• Use @readonly for access control in SAP CDs entity


    AuthorizationThis means restricting access to data by adding corresponding declarations to the CDs model, and then enforcing these declarations in the service implementation. By adding such a statement, we have essentially revoked all default access rights and then granted individual rights. In essence, authentication is responsible for verifying the user‘s identity and proposed claims, such […]

  • Spring cloud zuul gateway


    1. Add dependency <dependency> <groupId>org.springframework.cloud</groupId> <artifactId>spring-cloud-starter-netflix-zuul</artifactId> <version>2.1.0.RELEASE</version> </dependency> 2. Add startup class @SpringBootApplication @Enablezuulproxy // enable the gateway function of zuul public class ZullServerApplication { public static void main(String[] args) { SpringApplication.run(ZullServerApplication.class,args); } } 3. Add configuration server: port: 9003 spring: application: name: zull-service 4 routing configuration 4.1 simple introduction cases #Routing configuration zuul: routes: […]

  • The open source service lalserver supports a variety of authentication and anti-theft chain methods


    Lalserver is a streaming media server developed by pure golang. At present, RTMP, RTSP (RTP / RTCP), HLS, HTTP [S] / websocket [S] – flv / TS protocols have been supported. At present, the authentication chain supports a variety of anti-theft methods. LAL GitHub address: https://github.com/q191201771… ▌ mode 1 Fixed value authentication parameters First, modify […]

  • (9) React Ant Design Pro + Net5 webapi: back end environment construction – identityserver4 (I) simple configuration


    1、 Introduction Identityserver4 is used for ASP Net core’s openid connect and OAuth 2.0 framework are integrated through middleware.JWT(json web token)It is a format, not a framework. This format is also used in ids4. In many company projects (including US), JWT is used to complete the authentication mechanism. Based on this token format, code is […]

  • Practice of Druid SQL and security in meituan review


    Sharing guests: Gao Dayue @ meituan comments, Apache kylin PMC member, Druid commiter Edited by: Druid China user group 6th Meetup Production platform: datafuntalk — Reading Guide:Support for SQL and permissions has long been Druid’s weakness. Although the community added support for SQL and security as early as version 0.9 and 0.12, according to our […]

  • Introduction to analysis parameters of sonar scanning


    Introduction to analysis parameters of sonar scanning Mandatory parameters The server Key describe default sonar.host.url Server URL http://localhost:9000 Project configuration Key describe default sonar.projectKey Unique identification of the item. The allowed characters are: letters, numbers,-,_,.and:, and at least one non numeric character. For Maven projects, this defaults to: Optional parameters Project identification Key describe default […]

  • Spring cloud Alibaba series – permission of spring cloud gateway gateway (6)


    1、 Function description The authentication service is responsible for authentication, the gateway is responsible for verification, authentication and authentication, and other API services are responsible for processing their own business logic. Security related logic only exists in authentication services and gateway services. Other services only provide services without any security related logic. Specific services:[gateway service]: […]

  • Security best practices + Klocwork


    Security best practices must be followed when deploying any web-based application. Here, we outline the settingsKlocwork(one)Static code analysisAnd the steps of applying the security static testing tool (SAST)) to achievesecurityOperation. This process is usually deployed locally and behind the firewall. We should also take additional precautions to prevent anything from being exposed on the Internet. […]

  • Microservice gateway Apache Shenyu


    summary Gateway is the core component of microservice architecture, so it is very important to choose an appropriate gateway when building microservice architecture. There are many technical frameworks of gateway we have contacted before, such as spring cloud gateway, zuul, Kong (nginx + Lua), etc. These gateways will not be introduced in detail. Today, I […]

  • Golang open source streaming media server (RTMP / RTSP / HLS / flv and other protocols)


    I Introduction to LAL LAL is an open source live streaming media network transmission project, which is mainly composed of three parts: Lalserver: streaming media forwarding server. be similar tonginx-rtmp-moduleAnd other services, but support more protocols and provide richer functions. Demo: some small applications, such as push and pull flow clients, pressure measurement tools, flow […]

  • asp. Net core + Jenkins to realize automatic publishing


      As the server deploying the personal blog system has only 2G memory, Jenkins is always hung up when it is compiled and published every time. Therefore, a new lightweight application server is purchased, which is specially used for the continuous publishing task of the personal blog system. The following explains how to use Jenkins […]

  • Navicat for MySQL cracked version installation


    Download address:Link: https://pan.baidu.com/s/16c89eryAunLJQ00tmrkRxAExtraction code: bh3dInstallation steps:1. After decompression, two applications are obtained: 2. Install Navicat 111 first_ mysql_ cs_ x64. exe3. Reinstall patchnavicat exe Path selection navicat111_ mysql_ cs_ x64. Navicat.exe installation directory exe4. After successful installation, there will be a successful pop-up prompt; 5. Run Navicat and enter personal information If naticat prompts: the […]