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  • Android access scanning function (cameraX + zxing)


    How to integrate: 1. In the root directory of build Add jitpack dependency to gradle: allprojects { repositories { maven { url “https://jitpack.io” } } } 2. In project build Add yxing dependency to gradle: implementation ‘com.github.amggg:YXing:V1.0.6’ Function: 1. Scan QR code and barcode.2. Generate QR code with logo QR code and barcode.3. Identify the […]

  • 2020 Tanabata is coming again. I’ll teach you to make a dynamic QR code for your girlfriend


    Su Sheng is not puzzled by 166th original articles, and set the official account asStar Mark, read the latest articles for the first time. It’s the annual Tanabata again. I wrote it beforeI heard 520 you haven’t got a date yet. Come here and have a lookToday, I share an interesting dynamic QR code that […]

  • Flutter self made plug-in R_ Scan QR Code & bar code scanning (supporting file, URL, memory and camera)


    introduce Two dimensional code as a carrier of information, widely used in all aspects of our lives, such as: Alipay payment, two-dimensional code plus friends, two-dimensional code promotion and so on, examples of many examples, and if your application supports two-dimensional code scanning, users and experience will double the growth, if you are the developer […]

  • Uni app development experience sharing 13: mobile phone scan QR code and jump the whole process


    Recently, when using uni app to develop an app, we need to realize a function of turning on the mobile phone camera to scan the QR code. The API document on the official website gives such a demo: //Allow scanning from camera and album uni.scanCode({ success: function (res) { Console.log (‘barcode type: ‘+ res.scantype’); Console.log […]

  • Source code analysis of Android jar / Library


    catalog:Source code analysis of Android jar / Library  Zxing: effect: Generation and identification, QR code, barcode. Chestnut: Generate QR code and assign value to ImageView QRCodeWriter qrCodeWriter = new QRCodeWriter(); Map hints = new HashMap<>(); hints.put ( EncodeHintType.CHARACTER_ Set, “UTF-8”); // remember to customize the length and width BitMatrix encode = null; try { encode […]

  • C#/ VB.NET Add barcode and QR code in word


    This paper introduces how to use C # and VB.NET Code to add barcode and QR code in word document. Code will be divided into the word body paragraph, header and footers medium situation to add. Using tool: Free Spire.Office For. Net (free version) Tool introduction:This is the collection package of free products under all. […]

  • Flutter Weekly Issue 56


    plug-in unit get Navigate between screens, display snackbars, dialogs and bottomSheets, from anywhere in your code without context with Get. FlutterVisualizers A Flutter Plugin to visualize audio in android flutter-native-ads Flutter plugin for AdMob Native Ads. Compatible with Android and iOS using PlatformView. flutter-string-encryption Cross-platform string encryption using common best-practices (AES/CBC/PKCS5/Random IVs/HMAC-SHA256 Integrity Check). flutter-appavailability […]

  • Moocnet_ Learning summary of Java generating QR code


    Time: Friday, June 23, 2017Note: part of this article is from moocnet. @Moocnet:http://www.imooc.comTeaching example source code: NonePersonal learning source code:https://github.com/zccodere/s… Chapter one: the concept of two-dimensional code Overview of 1-1 QR code Schematic diagram of QR code Usage scenarios catalog Two dimensional code concept Development history of QR code QR code classification Advantages and disadvantages […]

  • C ා RDLC continuous printing bar code


    Using RDLC to realize bar code continuous printingImportant point: RDLC needs to add row group, print data source and pass it into list.Steps:1. VS2010, select the directory to be added, right-click to add a new item, select the report, and name it what you need, such as a.rdlc.2. Drag a table from the toolbox, name […]

  • C ා MVC ZXing.Net Generate QR code / barcode


     Opening:zxing.net It is a tool for encoding and decoding bar codes and two-dimensional codes on. Net platform.   Create a new project first         chooseChooseMVC template         addAdd a controller    Reference zxing in project references         Download Online     Controller reference required     […]

  • Android generates barcode and QR code


    Background: With the popularity of mobile Internet and the wide application of intelligent terminal devices, mobile payment becomes more and more convenient. The traditional card swiping behavior is replaced by scanning two-dimensional code. As a developer, generating QR code has become a necessary skill. get ready: Using the zxing package         implementation “com.google.zxing:core:3.3.1” Core code: […]

  • Barcode printing


    Recently, the barcode printing function is used in the project. In the past, the code39 font format was used, but because the barcode is too small to print, the code128 code was used instead.The 128 code cannot be recognized at the beginning. After searching the data, it is learned that the 128 code printing needs […]