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  • Audio and video development journey (30) – audio and video Basics


    catalogue Principle of video player Fundamentals of audio coding Fundamentals of video coding data harvest Starting from this article, we enter the learning practice of ffmpeg series. As the beginning, let’s first understand the basic knowledge related to audio and video. 1、 Principle of video player Image source: [production of video player based on ffmpeg […]

  • Kemang released boomx-d pro, upgrading its strength to onboard recording wireless microphone!


    On November 5, 2021, Kemao released boomx-d pro. Kemao has been pursuing excellent sound quality. This time, it has reached an unprecedented height, added onboard recording and safe track functions, double backup, improved the reliability of recording, and supported digital and analog output, which has brought great radio convenience to the creator. Dual backup makes […]

  • Audio and video learning notes – Audio Basics


    PCM The common technical scheme of audio digitization isPulse code modulation(PCMPulse code modulation):Sampling → quantization → coding。 Conversion of analog signal to digital signal Conversion of analog signal to digital signal sampling samplingSampling: collecting samples of analog signals at regular intervals is a process of discretizing analog signals (converting continuous signals into discrete signals) in […]

  • Short video editing: a video synthesis scheme based on OpenGL and mediacodec


    Short video editing series, about OpenGL processing text stickers, beauty filters, transition in my previous articleShort video editing: a player with real-time interaction It has been introduced in. 1. Demand background In recent years, short video editing has become a hot technology in the industry. Short video SDKs such as qiniu cloud, Tencent cloud and […]

  • Current situation and development trend of audio production


    Content source: Huawei Developer Conference 2021 HMS core 6 media technology forum, keynote speech “current situation and development trend of audio production”. Speaker: Senior Engineer of Huawei Audio Algorithm Research hello everyone! I am an engineer from the audio engineering department of Huawei. Today, I’m glad to share with you the current situation of audio […]

  • Audio and video learning notes


    This is my learning audio and video notes on XX. Com, mainly including the introduction of audio and video and the actual combat of ffmpeg. The notes are arranged according to the class process. Everyone’s foundation is different. I only write what I think I need to write down in my notes; I have five […]

  • Audio Fundamentals


    Physical properties of sound – Vibration Sound is a physical phenomenon caused by the vibration of an object, such as the string sound of a violin. The vibration of an object changes the pressure of the air around it. This sudden strong and weak change propagates around in the form of waves. When it is […]

  • Let’s play the verification code with go


    [TOC] Let’s play the verification code with go Hi, I’m the Little Devil boy Nezha. In the go we shared last timedeferLet’s review the implementation principle of Shared what a defer is A simple illustration of the stack and queue Defer data structure and implementation principle, specific source code display In godeferof3Rule If in godeferIf […]

  • Getting started with the audio world


    brief introduction The purpose of this paper is to let you systematically understand the audio world, from sound generation, transmission, collection and analysis to packaging into audio files. You can skip what you understand. Sound generation Sound is a phenomenon, which refers to the wave phenomenon of sound waves perceived by human or animal auditory […]

  • Win10 update patch kb4556799 causes system audio problems and data loss solutions


    According to windowslatest, Microsoft released the cumulative update of kb4556799 for windows 10 last week as part of the Patch Tuesday update. This update brings some new features and improvements to the operating system, but it also seems to contain some errors. After updating kb4556799, reddit users reported that there were some problems with the […]

  • [ffmpeg development] audio Basics


    1、 Audio processing flow of live broadcast client First, collect audio. The collected audio content is too large and can only be transmitted after coding and compression. 2、 Collection of audio data stream Coding process: the collected original data is PCM, which is encoded and compressed by the encoder into compressed data in AAC / […]

  • Implementation of c#naudio recording function


    I found many similar recording tutorials on the Internet, the effect is not good, or the recording can not be performed at all. The code is modified from the Internet (the recording and playback function is fully realized) NAudio Naudio is an open source library under. Net platform. It adopts ml-pl protocol. Open source address:https://github.com/naudio/NAudio。 […]