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  • Write an office gadget for the girl you like in Python. She said it was great!


    from tkinter import *from tkinter import messageboxfrom tkinter import ttkimport osimport webbrowserimport urllib. Request # sends a network request to obtain dataImport gzip # compression and decompression moduleImport JSON # parses the data obtainedimport tkinter as tkimport randomfrom PIL import Image, ImageTkimport globimport shutilTOP6 = Tk()TOP6.geometry(“630×775”)TOP6. Iconbitmap (‘ningning icon tool. ICO ‘) # specifies the […]

  • Review data algorithm – compass clock


    preface Share several online compass clock applications implemented by JS. The code is simple and easy to pick. You can learn and reference, and can be applied to your own projects! Project demonstration Compass clock style 1     Compass clock style 2   Compass clock style 3   Source download address   Compass clock style […]

  • Toss Linux notes


    About half a year ago, I wanted to transfer my working environment to Linux, so I started a tossing process. After tossing among CentOS, Fedora and Ubuntu for a long time, I finally chose Ubuntu for the following reasons: 1. Many commercial software support CentOS by default, such as Maya, which was selected from the […]

  • Burp Suite Pro 2021.10 full (MacOS, Linux) – find, discover and exploit vulnerabilities


    Statement: the underlying components are shared by online forums or open source communities. All software on this site is shared free of charge, only for learning and testing. It is strictly prohibited to be used for any commercial purpose!!! Please visit the original link:https://sysin.cn/blog/burp-suite-pro-2021/, see the latest version. Original works, please keep the source for […]

  • Possible problems and solutions of pycharm running in win7 system


    Pycharm is a python ide designed and developed by JetBrains. It supports MacOS, windows and Linux systems. It is powerful and easy to use. It is widely used in Python program design and development. Since Microsoft’s update support for win7 system has stopped, there may be problems running pycharm in win7 system. Through searching information […]

  • Failed to set version to docker-desktop: exit code: -1


    At first, when I met this problem, I made a simple Baidu search, but I always treated the symptoms rather than the root cause, which was very annoying Execute under CMD / shell netsh winsock reset Here is the permanent solution* 1. Download nolsp (VPN, etc.) http://www.proxifier.com/tmp/Test20200228/NoLsp.exe Or Baidu network disk Link:https://pan.baidu.com/s/14nxz… Extraction code: iq5s 2. […]

  • Xftp 6 and xshell 6 installation (installation package provided)


    Xftp installation steps Download the installation package to your computer Installation package Baidu network disk address: Link:https://pan.baidu.com/s/1IzlqK5FdD2lrYe0JPFW0sAExtraction code: 4jj1 Double click to open the installation package and click next Select “I accept the terms of the license agreement” and click next Default user name and company name, click next You can default the destination folder […]

  • Veritas Backup Exec™ 21.3 Multilingual (Windows)


    Backup Exec 21.3, Release date: 2021-09-06 Please visit the original link:https://sysin.org/blog/veritas-backup-exec-21-3/, see the latest version. Original works, please keep the source for reprint. Author: GC (at) sysin Org, home page:www.sysin.org Backup Exec: backup and recovery solution for cloud ready Enterprises A backup solution that enables you to achieve barrier free backup Backup Exec enables fast, […]

  • IDM tutorial: use IDM to download Baidu network disk files


    What is IDM In fact, I only use the IDM downloader to facilitate the direct download of files larger than 40m from the web version Baidu network disk. Everyone knows that the file is too large and can only be downloaded by opening the client. This is very annoying for my broken computer. I have […]

  • Baidu network disk Linux version online, do you want to try?


    Baidu network disk has a Linux version, which should be good news for Linux lovers? (except for the speed limit make complaints about sign.Let’s take a look at the download page of the official Baidu online disk: It can be seen that the online time of the official online disk is June 14.Then download one […]

  • The most complete airborne golang data supply package (full blood combat)


    Series articles: The most complete airborne golang data supply package (full blood combat) Thousands of words of truth, every word of pearl, my golang learning notes, sincerely share Most fully airborne golangData supply package(full of blood battle), including articles, books, author’s papers, theoretical analysis, open source framework, cloud native, big guy video, big factory actual […]

  • Solution of CefSharp Running Error in Client


    Recently, I encountered a deployment problem. Every time I start, I always report an error. My application is based on. NET 4.5.2 VS2015. Event viewer shows that it happened when App started. Add try. catch to the code, and then run with my colleague’s machine, it’s no problem. Finally, the real hammer is an environmental […]