• #New product launch, coming#


    Blockchain has a high threshold. What should we do?A mysterious new product will be released soon, making blockchain “within reach”!At 14:00 on January 6, 2020, baidu super chain online conference, quickly scan the code into the group to occupy seats

  • Baidu super chain is invited to attend South Korea’s find 2019 Financial Technology Summit: open up international influence with China’s self-developed technology


    Recently, find 2019 financial technology summit was held in Seoul, South Korea. Guests from all over the world and people in the industry discussed the development and trend of blockchain technology. The conference was supported by the South Korean ministerial government and attended by well-known technology enterprises and financial institutions such as Samsung and Woori […]

  • How many ways do you know to improve the performance of smart applets?


    Focus on the front What are the possible impacts of substandard performance? Impact on small program traffic acquisition Small program arrival rate is low (Statistics: the improvement of performance indicators will help increase the number of small program visitors) The C-end experience of the applet is reduced, which affects the level of the applet Last […]

  • [fast learning] markdown fast learning


    What is markdown Markdown is a lightweight markup language that allows people to write documents in plain text format that is easy to read and write. Markdown thinks that compared with word, its biggest advantage is that it can complete typesetting while writing words, so that it can completely devote its writing energy to the […]

  • Common return results of Baidu face recognition API interface


    When calling Baidu face recognition API interface, several common return results are as follows: //1. There are matching results returned: { ‘error_code’: 0, ‘error_msg’: ‘SUCCESS’, ‘log_id’: 4545888888888, ‘timestamp’: 1609364628, ‘cached’: 0, ‘result’: { ‘face_token’: ‘867261b763ef2746bfdc575788888888’, ‘user_list’: [{ ‘group_id’: ‘group1’, ‘user_id’: ‘user2’, ‘user_info’: ”, ‘score’: 86.591789245605 }] } } //2. No matching result is returned { […]

  • Using pad dle pre training model on raspberry pie


    Install paddlelite in raspberry pie;Install paddlehub on X86 computer, and convert the pre training model in paddlehub to paddlelite format, so that it can run on raspberry pie. Install paddlelite for raspberry pie compiler sudo apt install patchelf cmake sudo update-alternatives –install /usr/bin/python python /usr/bin/python3 150 git clone https://github.com/PaddlePaddle/Paddle-Lite.git cd Paddle-Lite sudo ./lite/tools/build.sh \ –build_extra=ON […]

  • How to use Tencent map SDK


    1、 The main knowledge points of this article are as follows: 1. Authorized current location 2. Use of map component 3. Tencent map reverse address resolution 4. Transformation of coordinate system 2、 The results are as follows 3、 Wxml code 4、 CSS code page { width: 100%; height: 100%; } #map { height: 100%; width: […]

  • # Countdown to the press conference #


    There are still 10 days to go before the online launch of Baidu super chain’s heavyweight products. The little partners who want to know can quickly scan the code and enter the group~

  • DLL load failed unable to find the specified module solution (a useful DLL lookup tool)


    Background: Win7 64 bit Python reported an error when referencing opencv: report errors: From. CV2 import * importerror: DLL load failed: the specified module was not found Since the DLL failed to load, I searched the Internet for the missing DLL. I accidentally found a scanning tool that DLL depends on. I can see which […]

  • Using Baidu map in angularjs


    preface AngularJSAs a successful framework, it creates a complete ecosystem. especiallyDirective, which plays a very important role in componentization. A lot of times, such as my lazy, online search, find a usefulDirectiveTo save yourself a lot of trouble. Today, I’d like to introduce a lazy component Baidu map. Source code address:angular-baidu-map The rendering is as […]

  • PHP extension compilation in MAC


    1. Installation command brew install php brew upgrade php Extensions should first try PECL install XX installation. The situation of not passing: for example: spool, UUID, the following is the experience of stepping on the pit. 2.fatal error: ‘php.h’ file not found Baidu program:brew doctor && brew link –overwrite php[fix system link], there are still […]

  • #Heavy product launch, countdown 4 days#


    Guess what the heavyweight product will be?It can meet the needs of developers and enterprise users from simple to complexThe operation is simple, easy to use, and the use cost is lower, making the blockchain technology really accessible There are still four days to go before the online launch of Baidu super chain heavyweight products. […]