable isTruthyValue (what isTruth value): if (value !== null && value !== undefined) { //Get into trouble […]

  • Some basic problems in the use of Linux


    Beginner a how to access the partition of windows under Linux. #mkdir /mnt/win Create a load point directory win. The load point directories such as CDROM and floppy are under /mnt #mount -t vfat /dev/hda? /mnt/win /dev/hda? You can use \fdisk -l to view the corresponding windowsPartition, mount -t Option is to give the partition […]

  • Overview of the basic composition of HTML web pages


    The information in web pages is mainly text. In web pages, you can set text properties by font, size, color, shading, border, etc. The text here refers to the text, not the text in the picture. In web page making, the text can be easily set to various fonts and sizes. However, it is recommended […]

  • STL – put structure data into set


    Set has natural sorting and de duplication functions. The structure is not a basic type (the basic type has a default sorting criterion), so the < operator needs to be overloaded. (equivalent to a sorting criterion for user-defined types) Struct overload < operator bool operator < (const node &other) const{ if(x == other.x) return y […]

  • Laravel task scheduling pusher practice summary (basic configuration)


    https://dashboard.pusher.comFirst of all, I register my account on pusher’s official website and choose the operation service, because I’m used to using Vue, but I choose JS without a front end. Of course, the back end is laravel Then go to packagyst to download and configure pusherhttps://packalyst.com/package… $ composer require pusher/pusher-http-laravel config/app.php to your aliases ‘Pusher’ […]

  • Use Net memory profiler trace Net application memory usage — basic application


    Use Net memory profiler trace Net application memory usage — basic application   Author: Xiao Bo      . Net framework claims that there will never be memory leakage because it introduces the mechanism of memory recycling. However, in practical applications, we often allocate an object but do not release the reference to the object, resulting in […]

  • Android serial 42 – Review custom controls


    Inheritance relationship All controls inherit directly or indirectly from view View is a basic UI component in Android, which can draw a rectangular area on the screen ViewGroup is a special view, which can contain many sub views and sub viewgroups. It is a container for placing controls and layouts Customize listview interface Basic structure […]

  • Summary of experience, skills and ladder planning scheme for career technology improvement of excellent PHP programmers


    Author: geek Xiaojun, a post-80s generation who focuses on Web Technology I don’t have to spell smart people, I just need to spell those lazy people, and I will surpass most people!CSDN @ geek Xiaojun, original article, technology sharing at station BPersonal blog:cnblogs.comFront end HTML + CSS + javascript technology discussion and exchange group: 281499395Back […]

  • The difference between Babel parser and acorn


    knowacornIs the parser of JS, I also knowbabel-parserIt’s also a JS parser, but what’s the difference between them?first,@babel/parser(previously Babylon) fromacornFork comes out, but it’s basically rewritten, but someacornThe algorithm is still popular. There are still some differences between them: @Babel / parser does not support third-party plug-ins. Acorn only supports the proposal of the fourth […]