• Based on vue3 + vite2 + element plus management platform template


    Vue3-admin-element-template brief introduction Vue3 admin element template is a free and open source middle and background template. It is developed using the latest mainstream technologies such as vue3 and vite2, and is an out of the box middle and background front-end solution. characteristic Theme skin customization (vertical and horizontal) layout Internationalization switching Suitable for mobile […]

  • Map mobile application practice — server construction


    In the last article, we talked aboutDjango haystack elasticsearch environment preparation, then the actual combat~~ The official has a simple document describing space search——Spatial Search There’s onlySolrandElasticSearchYes, of course, we don’t need such complex features. Create Django app named NX, and the directory structure is as follows . |______init__.py |____api.py |____models.py |____search_indexes.py |____templates | |____search […]

  • Front end | simple example of uploading to qiniu cloud storage using webuploader


    background When making an application, considering that the application will produce a lot of pictures, in order to save energy, we chose qiniu cloud storage. We are all interested in the benefits of using cloud storage, but we are still a little worried. If the third-party cloud storage hangs up (= @ @ =), this […]

  • Personal blog from building development environment to deploying Online


    Original address: https://www.jianshu.com/p/a14724d2315e Reception Preview address: https://panbingwen.cn Preview effect: home page Click the upper part of the navigation bar to switch the background dynamic Leaving a message. about Article details Background management system Preview address: https://manager.panbingwen.cn Preview effect: Sign in user management message management Comment management Article management write an article Website information management Focus […]

  • Angularjs learning notes – Chapter 3 – Service


    1,httpHTTP is a core service for angular to communicate with remote server through browser xmphttprequest or jsonpThis demo mainly describes how HTTP obtains JSON data in different ways <!DOCTYPE html> <html ng-app=”app”> <head> <meta Content-Type=”html/text;charset=UTF-8″> <title>http demo</title> </head> <body> <div ng-controller=”ctrl”> <select ng-model=”method”> <option>GET</option> <option>JSONP</option> </select> <input type=”text” ng-model=”url” size=”80″ aria-label=”URL” /> < button id […]

  • Vue + node + mongodb build a complete blog


    Vue + node + mongodb develop a complete blog process preface I just finished writing my personal website some time ago, so I sorted it out and wrote a simple version of the blog system because there are not too many thingsThe server usesKoa2 frameworkDevelop Technology stack Vue + vuex + element-ui + webpack + […]

  • Use the WTM framework to create a blog system background and publish it on the ECS


    Reading navigation About lqclass.com Blog background front and rear deployment 2.1 deployed access links 2.2 nginx deployment 2.2.1 backend Publishing 2.2.2 background and front-end Publishing 2.2.3 ECS deployment Share next time 1. About lqclass.com lqclass.comIs the domain name of the new blog website. The name of the blog website is tentativeFun classIn the early stage, […]

  • File export


    In the background management system, we often encounter the requirement of file export. Next, I will briefly introduce several common export methods, so that when you encounter such requirements in the future, you can adapt to the actual situation and adopt a relatively reasonable way. Export target File addressFiles already exist on the server, such […]

  • Android learning (2) service use and personal understanding


    As we all know, Android has four major components: service, activity, content provider and broadcast receiver. Activity should be the first and most contacted component. Speaking of it, I haven’t used the radio yet. The other three have more or less touched it. Today, I’ll focus on service. After reading this section, I feel it’s […]

  • The file upload control bootstrap fileinput interacts with Python


    be careful The following reasons may be the reasons for unsuccessful interaction with the back-end API The fileinput version is incorrect. It needs to be greater than 5.0 The name attribute value set by the front end is inconsistent with the attribute value received by the back end Necessary CSS and JS files Please ensure […]

  • October CMS – quick start 1 installation


    Project source code address:https://gitee.com/494901823/O… Video:http://www.365yg.com/i6567340… To install the environment according to the requirements of the laravel development environment, the composer is essential.Execute on the command linecomposer create-project october/october octobermovieAfter the above command is completed, enter the corresponding directory and execute herecd octobermoviephp artisan october:install Enter your corresponding development environment parameters as prompted. Enter the bound […]

  • Solve the problem of customizing and modifying multiple styles for element UI date selector


    demand Background: the user data is dynamically switched and displayed through the Eckart chart with a date selector, and the date selector identifies whether there is data on that day and whether the user can view it. Technology selection Element UI version 2.14.1 is adopted, which is mainly realized by adding cellclassname to picker options. […]