• Flutter application integrated Aurora push


    summary In mobile application development, message push can be said to be a very important function. It can remind or wake up users. At the same time, it is also an important means for product operators to achieve operational objectives more efficiently, such as pushing a new commodity or the latest news to users. In […]

  • Example of using aurora to push messages in laravel framework


    In this paper, an example is given to show that the laravel framework uses aurora to push messages. The details are as follows: Recently, we need to use Aurora push to send messages to the client, so record the use process here. Aurora push server documents: https://docs.jiguang.cn/jpush/server/push/server_overview/ Aurora push server PHP code: https://github.com/jpush/jpush-api-php-client Installing Aurora […]

  • Simple use of flutter Aurora push


    Simply learn to use, record the process, the actual production environment, cooperateserviceUse push together Preparation before using Aurora push plug-in Registered Aurora developer service account passwordClick Register Create application Get appkey and master secret installjpush_flutterplug-in unit Git document address View the document in pubspec.yaml Add latest version dependency dependencies: jpush_flutter: 0.5.1 Open the build.gradle file […]

  • Looking for a complete set of APP SDK services


    preface For developers,Tripartite SDKThis word is already a word that does not need any explanation. However, in the face of a wide range of SDK products, we will struggle with how to choose. So what are the issues to pay attention to when choosing an SDK? SDKStable and easy to use needContinuous update function Bug […]

  • How to choose an efficient third party service system for app developers


    introduction Recently, when I was developing an app, I always thought, what platform can not only accomplish the task of information push, but also help send messages and share information charts? It is better to complete the task of statistical channel data. On the one hand, the development time is short, on the other hand, […]

  • Yii jpush – Aurora push extension package for Yii


    Yii jpush – Aurora push extension package for Yii Environmental requirements yii >= 2 install $ composer require guanguans/yii-jpush -v to configure Yii2 profileconfig/main.phpAdd: ‘components’ => [ // … ‘jpush’ => [ ‘class’ => ‘Guanguans\YiiJpush\Jpush’, ‘appKey’ => ‘xxxxxxxxxxx’, ‘masterSecret’ => ‘xxxxxxxxxxx’, ‘logFile’ => ‘./ jpush.log ‘// optional ‘retrytimes’ = > 3, // optional ‘zone’ = […]