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  • NDK — using camera and audiorecord to realize live streaming


    Last time, we created a new project in Android studio, integrating the tools needed to realize live streaming, which are: Rtmpdump: push stream X264: Video Coding FAAC: audio coding Article address:NDK — Construction of live streaming framework in Android studio Live streaming also needs the support of streaming media server. I use virtual machines here. […]

  • Python realizes the function of automatic video coding


    When we watch the video, sometimes there are some strange mosaics, which affect our viewing experience. How can these mosaics be added accurately? This time, let’s use Python to automatically code the video! preparation Environment we still use Python 3 8 and pycharm2021 Implementation principle Divide video into audio and picture; Compare the face with […]

  • IOS background mode tutorial (I)


    Background Modes Tutorial: Getting Started IOS background mode tutorial (I) original text Usage scenario In the system before ios7, when the application is suspended, it has 10 consecutive minutes to process the previous task, and then it will be terminated by the system. Therefore, the background mode has some special usage scenarios. For example, update […]

  • Java audio custom duration mute


    preface Wav audio add custom duration mute tool class Maven dependency com.google.guava guava 30.1.1-jre cn.hutool hutool-all 5.5.2 code package ai.guiji.csdn.tools; import cn.hutool.core.io.FileUtil; import cn.hutool.core.io.IoUtil; import cn.hutool.core.util.IdUtil; import cn.hutool.core.util.URLUtil; import com.google.common.base.Joiner; import com.google.common.primitives.Bytes; import java.io.BufferedOutputStream; import java.io.File; import java.io.FileOutputStream; import java.io.IOException; import java.net.URL; import java.util.ArrayList; import java.util.Arrays; import java.util.List; import java.util.stream.LongStream; /**Java project fhadmin cn **/ […]

  • Take a small video on IOS


    demand For small wechat companies, it’s not ideal to develop hybrid video plug-ins for small wechat companies thinking Step 1: one avcapturesession, one avcapturevideopreviewlayer [consider compatible replacement with avpreview] Step 2: Video & audio is required for video recording, and the corresponding avcapturedeviceinput is required. Similarly, the corresponding avcapturevideodataoutput and avcaptureaudiodataoutput are required Step 3: […]

  • Ffmpeg unpacking


    Unpacking steps Create unpacking contextavformat_open_input Retrieve stream informationavformat_find_stream_info Initialize audio information Initialize video information Initialize frameav_frame_alloc Initialize pktav_packet_alloc Read data from input fileav_read_frame Decode audio data Decode video data refresh buffer Destruction of resources Initialize decoder //Initialize decoder – (int)initDecoder:(AVCodecContext**)decodeCtx streamIdx:(int *)streamIdx mediaType:(AVMediaType)type { //Find the most appropriate flow information according to the type //The […]

  • Use Python to climb down the dance video of the little sister in station B and package it into an EXE file that can be run directly


    1、 Write in front 1. About audio and video merging Because the audio and video pictures of the small broken station are separated (the same is true for fan dramas), it is normal to climb down.Well, in this screenshot, my little sister’s face is deformedIt was a pretty girl. Forget it. Don’t care about her. […]

  • The first audio and video technology conference of Netease ended successfully


    The first audio and video technology conference of Netease ended in 2021。 Technical experts from many audio and video fields, such as Netease smart enterprise, Netease game, Netease cloud music, Netease Hangzhou Research Institute and so on, gathered together, combined with their own research and experience for many years, to communicate with the audienceWe have […]

  • Huawei audio editor kit can quickly build application audio editing capabilities


    Audio editing service(Audio Editor Kit) is a collection of various scene audio processing capabilities opened by Huawei for developers, bringing together Huawei’s advanced technologies in music, voice and other related audio fields. The audio editing service provides rich audio processing capabilities such as basic editing, accompaniment extraction, spatial rendering, sound change and noise reduction, and […]

  • No server, point-to-point, share local files through sound


    Written By ZION3R url : https://www.kitploit.com/2020… First, nearby devices negotiate a webrtc connection by exchanging the necessary session description protocol (SDP) data through a series of audio sequences. After successful negotiation, a local webrtc connection is established between browsers and allows data exchange through the LAN. The details are as follows (2-minute video):https://youtu.be/d30QDrKyQkg You can […]

  • AI favorites vol.004: Waifu lab is popular. How is AI created?


    article 0 1 How does AI draw a virtual wife? The Waifu labs project of the recent fire uses the method of generating confrontation network to train AI to create “virtual wife”. This article [1] dissects the steps of AI learning. We can see how a quadratic face is generated in chaos. Generating confrontation network […]

  • Question 1: what is the difference between HTML and HTML5?


    concept HTML5 will become the new standard for HTML, XHTML and HTML DOM Document type declaration HTML HTML5 It can be seen that the document type declaration of HTML is too long and complex, while the document declaration of HTML5 is relatively simpler, which is conducive to programmers’ rapid reading and development Audio and video […]