• A field in MS-SQL server batch modification table can be null


    –Dangerous operation, remember to backup database 1 declare @ SQL varchar (500) before processing ,@tbname varchar(100) 2 begin 3 4 — create cursor 5   declare cursor_item cursor fast_forward for select [name] from sysobjects where xtype=’U’ AND id in(select id from syscolumns where name=’myColumnName’ and colstat=0 ) 6   open cursor_ Item; — Open cursor 7 while […]

  • Linux cluster architecture online project configuration


    On line project configuration of Linux Cluster Architecture (4) Write it at the front This paper introduces the whole network data backup planning and configuration process in the later stage of the project, including backup planning, script writing, data synchronization, etc Network wide data backup planning The data backup plan is as follows database Open […]

  • Reasons for high cache of Linux server in DB2


    The Linux operating system (RHEL, CentOS) is used for the online DB2 database server. After the DB2 database is running for a period of time, the physical memory of the operating system tends to zero. At the same time, the cache of the system increases sharply, but the use is not high. The following is […]

  • [mlflow series 3] mlflow upgrade


    background mlflowThe update iteration speed is still very fast. On average, a large version is updated every month. As of November 1, it has been updated to version 1.11.0Let’s seemlflow releaseYou can see that as early as 1.10.0, it provides better feature support for model registry, as well as the ability to logically delete experiments,However, […]

  • SQL Server Data Recovery


    1. Recover the database from the log –Create test database    CREATE   DATABASE   Db      GO         — backup the database    BACKUP   DATABASE   Db   TO   DISK=’c:\db.bak’   WITH   FORMAT      GO         — create test table    CREATE   TABLE   Db.dbo.TB_test(ID   int)         — delay for 1 second, […]

  • The database executes truncate table cm_ CHECK_ ITEM_ How does his recover


    Data loss caused by database misoperation is a relatively common situation of data loss. Generally, after the data is deleted by mistake, it is only necessary to restore the backup data. Therefore, it is not ruled out that there are some special cases where database backup can not be used and restore errors. Today, we […]

  • Backup tools


    Backup tools in the community version installation package: mysqldump1) Both enterprise edition and Community Edition contain 2) SQL statement is used to describe database and data and export 3) MyISAM engine locks table and InnoDB engine locks row 4) it is not recommended to use when there is a large amount of data mysqlhotcopy(physical backup […]

  • Mongodb backup and recovery of distributed document storage database


    Previously, we talked about the access control, user creation and role assignment of mongodb. Please refer tohttps://www.cnblogs.com/qiuhom-1874/p/13974656.htmlToday, let’s learn about the backup and recovery of mongodb Why backup? The purpose of backup is to make data redundancy, which can ensure the minimum loss of data in some cases. Previously, we did the replica set for […]

  • Three common SQL Server backups


    Found a link to a tutorial on SQL server backup, which contains many good graphs https://sqlbak.com/academy/   abstract This monthly report is the beginning of a series of articles on SQL Server database backup technology. It introduces the working methods of three common SQL server backup methods, the use of T-SQL statements and the use […]

  • Troubleshooting of inconsistency between MySQL data backup and expectation


    background In doing data cleaning work, you need to put a piece of data onlineBy timeDump it locally and do analysis again. After the data is exported and downloaded by mysqldump, it is found that the exported data is inconsistent with the number of data entries on the line. At first, it was speculated that […]

  • RMAN backup and recovery operation manual – from zero to none


    –Time: September 2, 2020 –Author: Flying piggy 1 backup 1.1 backup instructions RMAN can be used for hot backup and cold backup. Generally, it is hot standby, that is, no database backup. The hot standby to be executed requires the database to be in archive mode.   2.1 Archive Mode After the archive mode is […]

  • How to deal with the recently emerged large-scale infection of. Eking suffix blackmail virus?


      Recently, a number of companies came to me for consultation, and their servers wereIt’s infected. eking suffix extortion virus, after poisoning, all files on the server are encrypted and locked, unable to be opened and used normally, and the file name is also tampered with. Eking suffix, resulting in the company’s business can not […]