• Ajax fetch and Axios (continuously updated…)


    Ajax fetch and Axios (continuously updated…) Sorting out knowledge points AJAX is not the specification of JavaScript, it is just an abbreviation of “invention” of a friend: asynchronous JavaScript and XML, which means to execute asynchronous network requests with JavaScript. Javascript code is executed by single thread. Due to this “defect”, all network operations and […]

  • Axios. All() solves concurrent requests


    Introduction:axios.all()、axios.spread()Two auxiliary functions are used to process multiple requests sent at the same time, which can implement some logic after multiple requests are completed. Note: this method isaxiosStatic method, notaxiosInstance method! First downloadaxios npm install axios –sava-dev staymina.jsIntroduce inaxiosBecause it does not belong tovueFamily bucket, so it’s attached tovueOn the prototype, realize global use main.js […]

  • Using API auto generation tool to optimize front-end workflow


    In the work, our front-end workflow generally starts after the front and back end negotiate the API document, then we do mock simulation data for the API document, and then we use the mock to develop it. After the back-end development, we change the base URL of the API data to switch to the formal […]

  • Make an HTTP request support interceptor


    Recently, I want to use the full JS system to write and learn from the front and back, so I created a set of todolist project hands-on. Currently, only the back-end demo has been written, and the front-end is using Vue. And prepare to write it again later with react and fluent.This projectBackend demo premise […]

  • Introduction and use of Axios


    Axios understanding Axios is an HTTP client based on promise for browsers and nodejs, which is essentially an encapsulation of native XHR. Axios characteristics Axios is the implementation version of promise, which conforms to the latest es specification. It has the following characteristics: 1. Create XMLHttpRequest from browser 2. Support promise API 3. Client support […]

  • Haytham personal blog development log — token based login status and route management of flask + Vue


    The signpost This blog may be helpful to you Flask application without factory function Flask applications without blueprints Cross domain configuration of flask Token based login state management Flask+Vue Vue route blocking Axios hook Applicable scenario This is a record blog built by a personal blog, and also a simple “tool book” about flask and […]

  • Framework scheme of vuecli3 van t REM mobile terminal


    describe Based on vue-cli3.0 + webpack 4 + van UI + sass + REM adaptation scheme + Axios encapsulation, a mobile template scaffold is constructed vuecli3.0 Multi environment development Axios encapsulation REM adaptation scheme Multi environment development Previously, I wrote a multi environment scheme, which is based on vue-cli2.0, the transport gateRecently, the new project […]

  • Heavyweight! Take you from zero to implement an Axios network request framework


    We know that Axios is a very excellent front-end framework for network requests, which is characterized by convenient requests, multiple functions (such as interceptors), strong scalability and so on. As a front-end developer, understanding and being able to use Axios is actually the foundation. It’s important to have a deep understanding of its implementation principle. […]

  • Encapsulation of Axios request in Vue


    axios Axios is a promise based HTTP library, which can be used in browsers and node.js. It is also the official recommended HTTP Library of Vue. Encapsulating Axios, on the one hand, for the convenience of later maintenance, on the other hand, it can also customize the request processing. install npm i axios encapsulation I […]

  • Summary of cookie usage


    Recent projects, encountered a lot of situations using cookies, checked some information, understand that some cookie problems, not the front-end with JS to solve, the next time you encounter, you can directly throw the pot to java, do not have to hum in their own thinking. Axios request header carries cookiesWhen using Axios to request […]

  • A General Review of Ajax Knowledge System


    Guide reading Ajax is called Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, which is called asynchronous JS and XML. It was first used in IE5 and then popularized by Mozilla, Apple and Google. Typical representative applications are Outlook Web Access and GMail. There is almost no Ajax in modern web pages. Front-end separation is also based on Ajax […]

  • Share a Vue scaffolding project


    Reasons for Construction It originates from the fact that each new project initiated by the company is initiated by the person in charge, and then everyone goes to pull the project from private service to start the development. But each initialization project is a step-by-step wheel-building, one by one to rely on installation, new folders […]