• Linux system cluster architecture online project configuration practice (end)


    Linux system cluster architecture online project configuration practice (4) Write in front Today, I will introduce the whole network data backup planning and configuration process in the later stage of the project, including backup planning, scripting, data synchronization, etc Network wide data backup planning Data backup plan is as follows data base Open binlog from […]

  • Secret script sharing: SLB instance cloning


    Abstract: Secret script sharing: SLB instance backup and clone 1. Greetings:) hi, everyone, just after the Spring Festival in 2018, I think you must think that the holiday is short and not fun, but our it migrant workers’ life is so hard. If you think about it, you can only roll up your sleeves and […]

  • Application of tidb in funyours Japan


    background Since its establishment in Japan in 2014, funyours Japan has operated a number of highly acclaimed page games and mobile games, such as: Kyodo, Kyodo, Kyodo It is very important for operating games to know what the players are doing, what their preferences are, and whether the design of checkpoints is balanced. Therefore, with […]

  • Implementation of MySQL scheduled automatic backup under centos7


    The happiest thing about the production environment is that in some scenarios, when there is no way to avoid updating or deleting, some parameters are ignored. It’s over. What can I do if the data is broken by me? Go to the operation to find the backup! Operation said: bullshit our system never back up, […]

  • [Hadoop learning] basic principles of HDFS


    HDFS introduction HDSF Hadoop distributed file system. Characteristic 1. Save multiple copies, and provide fault tolerance mechanism, and automatically recover the lost or down copies. Three copies are saved by default. 2. Run on cheap machines. 3. Suitable for big data processing. HDFS will split the file into blocks by default, and 64M will be […]

  • The py2neo create() method node cannot be created but does not report an error


    from py2neo import Graph, Node, Relationship, NodeMatcher #Database graph = Graph(config.database_address, username=”neo4j”, password=”123456″) #Backup database graph_bak = Graph(config.database_address_backup, username=”neo4j”, password=”123456″) label = “City” attrs = {“name”:”BeiJing”} a = Node(label, **attrs) #Creating nodes in the database graph.create(a) #Creating nodes in the backup database graph_bak.create(a) # bug The above code can only create nodes in the database […]

  • Getting started with quartz (I) job management


    1. Job components Job is actually composed of three parts:JobDetail: used to describe what the job is doingClass implementing job: specificJobdatamap: used to provide parameters for job   Jobdatamap can be used in other ways besides usingjobdata   2. Job concurrency By default, no matter whether the last task is finished or not, as long […]

  • On Hadoop


    The following is a reminder of what you learned in learning Hadoop. 1. Narrow Hadoop and broad Hadoop As mentioned on the official Hadoop website, the Hadoop project consists of four parts: The project includes these modules: Hadoop Common: The common utilities that support the other Hadoop modules.Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS™): A distributed file […]

  • Oracle data export and import (PL / SQL tool)


    After so many years of development, I wrote blog for the first time. I didn’t want to write blog at first, but I didn’t dare to write it later. I was afraid that I didn’t write well, misled others, and I was not confident. Now I think of blogging because the real warrior dares to […]

  • Interviewer: how to smooth data migration between two redis clusters


    Project recommendation: welcome to RBAC permission management system of spring cloud and spring security oauth2 problem Due to various reasons of the production environment, we need to migrate the existing servers, including how to do the online redis cluster environment? When it comes to data source changes, how can the original data be smoothly migrated […]

  • Restore the local library to alicloud RDS server


    I also thank Alibaba cloud after-sales brother for their support. For the full text, please refer to https://help.aliyun.com/document’detail/95738.html? 1. First, you need to have an alicloud account. You have purchased RDS database (for SQL Server in this article) and opened alicloud OSS service. 2. This document applies to the following versions of examples: RDS for […]

  • MySQL automatic backup script in Linux system


    The MySQL database stores the most core and valuable data of the website. If the data is damaged or lost due to unpredictable reasons, the impact on a website is devastating. The lessons again and again remind us to do a good backup, but manual backup is really troublesome, and we need to do it […]