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  • Analysis of tapable source code of webpack core module


    I wrote the last articletapableBasic usage of, we know he is an enhanced versionPublish subscribe mode, this article wants to learn his source code.tapableI read the source code of, and found that its abstraction is relatively high. If you directly plunge into it, it will make people confused, so this article will start from the […]

  • Using spring data repositories (Part 2)


    Original title: Spring certification | using spring data repositories (Part 2) source: (spring China Education Management Center) 4.5.2. Java configuration You can also trigger the repository infrastructure by using store specific annotations on Java configuration classes through @enable$repositories. For an introduction to the Java based configuration of the spring container, see javaconfig in the spring […]

  • What are the types of exceptions in Python exception handling? How many do you know?


    In Python, different exceptions can be identified by different types (Python unifies classes and categories, and types are classes). An exception identifies an error. 1. Common grammatical errors Attributeerror attempts to access an attribute that an object does not have, such as foo x. But foo has no attribute x Ioerror input / output is […]

  • Design mode


    Java design patterns are generally divided into three categories: Creation mode (5 kinds): factory method mode, abstract factory mode, singleton mode, builder mode, prototype mode. Structural mode (7): adapter mode, decorator mode, agent mode, appearance mode, bridge mode, combination mode, and sharing mode. Behavior mode (11): strategy mode, template method mode, observer mode, iteration sub […]

  • Polymorphism of c++ octets (continuous update)


    C++ polymorphism The polymorphism of c++ can be divided intoStatic polymorphismandDynamic polymorphism, orCompile time polymorphismandRuntime polymorphism。 Paradigm programming and template programming passTemplateImplementation of static polymorphism Object model passheavy loadandvirtual functionMechanism to realize static polymorphism and dynamic polymorphism 1. can the inline function be a virtual function number? No, because the inline function has no address, […]

  • Getting to know c++03: reference, inheritance and derivation


    ————Restore content start———— Reference, inheritance and derivation Introduction to quotation First of all, the outside world should know that the transfer of parameters is essentially a process of assignment, which is to copy the memory. The so-called memory copy refers to copying data from one memory to another. The memory consumed by aggregate types (complex […]

  • Working overtime on weekends, I encapsulated a set of flutter status management tools


    introduction For the status management of the flutter, the company’s project usesBlocProgramme. Bloc is essentiallyproviderThe package extension library ofInheritedWidget 、NotifieradditionalStreamTransit status change notice. For the implementation principle of bloc, interested students can watch this articleAnalysis of bloc principle RxBinder Put asideBlocInternal implementation strategy: Xiaohong tries to customize a set of state management tools based on […]

  • Vue3.x options not even related to the official website –mixin


    Deficiency The original text of the official website is as follows: mixin-buzu.png In short, there are two deficiencies:1. All attributes will be merged into the component, so the same name will conflict.2. It’s settled after writing. It’s not flexible enoughVue3 provides setup to solve these problems. Personally, in fact, mixin was rarely used to abstract […]

  • Chapter 15 object oriented programming


    Reprinted from https://github.com/applenob/Cpp_Primer_Practice , see the notes for c++primer. I have made some supplements, and I thank my predecessors for their summary OOP: Overview The core idea of object-oriented programming is data abstraction, inheritance and dynamic binding. inherit(inheritance): Classes linked by inheritance form a hierarchical relationship. Usually there is aBase class(base class)。 Other classes directly […]

  • IOS project development document


    Project architecture 1、 Basic configuration IDE tool: Xcode Development language: Object-C IOS system support: ios10.0+ IOS model adaptation: iphone6 and later models (including min\max\promax) Development mode: mvc+mvvm, mainly MVC, In some modules with large business volume, MVVM is used to reduce the weight of the controller, enhance the readability and maintainability of the code, enhance […]

  • 6、 Inheritance and polymorphism of C + + – deeply grasp the most powerful mechanism of OOP


    This part of the content can be directly seen in Chapter 15 of C + + primer. What is said here is basically repeated. The last section of Chapter 15 also has a comprehensive code case, including operator overloading, inheritance, polymorphism and so on. The notes of Chapter 15 can be seen in another of […]

  • 7、 C + + inheritance and polymorphism – how to fill the holes of multiple inheritance


    Understanding virtual base classes and virtual inheritance multiple inheritance: code reuse. A derived class has multiple base classes. For example:class C: public A,public B{}; virtual base class: virtual can modify the mode of inheritance. It is virtual inheritance. The virtual inherited class is called virtual base class.class A:virtual public B{}; One more vbptr in the […]