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  • PI Ziheng embedded: Auto probe enables i.mxrt1060 to start from NOR flash without fdcb


    Hello everyone, I’m a ruffian Heng. I’m a serious technical ruffian. What I want to share with you today isAuto probe enables i.mxrt1060 to start from NOR flash without fdcb。 Go on to the last articleUnderstanding the optimization points of serial nor flash startup initialization process in i.mxrt1060 series ROMKeep talking. For the first generation […]

  • Druid configuration


    Druiddatasource configuration is compatible with DBCP, but the semantics of individual configurations are different. to configure Default value explain name The significance of configuring this property is that if there are multiple data sources, they can be distinguished by name when monitoring. If there is no configuration, a name will be generated in the format […]

  • Download scheme of QR code app


    target A QR code, Android and IOS scan, respectively get the app installation file of the corresponding platform URL generating QR code Forage Judge the model Scan QR code to automatically identify the download address of mobile phone app Download app URL You can directly forward nginx to the URL that provides the download. You […]

  • Specification and automatic verification of version library submission information


    Specification of version library submission information This paper uses the most widely usedAngularSpecification, slightly modified. In general, we use thegit commit- m “feat(user): add user login” Among them, the currentcommit messageThe information consists of three parts:type(required)scope(optional)subject(required) type typeFor illustrationcommitThe following categories are allowed8Tags. Feature: new feature Fix: fix Documents: documentation Style: ා format (changes that […]