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  • Recommend a component rich chart library livecharts


    Currently, there are many data visualization toolkits in the front end, such as ECharts.js , Chart.js , d3.js, etc. compared with the front-end, they are relatively less implemented in desktop applications. At present, I think the effect of livecharts is better, and it provides many components, such as charts, bar charts, lines, heat maps, scales […]

  • Three excel charts to improve analysis and visualization


    By ram dewaniCompile | VKSource | analytics vidhya summary Excel is a powerful way to show the chart Here are three excel charts that every analyst should be familiar with introduce I like to create ready-made visual effects. Most analysts can produce bar charts or line charts, but the ability to take your visualization skills […]

  • Monotonous stack of algorithms


    1. Maximum rectangle difficultydifficulty Given a two-dimensional binary matrix containing only 0 and 1, find the largest rectangle containing only 1 and return its area.Example:Input:[ [“1”,”0”,”1”,”0”,”0”], [“1”,”0”,”1“,”1“,”1“], [“1”,”1”,”1“,”1“,”1“], [“1”,”0”,”0”,”1”,”0”]]Output: 6 2. Basic problem — the maximum area of array Given array arr, where arr [i] represents a rectangle with 1 as the bottom and arr […]

  • 10 data visualization skills, let you understand at a glance!


    I have to tell you the truth: when I studied data science, I totally underestimated the importance of drawing. Yes, it was a mess: I learned Python from scratch, became familiar with all the possible algorithms, understood the math behind everything, but my drawing skills were terrible. Why? We’re always doing the same thing. You […]

  • Matplotlib for Python data visualization


    1、 Common module import import numpy as np import matplotlib import matplotlib.mlab as mlab import matplotlib.pyplot as plt import matplotlib.font_manager as fm from mpl_toolkits.mplot3d import Axes3D 2、 Solve the problem of abnormal display Chinese random code myfont = fm.FontProperties (fname = font file path) The negative sign is shown as a square matplotlib.rcParams[‘axes.unicode_minus’]=False 3、 Line […]

  • Canvas series tutorial 03 – histogram project 1


    Made a pile of lines, squares and functions, feel very mysterious, but with eggs. Let’s just write a project. One of the more drag applications of canvas is charts and games. We start from shallow to deep and play charts first. We will talk about the simplest histogram today. Histogram many people use Baidu echars, […]

  • Anglur5 + ionic3 practice (3)


    Background:I’m doing the report of Fu Hong Han Lin these days echarts.git To a new function. Three reports. Static page drawing for two days. Today to sort out the knowledge learned Meet echards Official website address of echardsThere are many illustrations in it. At present, I need to use themPie chartPieandBar chartBar. Practice pie chartPie […]