• Swiftui Foundation: how to make pictures spread all over the screen


    Suppose we have a picture that we want to spread all over the screen? Set the background first import SwiftUI struct ContentView: View { var body: some View { VStack{ CircleImage(imageName: “lilly”) .frame(width:160,height:160) .padding(.top,89) .padding(.bottom,20) } .background( Image(“lotus”) .resizable() .scaledToFill() ) } } The effect is not satisfactory, not spread out Then fill the container […]

  • How to take iPhone x screenshots


    There are no rounded corners and bangs in the screenshot of iPhone x, as shown below. In fact, adding round corners and bangs is also very simple Step 1: screen capture Step 2: open my software and select the picture in the picture library Step 3: add round corners and bangs Step 4: save the […]

  • Reactnative full screen (Android) adaptation problem


    Now it’s the era of comprehensive screen. Android mobile phone is also a variety of comprehensive screens, such as “Liu Haiping”, “pop-up camera”, “water drop screen” and “dig hole screen”. With the rapid development of science and technology, various schemes to improve the proportion of screen are emerging in an endless stream. It’s a bit […]