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  • SQL server uses scripts to realize automatic backup


    Since the SQL server version installed on the server does not support automatic scheduled backup, it needs to be implemented by itself. The general idea is: Script for creating backup database Create a batch script and execute the script in step 1 Create the script in step 2 of windows scheduled task execution 1. Create […]

  • Ubuntu install Java


    Ubuntu install Java Decompression: tar -zxvf jdk-17_linux-x64_bin.tar.gz -X restore files from backup files; -V display instruction execution process; -Z processes the backup file through the gzip instruction. -F specifies the backup file. -C create a new backup file. Setting environment variables, modifying/etc/profilefile sudo vim /etc/profile Add at the end: export JAVA_HOME=/opt/jdk-17 #The following line of […]

  • Sybase ASE database recovery tool readsybdevice


    Sybase ASE database recovery tool readsybdevice: An industry-leading recovery tool that does not rely on database management system and extracts data directly from Sybase database device files! An unconventional recovery tool that can extract data from a corrupted Sybase ASE device file (. DAT). The main functions of Sybase ASE database recovery tool readsybdevice are […]

  • Tencent cloud RDS MySQL migration AWS


    Tencent cloud RDS MySQL migration AWSbackgroundNow more and more customers choose the cloud and migrate from traditional IDC to the cloud. Many Internet customers are born in the cloud. All businesses are based on the cloud and make full use of the advantages of cloud resources. However, the service experience of each cloud is different. […]

  • Oeasy teaches you to play with VIM – 61 – # editing process


    Editing process Recall last time viVarious parameters can be added vi +4 oeasy.txt vi +/shiyanlou vi +%s/shiyanlou/oeasy/g oeasy.txt viCan receivestdinParameters of ls -lah | vi – viThere are also various modes Command line modeex oeasy.txtperhapsvi -e oeasy.txt read only modevi -R oeasy.txtperhapsview oeasy.txt If you add one-rAre the parameters OK The help manual saysswapWhat do […]

  • Linux solves the problem of slow SSH connection


    Backup files cp /etc/ssh/sshd_config /etc/ssh/sshd_config.bak Edit file vi /etc/ssh/sshd_config input/lookupGSSAPIAuthentication The settings are as follows Gssapiauthentication no # whether user authentication based on GSSAPI is allowed. The default value is “no”. Ssh-2 only explicate input/lookupUseDNS The settings are as follows Usedns no # yes is enabled to prevent client spoofing explicate Restart SSH service systemctl […]

  • Git connects to GitHub COM and configure the key


    Git connects to GitHub COM and configure the keyPortal:http://www.jianshu.com/p/ff10… Backup SSH cd ~/.ssh $ ls$ mkdir key_ Backup / / create a backup folder$ cp id_ rsa* key_ Backup / / move your key file to the backup folder$ rm id_rsa* $ ssh-keygen -t rsa -C “[email protected]” Open the ID you generated_ rsa. Pub file […]

  • Technology sharing | physical backup to remote MySQL server


    Author: Qin Guangfei As a member of aikesheng DBA team, he is responsible for the daily problem handling of the project and the troubleshooting of the company’s platform. He is interested in the database and has ideas on technology. Once you enter it, it is as deep as the sea. From then on, you are […]

  • Bash command practical small fragment


    background When doing data ETL and data calculation, the generated result data should be landed and saved to the directory we specified with the file name we specified. However, when the data is backtracked in the future, the same program will generate the same file and cover the original file in the same directory. Although […]

  • Details of MySQL data recovery


    In daily work, there are always some things that cause the database tables and data to be deleted by mistake, such as shaking hands, writing the wrong conditions, writing the wrong table name, and connecting the production database by mistake. Then, if the data can not be recovered, what DBA is needed. Related articles MySQL […]

  • [MySQL] explain MySQL backup strategy in detail


    1 about backup 1.1 why backup disaster recovery In the process of running, the database will eventually encounter a variety of problems: hardware failure, data corruption caused by bugs, database unavailability caused by server downtime or other reasons. In addition, there are human operations:DELETEForget to add conditionsALTER TABLEExecution error tableDROP TABLEEven if you haven’t met […]

  • MySQL backup script, it should be written like this


    preface: The importance of database backup is self-evident, especially in the production environment, any data loss may have serious consequences. Therefore, no matter what environment, we should have the corresponding backup strategy to back up the database regularly. In mysql, the common logical backup tool is mysqldump. This article will introduce the method of regular […]