• Wechat applet wxparse plug-in display video


    Modify the wxparse / html2json.js file in the html2json (HTML, bindname) method   var node = { node: ‘element’, tag: tag, }; Here, use node.tag to get the label type, such as img, embed, video Here my system background editor uses the ckedit to upload the video. The generated note is: Embed So add judgment: […]

  • Access to WeChat public address openId


    When WeChat partners are developing WeChat public numbers, small programs or WeChat’s built-in browser, the first problem they will encounter is how to get openId. Today, Xiaobian brings us how to get openId.   First We need to get the appid from the wechat developer background. The appid is the only one obtained by the administrator when […]

  • Docker, a neglected artifact of backstage development


    When I first contacted docker, I thought it was just for operation and maintenance. Later, when it was actually used, I realized that this docker was a magic weapon. No matter what development scenario, it can be easily handled. Any environment you want can be generated at will, with higher flexibility, lighter weight and perfect […]

  • Vue’s self built management background (I) preparation


    Complete the most basic Vue environment and create a new Vue project.   Generally speaking, when we get a project requirement or a requirement, the first thing we should do is not to write code immediately in front of the computer. If you do this, ok… I can only temporarily assume that you are just […]

  • Building Java Web Environment on Linux server


    My website: www.mengyingjie.com The Java Web environment is configured as follows:tomcat9.0.19+jdk8u211+ mysql I. It is mainly divided into the following steps: 1. Server purchase, purchase address 2. Download and install JDK 3. Download and install Tomcat 4. Download and install mysql, and use Navicat to access remotely 5. Put the project war package in the […]

  • Download and install Tomcat on Linux server


    My website: www.mengyingjie.com Before downloading and installing tomcat, download and install JDK: Linux server downloads and installs JDK 1 download Tomcat: download address 2. Upload and unzip the file: (how to upload and download files to the server) tar -zxvf apache-tomcat-9.0.19.tar.gz 3. Add environment variables of Tomcat (those who are not familiar with VI operation […]

  • The beginning of golang


    The beginning of golang 1. Learning direction of golang Go language, we can simply write it as golang 2. Application field of golang 2.1 application and development of blockchain 2.2 background service application 2.3 cloud computing / cloud service background application 3. Introduction to learning methods Build an overall framework and then detail In practical […]

  • Laravel realizes separate login between front and back users


    In many cases, we need to perform different login operations in the foreground and background to limit user rights. Now we use laravel to achieve this requirement. Foreplay I. acquiring laravel This is explained in the document and is relatively simple. You can use composer to download (I download slowly), and I will copy the […]

  • Vue cli project Axios module front and back end interaction (similar to Ajax submission)


    08.31 self summary Vue cli project Axios front and back end interaction I. module installation npm install axios –save #–Save does not need to write 2. Configure main.js import axios from ‘axios’ Vue.prototype.$axios = axios; Three. Use Created() {// hook function created by component //Get the course ID to access the course details let id […]

  • What is backstage?


    We talk about the front end, the client end and the back end all day. What is the backstage? Once chatted with a netizen: You have added XXX, now you can start chatting. Me: Hello.XXX: so are youMe: what do you do?XXX: I work in a bar and work as a front desk.Me: Oh, well, […]

  • Vue cli project routing case summary


    0901 self summary Vue cli project routing case summary router.js import Vue from ‘vue’ import Router from ‘vue-router’ import Course from ‘./views/Course’ import CourseDetail from ‘./views/CourseDetail’ Vue.use(Router); export default new Router({ mode: ‘history’, base: process.env.BASE_URL, routes: [ { path: ‘/course’, name: ‘course’, component: Course, }, { Path: ‘/ course / detail /: PK’, // the […]

  • Penetration practice of vulnhub range (V) lazysysysadmin


    Step 1 scan IP nmap 192.168.18. * obtain IP Scan port [email protected]:~# masscan -p 1-10000 –rate=1000 Starting masscan 1.0.4 (http://bit.ly/14GZzcT) at 2019-07-08 11:54:11 GMT — forced options: -sS -Pn -n –randomize-hosts -v –send-eth Initiating SYN Stealth Scan Scanning 1 hosts [10000 ports/host] Discovered open port 3306/tcp on Discovered open port 6667/tcp on […]