• Microsoft releases pluton processor to provide new security function for Windows PC


    Recently, Microsoft released pluton security processor, which aims to bring security progress to the future windows PC. It is reported that Microsoft has cooperated with AMD, Intel and Qualcomm to develop the new pluton security processor. This new security processor will make it more difficult for attackers to access the system. It will also improve […]

  • Financial cloud products department – integrated operations and mpaas products


    Introduction:Originated from more than ten years of Alibaba precipitation, improve the overall security level of app Whether it’s android app or jar application, once the code is distributed, it will be in an untrusted environment in some form, which will inevitably be analyzed and cracked by intentional people. The secret hidden in the code, whether […]

  • Security threats of artificial intelligence: analysis of attack and defense in deep learning


    On September 15, “all things intelligence – Baidu world 2020″ was held online. The conference, together with CCTV news, released Baidu AI’s latest and cutting-edge technologies, products and solutions in the form of online conference for the industry, partners, users and media. Among them, in the Baidu PaddlePaddle and ecological open class links, Zhong Zhenyu, […]

  • Understanding Web Security


    Web security is an indispensable field in the Internet. A large number of black hats and white hats are born in this field. They are the kings in the field of security. In ordinary times, they use all kinds of ingenious technologies to play games with each other. From time to time, they will set […]

  • One secret at a time


    One time one secret (OTP) A sequence cipher is called one key at a time, which must meet the following conditions:1. Get the key sequence through the true random number generators_0, s_1, s_2,…;2. Only legitimate communicators know the key sequence;3. Each key sequences_iUse only once.One secret at a time is unconditionally safeIt is proved that […]

  • Talking about big front end network security


    Link to the original text: https://juejin.im/post/5e84b14151882573be11b795 Network security for front-end children’s shoes, most of the time is to listen to it, hear it is not, after all, in today’s era of front-end in full swing, most things are becoming more and more mature, out of the box, cloud services, frameworks, etc. have helped us to […]

  • Summary of safety issues


    1-XSS Cross site scripting (XSS) is a code injection attack. The attacker injects malicious script into the target website to make it run on the user‘s browser. Using these malicious scripts, the attacker can obtain the user’s sensitive information, such as cookie, sessionid and so on, and then endanger the data security. source UGC information […]

  • Common attack ways and solutions of web front end


    After the establishment of a website, if you do not pay attention to security issues, it is easy to be attacked. Let’s discuss several loopholes and ways to prevent attacks. 1、 SQL injection The so-called SQL injection is to insert the SQL command into the web form submission or input the query string of domain […]

  • [web security] how to defend CSRF through JWT


    Names are used to bluff people. First explain the two terms, CSRF and JWT. CSRF (Cross Site Request Forgery), which means that you open two tabs in a browser. One page sends a forged request by stealing the cookie of another page, because the cookie is automatically sent to the server with the request. JWT […]

  • On CC attack protection strategy (1) – attack principle and protection means


    Foreword: in the last week, our server has suffered a lot of CC attacks. The following is the specific protection strategy and attack principle from the recent experience What is CC attack First of all, we need to know what kind of attack is defined as CC attack. Here are some official explanations of encyclopedia. […]

  • Game anti plug-in scheme based on security APK reinforcement


    1、 Preface With the rise of mobile Internet, the mobile game market has burst out suddenly in recent years, and the scale of revenue has increased rapidly. According to the third-party data statistics, the domestic mobile game market scale has reached 51.46 billion in 2015. Due to the strong rise of mobile game market, and […]

  • Alibaba cloud gedaibin: let the world have no hard to do security operation and maintenance


    As a female editor who loves to make complaints about zombie films, I have been very fond of many tuckers. God Lulu, I just like to watch the wonderful and exciting plot of zombie siege. How can some colleagues queue up to grab the T-shirt of UNIQLO and kaws? Is this the real version of […]