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  • Bash command practical small fragment


    background When doing data ETL and data calculation, the generated result data should be landed and saved to the directory we specified with the file name we specified. However, when the data is backtracked in the future, the same program will generate the same file and cover the original file in the same directory. Although […]

  • Details of MySQL data recovery


    In daily work, there are always some things that cause the database tables and data to be deleted by mistake, such as shaking hands, writing the wrong conditions, writing the wrong table name, and connecting the production database by mistake. Then, if the data can not be recovered, what DBA is needed. Related articles MySQL […]

  • [MySQL] explain MySQL backup strategy in detail


    1 about backup 1.1 why backup disaster recovery In the process of running, the database will eventually encounter a variety of problems: hardware failure, data corruption caused by bugs, database unavailability caused by server downtime or other reasons. In addition, there are human operations:DELETEForget to add conditionsALTER TABLEExecution error tableDROP TABLEEven if you haven’t met […]

  • MySQL backup script, it should be written like this


    preface: The importance of database backup is self-evident, especially in the production environment, any data loss may have serious consequences. Therefore, no matter what environment, we should have the corresponding backup strategy to back up the database regularly. In mysql, the common logical backup tool is mysqldump. This article will introduce the method of regular […]

  • Two methods of sending email attachment in Linux command line


    It is very useful for system administrators to attach backup files, log files / system running reports or any related information and send them to remote computers by sending mail from Linux command line.demandThis paper uses centos7 operating system. You need to have a working email system. This article will not describe how to configure […]

  • SQL server uses script to realize automatic backup


    Because the version of SQL server installed on the server does not support automatic scheduled backup, it needs to be implemented by itself Script for creating backup database Create a batch script and execute the script in step 1 Create the script in step 2 of windows timing task execution 1. Create SQL script newly […]

  • Gitlab related


    download Download your own gitlab installation package wget https://mirrors.tuna.tsinghua.edu.cn/gitlab-ce/yum/el7/gitlab-ce-12.9.3-ce.0.el7.x86_64.rpm install rpm -ivh gitlab-ce-10.0.4-ce.0.el7.x86_64.rpm gitlab-ctl reconfig backups #If in / etc / gitlab/ gitlab.rb The file is configured with the parameter “backup”_ path” #(for example, gitlab_ rails['backup_ Path & amp; apos;] = & amp; apos; Backup & amp; apos;), then the backup directory is the directory […]

  • Centos7 uses ISO image files as offline Yum sources


    CentOS Download Image Official website address: https://www.centos.org/download/Domestic image address: https://mirrors.aliyun.com/centos/7/isos/x86_ 64/ Domestic image is recommended Create ISO storage directory and mount directory mkdir /mnt/iso /mnt/cdrom Upload ISO image file to / MNT / ISO Mount ISO image to mount directory mount -o loop /mnt/iso/*.iso /mnt/cdrom 5. Check whether the mount is successful df -h Backup […]

  • Utility: add the current time to the file name of backup data


    Now many enterprises use itLinux systemAs a server, with the increasing amount of data, backup is needed at this time. When there are many backup files, it is not easy to distinguish when to backup. Next, I will introduce a backup method of adding time format View current time [[email protected] ~]# dateFriday, April 24, 2020 […]

  • Method of increasing disk space by cleaning IOS backup files in MAC system’s iTunes


    After Mac users connect the iPad and iPhone to the computer, iTunes will automatically back up some data in the mobile phone, which takes up some MAC disk space. In order to increase the MAC disk space, how can we delete these unwanted backup files? resolvent:  1. Open iTunes and click preferences. 2. Switch to […]

  • Mongodb data import and export (8)


    Export data Import / export can operate on local mongodb server or remote mongodb server. Therefore, there are the following general options. utilizemongoexport -H host -Port port -D. library used -C indicates the set to export -O indicates the name of the file to export –CSV specifies the format of the exported CSV -Q filter […]

  • Production level gitlab backup


    premise Server: 3x.1xx.2xx.1xx Password: I won’t tell you CentOS Linux release 7.8.2003 (Core) gitlab-ce-13.1.4-ce.0.el7.x86_64 Main profile Default configuration file path / etc / gitlab /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb: main configuration file, including external URL, warehouse directory, backup directory, etc /etc/gitlab/gitlab-secrets.json: (generated after executing the command line of gitlab CTL reconfigure), which contains the encryption information of various keys […]