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  • How to use ihostedservice in ASP. Net core


    In our application, there are often some requirements for executing background tasks and task scheduling, so how to implement them in ASP. Net core? AvailableAzure WebJobsOr some other third-party task scheduling frameworks, such as:QuartzandHangfire。 In ASP. Net core, you can alsoBackground taskAs a model of hosted services, the so-calledhosted services Just implement theIHostedServiceThis article will […]

  • Using quartz. Net in ASP. Net core and worker service


    Now there is an official package, quartz. Extensions. Hosting, which uses quartz. Net to run background tasks, so it’s much easier to add quartz. Net to ASP. Net core or worker service. I’ll show you how to add quartz. Net hosted service to your app, how to create a simple ijob, and how to register […]

  • Django + redis + celery asynchronous task execution


    1、 Install redis Refer to the redis folder: redis installation Document: redis installation.noteLink:http://note.youdao.com/notesh… 2、 Django project configuration 1. Install dependency package pip install celery pip install celery-with-redis pip install django-celery 2. Configuration Settings.py file import djcelery #Register jdcelery INSTALLED_APPS = [ … , ‘djcelery’, ] #Cell settings #Celery middleman redis://redis IP address of the service: […]

  • Use workmanager to handle background tasks that need to be executed immediately


    When you need to perform long-running tasks and the application is in the background state, you will encounterBackground execution restrictions, which was added after Android 8.0. We encourage developers to make behavior changes to improve the user experience of the whole platform. In order to make it easier to adapt to different use scenarios, we […]

  • Linux running, closing and viewing background tasks


    In the actual use of the shell process, some time-consuming processing, it is best to put it in the background, so that we can perform other operations that need more attention in the terminal. Here are some commands related to background tasks. 1、 Running background tasks Method 1: use& take&At the end of a command, […]

  • The background task of dotnet core


    This is the second article in a series, some of which will use some of the first middleware concepts. If necessary, please refer to the first article: middleware of dotnet core   1、 Preface Background tasks in some special applications, there are considerable needs. For example, we need to implement a scheduled task, or periodic […]

  • Background task execution mechanism of swift Apple Watch


    Background task execution mechanism of swift Apple Watch Official description of watchkit background task: https://developer.apple.com/documentation/watchkit/running_ watchos_ apps_ In_ the_ background When performing background tasks, the system will certainly execute at the agreed time, and the system will coordinate the execution time of each application background task according to the system situation. usescheduleBackgroundRefreshAfter setting the background […]