• Atan and atan2 function instance usage in C / C + +


    There are two arctangent functions atan (double x) and atan2 (double y, double x) in math. H in C language or cmath in C + +. Their returned values are radians, which should be converted into angles and processed by themselves. The former accepts a tangent value (the slope of a straight line) to obtain […]

  • The difference between atan and atan2 in math module of Python


    Atan and atan2 are arctangent functions that return radians For the straight line formed by two points, the two points are point (x1, Y1) and point (X2, Y2), and the calculation method of slope corresponding angle can be as follows: angle = atan( (y2-y1)/(x2-x1) ) or angle = atan2( y2-y1, x2-x1 ) Therefore, we can […]