• Go resource sorting, here is what you want


    Well, the second best language in the world, here is what you may want Stable update on GitHub, feel good, please order a star ❤ If you want to share, please keep the source. Thank you Original address: https://shockerli.net/post/go GitHub: https://github.com/shockerli/… Official website: https://golang.org Domestic official website image (visit fast ~): https://golang.google.cn GitHub: https://github.com/golang/go Wiki: […]

  • Bootstrap creates login registration page


    Bootstrap creates login registration page The content of this chapter is to use bootstrap to do the login page, and use jquery-validate to validate the form.Technology:bootstrap,font-awesome,jquery-validate;Features: Responsive layout, form validation, background image adaptive screen size;Purpose: Learn knowledge from actual combat. Design sketch: HTML code:The import of third-party resources is introduced with cdn; of course, you […]

  • The excellent resources of PHP collected for 8 years have been sorted out for you.


    Following is the PHP resources that I have sorted out. Everyone can use them without looking for them by themselves. Update on GitHub every week. If you think it’s good, please click Star. If reprinted and shared, please keep the source, thank you (vii) Original address: https://shockerli.net/post/ph… GitHub: https://github.com/shockerli/… PHP PSR Code Standard Official website: […]