• Autojs do small games – Lianliankan


    Yashu tutorial is simple and easy to understand Effect display Dynamic background Connecting line rearrangement Dependency graph The figure uses the vscode plug-inDependency Cruiser Extensiongenerate Production process layout ui.layout( <vertical padding=”30″> <horizontal> < text textsize = “30sp” text = “timing” / > <text textSize=”30sp” text=”00:00″ layout_weight=”1″ /> < button textsize = “30sp” text = “rearrange” […]

  • ECMAScript 2015 ~ 2021 full feature learning dictionary


    preface The full name of ES is ECMAScript. ECMAScript is a standardized script language developed by ECMA. Currently, the ECMAScript version used by JavaScript isECMA-417。 The latest information about ECMA can be browsedECMA newssee. Ecmascript6 (2015), officially released in 2015, has become the next generation standard of JavaScript. With the release of es2015, the standards […]

  • Spring learning notes


    catalogue 1、 Spring files and notes 1. All spring configuration files pom.xml applicationContext.xml Main.java UserDao.java UserDaoImpl.java 2. All annotations of spring configuration 3. Key fundamentals of spring 1. Explanation of terms 2. Bean life cycle: 1 instantiation, 2 attribute assignment, 3 initialization, 4 use, 5 destruction 3. Bean tag attribute 4. Spring core: 4. Bean […]

  • Tutorial on developing tab instances using object-oriented method in native JS


    This tutorial encapsulates an example of a tab through the object-oriented method of JS, and explains how the object-oriented function of JS is realized in the example. Generally, the encapsulated tab program only needs a div element. Other elements are generated through JSON data, so the encapsulated tab instance is very convenient to call. First […]

  • Oeasy teaches you to play VIM – 21 – status bar


    Status bar Recall the last lesson We studied the ruler last time Ruler opense ru closese noru Line number opense nu closese nonu Command location opense showcmd closese noshowcmd Jump use29 GJump line number use19 |Jump column number use29 %Skip to 29% of the entire file Prepare the environment #Download material git clone http://github.com/overmind1980/vimtutorial.git #Enter […]

  • Module resolution in typescript


    Module Resolution Module parsing is the process used by the compiler to determine what is being imported. Consider importing {a} from “module a”; Such import statements. In order to check any use of a, the compiler needs to know exactly what it represents and check its definition, module a. At this point, the compiler will […]

  • Difficulty analysis of constraintlayout


    WRAP_CONTENT We know that this attribute in other views means the package content, which is its own size. The maximum size will not exceed the size of the screen. image.png The general meaning is that this attribute is added in version 1.1. If wrap is set before version 1.1_ Content, the constraint will not limit […]

  • Vue routing usage and parameter acceptance


    Basic use of routing introduce Understanding: a route is a set of key values. Multiple routes need to be managed by a router. Front end Routing: key is the path and value is the component Basic use Install Vue router, command: NPM install — save Vue router Application plug-in: Vue use(VueRouter) Write router configuration items: […]

  • Shence analysis IOS SDK code buried point analysis


    1、 Foreword The so-called buried point is a term in the field of data collection (especially in the field of user behavior data collection). It refers to the relevant technologies and their implementation process for capturing, processing and sending specific user behaviors or events, so as to provide data support for further optimizing products or […]

  • Spring source code parsing 8: default namespace processor in XML configuration


    Spring source code parsing 8: default namespace processor in XML configuration staySpring source code analysis 5: bean configuration, definition and registrationIn, the default namespace processor in some XML configurations has not been resolved SimpleConstructorNamespaceHandler SimplePropertyNamespaceHandler UtilNamespaceHandler ContextNamespaceHandler JeeNamespaceHandler LangNamespaceHandler TaskNamespaceHandler CacheNamespaceHandler MvcNamespaceHandler AopNamespaceHandler JdbcNamespaceHandler TxNamespaceHandler Here only a few commonly used are analyzed SimpleConstructorNamespaceHandler SimplePropertyNamespaceHandler […]

  • Configuring agents for Ubuntu terminals


    1. Why use terminal agent Recently, when learning the P4 configuration environment, many dependencies have to be pulled from the terminal through GitHub. However, because GitHub is a foreign website and is limited by the speed limit, the installation speed of dependency is very slow and it is easy for the server to respond to […]