• How does scratch make a beautiful heart-shaped background? Adding method of scratch heart-shaped background


    Scratch comes with different background images. How to create a pink heart-shaped background? Let’s take a look at the detailed production method. Software name: Scratch3.0 offline version (children’s programming software) offline editor v3.6.0 Chinese free installation version Software size: 171MB Update time: 2020-02-21Download now Open scratch software and enter its main interface; Click to select […]

  • Web ml + webassembly supports the background blur function of Google meet


    Text/Tingbo Hou & Tyler Mullen, software engineer, Google Research Institute Translator/Alpha Technical reviser: Betta front-end expert, Wang Xingwei Original text/https://ai.googleblog.com/202… Video conference is becoming more and more important in people’s work and life. We can improve the video experience by enhancing privacy protection or adding interesting visual effects, while helping people focus on the content […]

  • Dynamic diagram of less frog and ship


    Original website:https://codepen.io/jellynina/…I changed it a little. Animation using CSS: <template> <div> <div class=”boat”> ![](https://treehouse-code-samples.s3.amazonaws.com/CSS-DD/codepen/stage-12/boat.png) </div> ![](https://treehouse-code-samples.s3.amazonaws.com/CSS-DD/codepen/stage-12/mike.png) </div> </template> <script> export default { name:’boat’ } </script> <style lang=”less” scoped> /** *Animation encapsulation */ //Keyframes encapsulates @ prefix browser prefix @ name animation name @ content animation content execution function .keyframes (@prefix,@name,@content) when (@prefix=def) { @keyframes @name […]

  • Two pure CSS methods to realize the pop-up effect of hover picture pop-out


    Implementation principle The main graphic elements are composed of background and foreground elements. In the following example code, the background element uses pseudo elementsfigure::beforeIndicates that the foreground element usesfigure imgIndicates that when the mouse hover is suspended to the figure element, the background element will become larger, and the foreground element will become larger and […]

  • Building motion heat map video using OpenCV and python


    By Roberto sannazzaroCompile FlinSource: towardsdatascience Opencv is a powerful image and video processing library. In this article, I will create a motion heat map to detect motion, the flow direction of some objects or people, and help architects when projecting public areas. Introduction: Opencv, or open source computer vision, is a library developed by Intel […]

  • Compose and blend (II)


    stayLast articleWe talked aboutcomposeSome methods, such assource-in,XORwait. But these are related to cutting, which we will introduce belowblend。 What is blend I understandblendyescomposeOne step in the process,Last articleI’ve already talked about itcomposeSome methods, butblendIs to mix the colors of two pictures together. The most typical example is the three primary colors. We can imagine the […]

  • How does UltraEdit set the background color?


    If UltraEdit wants to change the background color, how to change the theme color? Let’s take a look at the detailed setup tutorial. Software name: UE editor (ultraedit32) v26.20.0.68 Chinese Green Special Edition Software size: 73.1MB Update time: 2019-12-05Download now 1. Open the software in our computer and click on the above“view”, as shown in […]

  • The front-end uses tensorflow.js model to realize browser camera video streaming portrait recognition, background virtualization & background replacement


    background There is a demand during the internship. The front end needs to call the algorithm model and package it into an NPM package for the video conference group, so as to realize the functions of background virtualization and background replacement in the video conference. In the future, some fun functions may be added, such […]

  • Sibling element selector


    Sibling element selector Syntax 1: previous element + next elementFunction: after selecting an elementNext toThe specified sibling element of the. Syntax 2: previous element ~ next elementEffect: select all the sibling elements behind Example 1: <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang=”en”> <head> <meta charset=”UTF-8″> <title>Title</title> <style type=”text/css”> /*Set the background color for the P label after span*/ […]

  • CSS – background


    backgroundIt’s a kind ofCSSShort attribute, which is used to define one or more background attributes in a set at one time:background-clip、background-color、background-image、background-origin、background-position、background-repeat、background-sizeandbackground-attachment。For all abbreviated attributes, any values that are not specified are set to their valuesInitial value。 grammar backgroundYou can set one or more background layers separated by commas. The syntax of each layer is as […]

  • How to modify the format and color of bash shell prompt


    Most of us useshellPrompt that displays the user name, host name, and current directory. This article will introduce how to customize a bash you like. Understand Bash The shell prompt is through a special shell variablePS1To control. There are other variables, such as PS2, PS3, and PS4. Bash is preparing to readcommandDisplays the first prompt […]