• Whisper a bug


    Preface In the fourth part of the source code analysis, the addresses of the first three parts are respectively. If you are interested in this series, you are welcome to click watch and pay attention to the dynamic at any time. I’ll teach you to recognize the eight trumps Those humble gadgets? (void 0) and […]

  • IOS underlying exploration class


    IOS bottom Exploration Series IOS underlying exploration – alloc & init IOS underlying exploration – calloc and ISA IOS underlying exploration class We explored it in the frontiOSIn object-oriented programming, there is a famous saying: Everything is object So where does the object come from? The students who have had the foundation of object-oriented programming […]

  • JQuery style chapter – Chapter 2: jQuery selector


    1. ID selector of jQuery selector Any operation of the page needs the support of nodes. How to find the specified nodes quickly and efficiently is also a key point in front-end development. JQuery provides a series of selectors to help developers achieve this goal, so that developers can deal with less complex selection process […]

  • [develop native applications using weex and Vue] 3 features of using the Vue framework


    The contents of the series are here In addition to the differences of vue.js in weex and web, various features of vue.js can be used normally. Therefore, this article has nothing to do with weex. I’ll give you a brief list of features used in the weex hackernews project (these features are more and more […]

  • Chapter 3: jQuery attributes and styles


    1. Attributes and styles of jQuery. Attr() and. Removeattr() Each element has one or more attributes whose purpose is to give additional information about the corresponding element or its content. For example: in the IMG element, SRC is the attribute of the element, which is used to mark the address of the picture. There are […]

  • Kotlin core syntax (5): operator overloading and other conventions


    Blog Homepage Java has some language features associated with specific classes in the standard library. For example, objects that implement the java.lang.iterable interface can be used in the for loop, and objects that implement the java.lang.autoclosable interface can be used in the try with resources statement. But in kotlin, some functions are related to specific […]

  • IOS Core Animation advanced skills – 3


    7. Implicit animation Implicit animation Do what I mean, not what I say. –Edna Simpson In the first part, we discussed everything core animation can do except animation. But animation is a very significant feature of the core animation library. In this chapter, let’s see how it works. Specifically, let’s talk about implicit animation that […]

  • JavaScript prototype prototype usage


    JavaScript object prototype All JavaScript objects inherit properties and methods from the prototype. js JavaScript object function<span> Person(first, last, age, eye) { this<span>.firstName <span>=<span> first; this<span>.lastName <span>=<span> last; this<span>.age <span>=<span> age; this<span>.eyeColor <span>=<span> eye; } var<span> myFather <span>= new<span> Person(<span>”<span>John<span>”<span>, <span>”<span>Doe<span>”<span>, <span>50<span>, <span>”<span>blue<span>”<span>); var<span> myMother <span>= new<span> Person(<span>”<span>Sally<span>”<span>, <span>”<span>Rally<span>”<span>, <span>48<span>, <span>”<span>green<span>”<span>); document.getElementById(<span>”<span>demo<span>”<span>).innerHTML <span>= <span>”<span>My father […]

  • View update technology releases view UI component library (i.e. iView 4.0), more than 50 updates


    Written in front In October, iView 4.0 arrived as promised. But the amount of title information is a little large, so let’s read the title first. Aresn, author of iView, founded Beijing view Update Technology Co., Ltd. in 2019, and started to maintain iView and its related software freely and full-time.View UIIt is the original […]

  • Notes on the basis of Vue and some learning experiences


    What you don’t know in Vue, and precautions v-html When v-html is used, the value in the instruction will overwrite the original value in the binding tag, and when v-html is used, do not set it as the place to provide content to users, because v-html is easy to be attacked by XSS v-bind When […]

  • Redis series (1) simple dynamic string of underlying data structure


    Preface Definition Pros and High performance get string length Prevent buffer overflow Reduce the memory allocation times of modifying string and improve the performance of modifying string Binary security Library functions compatible with some c languages summary SDS limited to 512M Reference articles Contact me Preface Redis is familiar to all of us. It is […]

  • Advanced skills of IOS core animation-4


    8. Explicit animation Explicit animation If you want things to go smoothly, you have to rely on yourself The previous chapter introduced the concept of implicit animation. Implicit animation is a direct way to create dynamic user interface on IOS platform, and it is also the basis of UIKit animation mechanism, but it can not […]