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  • Baidu Post Bar upload picture way attachment sharp tool


    Copy codeThe code is as follows: @echo off :start @echo. Echo ① please drag in the image file and enterEcho (BMP format is not recommended, compressed packet data may be damaged after uploading to the network album)set /p photo= call :11 %photo% :11 cls if %~x1==.png goto 1 if %~x1==.PNG (goto 1) if %~x1==.gif (goto […]

  • VBS version of Baidu Post Bar code format adjustment tool


    Baidu suction, always eat the first space of the line, resulting in no indentation of the code. It can be solved in the following ways:1. Switch to classic version in Baidu Post Bar2. Use the following script to replace the tabs and spaces in the code with Unicode encoding format Copy codeThe code is as […]