• Introduction to CSS3


    1、 How to introduce CSS into HTML Fill in CSS style directly in style attribute (inline style, inline style) Fill in to<style></style>In label (embedded) Write the CSS code to the. CSS file and introduce the file (external style) into the HTML file, which is equivalent to the embedded priority. Linked < link > belongs to […]

  • The application of Lombok and the implementation of hot deployment and health monitoring in 08 springboot project.


    1、 The application of Lombok in springboot project. Background analysis In the actual java project, almost all POJO classes we create need to add set / get / toString and other related methods for attributes. All logging related classes may need to create log and other objects. These template codes have no technical content and […]

  • Exploration of Vue source code (2) (starting from the entrance)


    introduction In the last article, we probably understoodVue.jsThe construction process of, in peacetime useVueUse thenewOperator callVueThat is to sayVueIs a constructor. This article, I will start from the entrance, to take you in-depth understandingVueWhat the constructor looks like and how it is initialized. Vue entrance In the web application, we will analyzeRuntime + CompilerConstructedVue.jsIn the […]

  • Exploration of Vue source code (3)


    introduction In the first two articles, I introduced them respectivelyConstruction process of VueandVue entry file。 With these preparatory work, I will take you to study the source code formally. VueOne of the core ideas ofData drivenI believe you are familiar with this. The so-called data-driven means that the view is generated by data driving. Compared […]

  • Mongodb via dotnet core data mapping


    With good data mapping, mongodb via dotnet core development will become a super happy thing.   1、 Preface Mongodb has become the head database of NoSQL in recent years. Due to mongodbfree schemaBecause of its characteristics, it is superior to the conventional database in Internet application, and has become the main data selection of a […]

  • About exports; module.exports ; export; export default distinguish


    1. About exports and module.exports (node is operational) When a node executes a file, an exports and module object will be generated in the file,Module has an exports attribute. exports = module.exports = {}; exports.js var frist1 = 1 module.exports = frist1 importm.js const frist1 = require(‘./exports.js’); console.log(frist1) Run: node importm.js 2. About export and […]

  • Window function 1-timing calculation of flinksql


    introduction The processing flow of real-time task is usually divided into three steps. The first two steps establish the data source and data target, and then write the logic of data calculation to complete the analysis and processing of the streaming data, as shown in the following figure: Window function Window function Flink SQL supports […]

  • JavaScript regular


    Because there is no systematic summary of regular expressions, the work is not used, mainly rely on Baidu ready-made changes do not know how to succeed, determined to learn regular expressions New regular expression Use literal quantities to indicate the beginning and end with a slash var regex = /\s+/g; useRegExpConstructor var regex = new […]

  • Automatic generation of component documents using react docgen


    Author: attapulgite Zhu Feifei background Recently, I received a request to develop the react component library. During the development process of the component library, I just finished writing a component to be used by my colleagues. My colleague immediately asked me, “ah? How to use this component. Emmm, I thought I’d just tell it I’d […]

  • Run the WinForm program as an administrator


    1. In Visual Studio – Solution Explorer – right click the project name – property, find the “security” option, and check “enable ClickOnce security settings”:   2. At this point, there will be one more under the project“ app.manifest ”The file, Select it and find the code snippet, Replace it with:, 3. After correction, do […]

  • understand Object.defineProperty


    understand Object.defineProperty This article was written on October 13, 2020 Object.defineProperty Used to define a new property on an object or modify an existing property and return the object. What do you mean? Don’t panic to understand, let’s take an example to see. const obj1 = {}; Object.defineProperty(obj1, ‘property1’, { value: 42, writable: false, }); […]

  • Vue principle (1)


    Componentization and MVVM Componentization Traditional components are only static rendering, and update depends on DOM operation.Data driven view——Vue MVVM。 Pay more attention to data and business logic. MVVM MVCModelData →ViewView →ControllercontrollerMVVMMVVM —— Model View ViewModel, data, view, view modelmodelcorrespondingdata,viewcorrespondingtemplate,vmcorrespondingnew Vue({…})The relationship between the three:viewIt can be done throughEvent bindingHow to influencemodel,modelIt can be done throughData […]