• Permission to play transshipment maintenance choreography service: Assume Role + Pass Role


    What is Operations and Maintenance Choreography Service? Operation Orchestration Service (OOS) is an automated operation and maintenance platform on the cloud, providing the management and execution of operation and maintenance tasks. Typical usage scenarios include event-driven operation and maintenance, batch operation and maintenance, timing operation and maintenance tasks, cross-regional operation and maintenance, etc. OOS provides […]

  • Automating tasks with npm-run


    There are many good tools for building JavaScript automatically. But few people actually know.npm runCommands do this well and are easy to configure. James Halliday shared his use on his blognpm runSome experience in automation tasks: script NPM will be in the projectpackage.jsonSearching in DocumentsscriptsRegions, includingnpm testandnpm startWait for orders. actuallynpm testandnpm startyesnpm run testandnpm […]

  • The Public Licensing Chain is the Future


    In the first two stages of the secret ape science and technology block chain classroom, we understand what is block chain and the development history of block chain. So what can block chains bring to us? Xie Haojian, CEO of Mystery Ape Science and Technology, shared his understanding of the practical significance of block chain […]

  • AI Enabling One-click Automatic Detection: Page Abnormality, Control Abnormality, Text Abnormality


    1. Preface Idle fish quality team has been committed to delivering high-quality apps to users. With the continuous development of AI technology, TensorFlow has become a hot topic, which also brings more possibilities for testing methods. This article will introduce a bit of AI practice in idle fish testing: how to use AI technology to […]

  • Summary of knowledge points of Android automated testing


    This tutorial will teach you how to use monkeyrunner to automate Android testing, including environment building, monkeyrunner and UI Automator viewer tools. Open eclipse and create a new AVD (android simulator), then run the simulator. Open eclipse and create a new AVD (android simulator), then run the simulator. Go to the tools directory under SDK […]

  • Deployment Method of Linux System Ansible Automation Operation and Maintenance


    Ansible is an emerging automated operation and maintenance tool based on Python. It integrates the advantages of many old operation and maintenance tools to realize the functions of batch operating system configuration, batch program deployment, batch operation commands, etc. Here’s how to deploy them. On the command line, extract the Ansible source code, git clone […]

  • QuickTester Mobile Phone Can’t Connect How to Do QuickTester Automated Test Tool FAQ


    What is QuickTester? How about QuickTester? QuickTester is an automated testing tool that can support Win32, Web, Android and database at the same time. It can automatically capture, verify and reproduce user’s interaction, and realize the heavy repetitive testing work by automation means, which greatly improves the efficiency of testers and reduces the intensity of […]

  • Trust Automation Based on Block Chain


    In the first two sessions of Secret Ape Science and Technology Block Chain Class, we understand what block chains are and the development history of block chains. So what can block chains bring us? Xie Haojian, CEO of Mystery Ape Science and Technology, shared his understanding of the practical significance of block chain technology.Please note […]

  • Aliyun RPA (Robot Process Automation) Dry Goods Series One: Understanding RPA (Part I)


    Guidance:This paper is the pioneering work of Aliyun RPA (Robot Process Automation) Dry Goods Series. It comprehensively and detailedly analyses the concept of RPA and the latest development trend of RPA industry. First, what is RPA? After the first decade of the 21st century, most of the global enterprises are facing two severe challenges: one […]

  • Construction of Ruby+Wati Automated Testing Environment and Data Reading under Windows


    Construction of Watir‘s Usage Environment 1. Watir Environment Tools Installation Kit: 1) Ruby186-26.exe Download Address: http://files.rubyforge.vm.bytemark.co.uk/rubyinstaller/2) watir-1.5.2.gem download address: http://rubyforge.org/frs/?Group_id=104&release_id=280163) Rubygems-update-1.3.7.gem download address: http://rubyforge.org/frs/?Group_id=126 2. Fireatir Environment Tools Installation Kit: 1) The package in Step 12) Firefox 2.0 Download Address: http://www.hacker.cn/Get/gjrj/06102608545293311.shtml3) Firefox plug-in: firbug 1.05, JSSh. Jssh Download Address: Address4) Firewatir-1.1 Download Address: http://rubyforge.org/frs/?Group_id=104&release_id=28017 3. […]

  • Automatic Execution of Generator in ES6 Series


    Single asynchronous task var fetch = require(‘node-fetch’); function* gen(){ var url = ‘https://api.github.com/users/github’; var result = yield fetch(url); console.log(result.bio); } In order to achieve the final implementation results, you need to do this: var g = gen(); var result = g.next(); result.value.then(function(data){ return data.json(); }).then(function(data){ g.next(data); }); First, the Generator function is executed to get […]

  • How feature engineering automation brings significant changes to machine learning


    Abstract:One of the most important areas of machine learning is feature engineering, which has been seriously neglected. The most mature tool in this important area is Featuretools, an open source Python library. In this article, we’ll use this library to see how feature engineering automation will change the way you do machine learning. With the […]