• Differences among GHO, Wim and ESD


    This article only introducesCompression formatThe difference is not misunderstood by some individuals“Ghost image = fast installed image with drive”, the actual ESD format and WIM format can also be integrated to drive the image of the quick installation version of the secondary package. So we need to explain the premise, and then look at the […]

  • Video card virtualization vgpu setup tutorial under Hyper-V


    Use windows 10 20h2 version to deploy and install Hyper-V virtual machine system After the system completes the backup, shut down the virtual machine Run the host windows PowerShell as an administrator. Enter the following command $VM = “name of your virtual machine” Add-VMGpuPartitionAdapter -VMName $vm Set-VMGpuPartitionAdapter -VMName $vm -MinPartitionVRAM 80000000 -MaxPartitionVRAM 100000000 -OptimalPartitionVRAM 100000000 […]

  • Backup service Rsync


    Significance of backup server:1 summarize and collect all data information elk analysis log software2. Data information can be restored Rsync is an open source, fast, multi-functional and excellent tool for full and incremental local or remote data synchronous backup. Full backup: every synchronization process, all data is saved and backed up againIncremental backup: during each […]

  • How to resolve abnormal data?


    When a customer database (Oracle did not make any changes, the business was frequently stuck every weekend morning. After careful diagnosis, it was preliminarily determined that tuxedo parameters reached the threshold due to the surge of business volume. After optimizing tuxedo parameters on May 10, the business interruption did not occur. A week later, […]

  • C#mysql database backup and restore


    1: Reference DLL MySql.Data.dll, MySqlbackup.dll 2: Create a data connection static class public static class mysql { Public static string constr = “database = test; password = password; user id = root; server = IP address”; public static MySqlConnection conn = new MySqlConnection(constr); } 3: Create WinForm form Backup code DialogResult = MessageBox. Show (“the […]

  • [tcallusdb knowledge base] data recovery function of tcallusdb


    Tcaplus DB is a NoSQL database developed by Tencent. It is customized according to the development characteristics of the game. It has the characteristics of high performance, low cost, high availability and strong elasticity. This paper focuses on the necessary data recovery function in tcaplus high availability. Tcallusdb uses active and standby for redundant data […]

  • The new girl Rm-rf deleted the whole database of the company, and the whole project team panicked~


    After two days of unremitting efforts, the production server data deleted by a misoperation was finally restored. Record the accident process and solutions here, alert yourself and remind others not to make this mistake. I also hope that friends who encounter problems can find a trace of inspiration to solve problems. 01 Accident background Arrange […]

  • Use settrustedcredmanaccessprivilege to obtain saved credentials


      there is a file namedSeTrustedCredmanAccessPrivilegeAllows the process with this privilege to access the credential manager as a trusted caller.   credential manager canControl panel – > credential managerget into. The credential manager allows users to store credentials, such as domain account, web, general account credentials, etc. The manager uses DPAPI (data protection) for protection, […]

  • [tcaplus DB knowledge base] Introduction to tcaplus DB architecture


    Tcallusdb is a distributed NoSQL database specially optimized for games. As a part of Tencent cloud database service, it provides customers with the ultimate game data experience. At present, it has provided stable data storage services for many tens of millions of dau masterpieces. Relying on the infrastructure service nodes of Tencent cloud in five […]

  • How to back up all notes under Mac? By default, only one note can be backed up at a time


    The MAC comes with sticky notes, which makes it convenient for many users to quickly record some information, but it is troublesome to back up these information. You can only back up one note at a time through the “export text” function in the “file” menu, so how can you quickly back up all the […]

  • Technology sharing | a case of Pitr recovery based on Mongo cluster


    Author: Ren Kun Now living in Zhuhai, he has successively served as a full-time Oracle and MySQL DBA. Now he is mainly responsible for the maintenance of MySQL, mongodb and redis. Source: original contribution *It is produced by aikesheng open source community. The original content cannot be used without authorization. For reprint, please contact Xiaobian […]

  • Tell your girlfriend what Git is


    preface On Saturday, I found a video of Linus giving a speech to Google. At that time, I also sent a circle of friends: Interested students can also go and have a look. It’s not boring at all. They can watch Linus bully online https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1xb411A7ac?from=search&seid=4239535088233137638 Several people asked me in the comments of the circle […]