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  • First update of Python interview


    It will take about seven minutes to read this article. 1. What is legb in Python Legb refers to the variable scope problem in Python, where 50: The local local variable, which only exists in the function, is stored in the stack, and its life cycle will be released at the end of the function. […]

  • Notes on common usage of go language time package


    The time operations of go are basically usedtimePackage, much better than C’s time function and time Val struct. HowevertimeThere are many different usages of the package from other languages, so it’s necessary to take notes. Link to this article: https://segmentfault.com/a/119000020944345, first published in cloud + community *Time.location type Unlike other articles, I’ll start with the […]

  • What is backstage?


    We talk about the front end, the client end and the back end all day. What is the backstage? Once chatted with a netizen: You have added XXX, now you can start chatting. Me: Hello.XXX: so are youMe: what do you do?XXX: I work in a bar and work as a front desk.Me: Oh, well, […]