• C# asynchronous world (Part I)


    catalogue preface APM EAP TAP Extended thinking preface New programmers may use async and await more, but they know little about asynchronous before. I am such a person, so I intend to review and learn the evolutionary history of asynchrony. This article mainly reviews async before async asynchronous mode. The next article will focus on […]

  • C# asynchronous world (Part 2)


    catalogue preface Use of new asynchronous Advantages of new asynchronous For WinForm, WPF and other single threaded UI programs For web daemon Deadlock trap of result Use asynchelper to call asynchronous in synchronous code ConfigureAwait exception handling Asynchronous implementation preface Asynchronous today mainly refers to async \ await async of c#5. Here, for convenience, we […]

  • Ajax asynchronous (request) submission class supports cross domain


    Copy codeThe code is as follows: /**//* Asynchronous request class Author: I am not unintentionalCreated on: February 2009——————————————————————————————————————————— Modification record: 2009.4.27 – Add URL detection function, if it is “http: / / XXXX. XXX. XX. XX /.” This format is obtained by using “/ geturl. ASPX” provided by the systemTo solve cross domain problems.getUrl. There […]

  • JS 9 promise interview questions


    catalogue 1. Multiple catch 2. Multiple catch 3. Link Then and catch 4. Link catch 5. Multiple catch 6.. Process between then 7.. Process between then 8.. Process between then 9.. Then and Process between catches 1. Multiple catch var p = new Promise((resolve, reject) => { reject(Error(‘The Fails!’)) }) p.catch(error => console.log(error.message)) p.catch(error => […]

  • Ajax synchronous and asynchronous xmlhttp code analysis


    In Web script programming, asynchronous mode should be used in most cases; Sync mode will suspend the current script engine, so when you use sync mode, you should know what you want. In C + + development, synchronous mode should be the mainstream. If you must use asynchronous mode and callback, you can refer to […]

  • JS + Ajax asynchronously collects all videos and information from Youku album


    https://www.jb51.net/article/22031.htmPersonally, I’m not very satisfied because VB Net in Net environment, the resulting network connection and regular matching consume too much, and my final application is in video acquisition submission, so I consider using JS Ajax + regular expression to achieve this goal.I haven’t systematically studied JS and regular before, so it took longer than […]

  • In depth understanding Asynchronous in. Net


    catalogue 1、 Foreword 2、 At first glance, asynchronous 3、 Multithreaded programming 4、 Asynchronous programming 5、 Task (valuetask) 6、 Task Run 7、 Encapsulate asynchronous logic yourself 8、 Call asynchronous code in synchronous mode 9、 What is void async? 10、 Must await be used in conjunction with task / valuetask? 11、 Conclusion 1、 Foreword There are many […]

  • Description of asynchronous and synchronous in Ajax requests


    In previous projects, a table control was used, and its data was loaded asynchronously. I did some business processing under the table bound data function. When running the page, I used the browser to mark the breakpoint tracking at the place where I wrote the business processing. It did execute and its processing was overwritten […]

  • Ajax jQuery asynchronous form validation example code


    File directory: HTML code: Copy codeThe code is as follows: <html> <head> < title > asynchronous form validation < / Title ><script type=’text/javascript’ src=’jquery.js’ ></script> <script> function checkname(){ //$(“input[name=’name’]”).val() $.ajax({ type:”get”, url:’index.php’, data:”name=”+$(“input[name=’name’]”).val(), success:function(msg){ $(“#show”).append(msg); } }); } </script> </head> <body> <form name=’form’> <input name=’name’ type=’text’ onblur=’checkname();’> <span id=’show’></span><br /> < input type =’submit ‘name =’submit’ […]

  • Explore the difference between synchronous and asynchronous in Ajax


    The request mode is divided into get and post: get is the most common HTTP request. The ordinary Internet browsing page is get. The parameter request in get mode directly follows the URL and starts with a question mark( JS (obtained by window. Location. Search). Parameters can be encoded with encodeuricomponent. Usage:var EnParam = encodeURIComponent(param); […]

  • Ajax synchronous asynchronous simple implementation


    Copy codeThe code is as follows: $(“#btn_saveFWSB”).click(function(){ var obj=checkData(arr); if(obj.flag==true){ hideAddDiv(); $.ajax({ type : “POST”, url : “/vts/doInsertFWZT.do”, Async: false, / / Ajax synchronizationdata : “ip=”+obj.ip+”&port=”+obj.port+”&lx=”+obj.lx+”&fwq=”+obj.fwq+”&connIP=”+obj.connIp+”&direct=”+obj.direct, success : function(data) { if (data.success == false) { alert(data.msg); } else { } } }); }else{ alert(obj.msg); obj.msg=””; } });

  • JQuery Ajax synchronous and asynchronous understanding and examples


    Before, when I was writing jQuery code, I needed to consider the code running order when I encountered Ajax loading data. Recent projects use ajax synchronization. This synchronization means that when the JS code is loaded into the current Ajax, it will stop loading all the code in the page, and the page will go […]