• After learning these 7 CSS attributes, my CSS skills have improved again!


    By Mustapha aouasTranslator: front end XiaozhiSource: dev Like and watch again to form a habit this paperGitHubhttps://github.com/qq44924588… It has been included in the, more classification of highly praised articles in previous periods, and sorted out a lot of my documents and tutorial materials. Welcome star and perfect. You can review with reference to the test […]

  • ACK officially supports equal assurance reinforcement of clusters based on Alibaba cloud Linux operating system


    Introduction: we strengthen the ACK cluster based on Alibaba cloud Linux operating system, which means that Alibaba cloud takes security as an important part in the process of cloud product development and delivery, integrates compliance into the “blood” of the product, and embeds security into the “bone marrow” of the product, which can help customers […]

  • Introduction to VIM operation mode


    What is VIM? VIM is a text editor developed from VI. Code completion, compilation, error jump and other convenient programming functions are particularly rich, which are widely used by programmers. Together with Emacs, it has become the favorite text editor for UNIX like system users. VIM’s design philosophy is a combination of commands. Users have […]

  • Creating AWR baselines for Oracle databases


    The main purpose of creating AWR baseline for Oracle database is to establish an error reported workload view for the database for comparison with other AWR snapshots in the future. Performance statistics for AWR baselines are stored in the database and are not automatically deleted. There are two types of baselines for Oracle databases: fixed […]

  • How to judge whether redis is slowing down


    As an in memory database, redis is fast,So how to judge whether redis is slowing down? What is the standard of slowing downBecause the configuration environment of the machine is different, we can’t simply compare the response time. Redis provides a tool to detect the performance baseline of redis. If it exceeds a certain range […]

  • Canvas — Summary 2


    Canvas drawing Rectangle drawing Rect (x, y, W, H) has no independent path Stroke Rect (x, y, W, H) has independent path, which does not affect other drawing FillRect (x, y, W, H) has independent path, which does not affect other drawing Clearrect (x, y, W, H) the rectangular area to be erased   Arc […]

  • Font structure and text vertical center scheme


    Image source:https://unsplash.com/photos/G…Author: Feng Hao 1. Introduction Vertical center is basically a problem that must be mastered by beginners of CSS. We must have seen “CSS vertical center n” in various tutorials Generally speaking, these methods can meet all kinds of use scenarios. However, when we encounter the situation that we need to use some special […]

  • Inline and inline block of CSS


    CSS inline、inline-block This article will introduce the layout of content and related principles in inline layout. Line box and line box For row box and inline box, there is a classic diagram in the standard document. Attached with a piece of code, easy to understand. <div style=”width: 200px; margin: auto;”> This is a piece of […]

  • Detailed explanation of vertical align style


    The concept of elements in daily life All along, I just remember that if you want to align the IMG and the text in the same line, set the imgvertical-align:middleI didn’t know exactly what to do until someone asked me why I couldn’t set the textvertical-alignWhen I was studying a few days ago, I didn’t […]

  • Canvas text coordinate (0,0) display problem


    Introduction When testing the canvas text display, it is found that if the coordinates are set to (0,0), the text display will have problems. Origin My GitHub Text coordinate (0,0) display problem At first, I thought that the method of using canvas was wrong. After trying to change the coordinates, I found that it could […]

  • Fuxi2.0 – Feitian big data platform scheduling system upgrade, debut in 2019 double 11


    Fuxi is one of the three major services (distributed storage Pangu, distributed computing ODPs, distributed scheduling Fuxi) when the flying platform was founded ten years ago. The original intention of the design at that time was to solve the scheduling problem of large-scale distributed resources (essentially, the optimal matching problem of multi-objective). With the continuous […]

  • Only when you understand this book can you understand Ali big data


    In 2019, it is Alibaba’s 11th double 11. As we all know, after years of development, Alibaba’s e-commerce online system can support more than 500000 transactions per second. However, few people know that massive transactions create huge amounts of data, and the explosive increase in data volume has brought big problems to the big data […]